Kowa Bunga, Stoked Soarer

That’s the most epic thing I’ve seen all week.

Scratch that. All year.

Relatively simple fight. He has very low defenses due to his lack of armor. Move along the shoreline and try to attack from a distance. Watch out for his extremely powerful AOE attack “Suhh dude!” Where he skims off a wave and slams his board down.

Might be a bit tricky for less experienced players but well armed adventurers shouldn’t have a problem.

Holy shit! That is an insane amount of air god damn!

I’m doing something wrong In life, if this guys doing this on a Tuesday.

Orang Itan, The Schemer

Orang Itan, The Schemer

You'll float too

He is creepy af.

They were right. Do not trust Orang.

Swiggity Swooty. He comin for dat booty.

Pyle, keeper of the sacred texts

Pyle, keeper of the sacred texts

What is that?

###What the fuck is that?


A couple of military officers had to escort a stolen hentai crate back from where it was stolen from

Yeah, it finally was delivered to my house last week. Took for fucking ever

It’s hentai sir!

Ugly-Pugly, the inbred warrior

Jesus fucking christ.

I’ve seen some terrible things on the internet, honestly this may have disturbed me more than anything.

I recommend bypassing this boss entirely. Otherwise, you're gonna be in for a long fight. Max out your stealth and be sure to crouch when you hear it snoring. You have to be really quiet when walking around it, but I've seen videos where people skipped the fight successfully.

No that's the boss when you reach the 3rd campaign in the quest "The Journey of Bi-ble". This is ugly-pugly.

Pigzilla, Feral God of the Southern Kingdoms

Pigzilla, Feral God of the Southern Kingdoms

do they actually get this big?

These are not your usual starter area trash mobs.

This was outside an elementary school in Hong Kong. It’s the first major fight for low levels

They are NOT your average trash mobs. They are THE TRASH mobs.

That's just Okkoto getting ready to fight

Ella the Stoned Sprinter

Ella the Stoned Sprinter

"It was made for me!"

Noooooo that manga was fucking creepy.

Drr... drr...

The Enigma of Amigara fault is the name of the comic if someone wants to look it up.

Mr. Bone, the Calcified Assassin

Mr. Bone, the Calcified Assassin

I can't find a way to defeat this boss, you can't look directly at him for too long because the spook effect will start to lower both your attack and speed stats, but I heard that the drops of this boss fight are quite useful

Sargent Snow White - Now a professional evil queens assassin

Sargent Snow White - Now a professional evil queens assassin


Look I know the gameplay trailers already spoiled her special attacks ( Snow Fall and Seven Sin Shot) but they completely left out the second stage of her boss fight, where she begins spamming Cage of Glass to compensate for her weakened mobility. Make sure CoG doesn't trap you in a corner lest she unleash all seven of her Sin shots for an instant kill. Also, don't bring Dwarvenlord Bash to this fight if you want to avoid Endings E and F.

Is she even the bad guy?

Chamo-eleon, the unseen

Chamo-eleon, the unseen

I can't see him? What skills do I need to unlock?

You need to get your perception to 10 then put on x01 power armour with a blue head lamp

Why did you upload a picture of a street?

It needs to be Mark Hamill.

Labradorosaurus Rex, Gatekeeper of Atlantis

Labradorosaurus Rex, Gatekeeper of Atlantis

You really missed the opportunity to call him Labradaurus

Don't defeat this boss! Farm carob nuts by morphing random Weimerados encounters and use them to charm Labradorosaurus Rex when he's at low health (status effects help charm rates too). If successful, you get to keep him as as an amphibious mount!

"So what? I already have a ground and water mount," I hear you say. However within each continent on the overworld you have to leave your ground mount behind to use your water mount. Whereas with Labradorosaurus Rex you can just hop straight across shallow water. Not only is this convenient, it also allows access to treasure caves in nested waterways (island rivers, lagoons, lakes, etc) which would otherwise be inaccessible until you get your flying mount!

Also he's just cool, look at him: what a good boy.

His jump splash move will nearly one shot you so bring lots of throwable to distract him

As a precursor to this guide, DON'T KILL THIS BOSS! This is a peaceful boss and will negatively all factions you are a part off. Villages and Towns will look upon you negatively thus increasing the prices at vendors and taking away your ability to sell items for up to 1 year IGT (in game time). All major storyline quests will be abandoned once defeated and will have to be restarted. If you restart any major story-line quest, they will 5 levels more difficult. This is a major debuff called "Dog Killer", and it is only acquired from killing this Boss. This Debuff has no known end time and is predicted to be permanent.

If you still choose to kill this Boss, it is extremely easy. It is simply a dog standing in water. When approached out of combat, you will receive the "Happy" buff, which increases your Character's mood. You will also receive the "Good Boi" buff, which increases the happiness of Labradorosaurus Rex and gives you an instance specific action, "Pet the dog", which is pretty self explanatory on what it does. Doing "Pet the dog" increases the effects of both of the aforementioned buffs but will also activate a companion bar. If this bar is filled to 100, Labradorosaurus Rex will become your best friend and you will acquire him as a pet.

When you attack, if you are level 10 or above, you will one hit Labradorosaurus Rex, instantly killing him. You get no loot, you lose all buffs, and the "Dog Killer" debuff is applied to your Character.

Good Luck Fighters!

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