That wind up...

I've been subbed here for a while and I've never seen a cat deliver something that looks so much like a punch and not a slap.

yeesh that cat really has some hatred in those slaps, not to mention the complete disregard for the pointy deathtrap that sprung before the first charge.

I think mixed martial arts for cats is the next big thing. People will spend Friday nights watching feline fights.

So nefarious, really makes me sad :( why, cat?

We don't want any!

We don't want any!

private room!

:3 🐾

No, I gave at the office. Piss off!

No dogs allowed!

“Can I tell you about my lord and savior Cheesy Crust?”

Kitten slaps

This is how you keep the kids entertained while you stare at the food delivery person wondering when they will stop filming and start feeding.

That's one of the most striking things about cats, how they can be stock still but the tail is going hell bent for leather. Weird.

This is fairly common for momma cats. They help their kittens learn to pounce by encouraging play by sweeping their tails.

/sub/learningtocat would like it.

I like when they are all coiled and ready to pounce and the skin twitches on their haunches.

BBbbbaaaaadddd Cat!

There are new-ish lambs in that pen. Cat shoulda known better.

Bet that cats feeling a little sheepish now and considering the ramifications. Goat to pick your battles better!

Ewe really need to lay off the puns.

Lmao the way the goat runs away after. I love cats but this one totally deserved it. What a turd.

No want

I don't think I've ever seen a cat look so offended before

and here is kitty's .


Is that fucking Wendy's!? B you KNOW I said Micke D's!

Offended cat slaps

Offended cat slaps

Great technique

You can tell that kitty is pulling his punches.

And I also enjoyed the cat slaps

I know what that is and I don't like it

let me pet you too

let me pet you too

That dog hasn’t learned yet.

Gon' learn today!

d'aww they are animal friends!

At least they thought they were

Ball is life ☺

Ball is life ☺

The music makes this.

The kittens at our humane society go APESHIT for the round toy with the ball in the outer perimeter. I remember the first time one of them discovered it. He was sixish weeks old. He walked across it, kicked the ball by accident, looked to where it SHOULD have rolled - straight ahead, saw it circle back to him, and proceeded to trip balls.





Dog: Can I play?

Cat: No! slap slap My toy!

I’m trying to concentrate!!

What if the dog thinks it’s getting pet by the cat

Let me slap you fish.

Oh here come another target. Take that you dog

Not a slap but don't know where else to put it

Not a slap but don't know where else to put it

Oh, that's a type of slap, it's called the thumper. Very dangerous.

Working link: /sub/catkicks

Depends. We hand played with our kitten, you just have to check them any time they actually hurt you. She's over a year old now and can still hand play without scratching or biting in any way that will harm someone.

How is the not a single comment about that ridiculous and adorable growl/yowl?

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