Mama Tört and her minions

Mama Tört and her minions

This is a carrier

🍃↪️: Create a Green 2/2 Lizard token

Mama Tört, the Carrier — 4G Legendary Creature — Turtle

At the beginning of each upkeep, create a 0/1 Green Turtle token creature.

Other turtle creatures you control get +2/+1.

Sacrifice ~: Turtle creatures you control get indestructible and hexproof until end of turn


Just use a heavy hammer weapon to smash the shell, and then she's just a slow debuffed lizard mob.

78 435 555 555 555 555 555 555 555 554 444 444 544

CrMos, central worker motivation operating system

CrMos, central worker motivation operating system

Pro tip: despite being very powerful, this boss has no locomotion capabilities whatsoever. Use this to your advantage by finding cover and using grenades.

Has technology gone too far?

There’s a really easy cheese strat for this fight. If you keep walking in a circle, the boss will follow you and eventually the wires will get so twisted it will become immobile. Then, just get behind it and since you’re outside it’s field of vision it’s a free kill.

Its sentries can move, but are there for mostly just chasing you away of your spot, so build some as preparation while pretending to be hard at work.

Gatekeeper of Flavortown

Gatekeeper of Flavortown

That is gangster

He doesn't just look like Guy Fieri, he looks like a kid that Guy Fieri and Bandit Keith had out of wedlock.

Mimic, he who hides in the shadows

Mimic, he who hides in the shadows



If you step on this boss, you die instantly from guilt

Sneak 100

The Cone Watcher [Secret Bossfight]

The Cone Watcher [Secret Bossfight]

Eh, just throw a bucket of water on it and it'll drown.

This is an optional boss which can be easily missed due to his cone camouflage. During his first phase he summons cones which cover him in a protective veil. The cones must be destroyed to remove this and then you can start dealing damage to him. His weakest spot is the small leaf on his head, hit this enough times and it falls off. You can use this item(Watchers Leaf) to craft a weapon: Watchers Cone Lance. Second phase, he summons more cones and then turns into one. This time the cones explode when hit so make sure you hit the right one(the cone with a leave stuck to it) Rinse and repeat.

Edit: Yes, I'm aware this is a Pikmin; maybe someone can write some lore on how it ended up as The Cone Watcher?

That’s a Pikmin

I appreciate your Pikmin joke.

McMeth, the addicted one

McMeth, the addicted one

Kerchoo bitch!

His smile said cachow

But his heart said end me now

Speed. I do speed.

Not winning the Piston Cup real hit McQueen hard...

Mods are asleep post an actual boss fight

Mods are asleep post an actual boss fight

It's like 9 am

It’s like 5 pm

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I do not feel like you gave this your all.

Psychic kid, foreteller of disasters

Psychic kid, foreteller of disasters

Great post. I rate it 9/11.

foreshadowing intensifies

OK now this is epic

Okay everybody break it up! The Joke Police are here!

Vice, destroyer of polls

Vice, destroyer of polls

That’s what they get for dissing my boy Waluigi.

Funny enough the best way to beat this guy is just to keep your distance. Every time it swings it damages itself a little (and it's constantly swinging).

Free boss, you beat it in the cutscene

You disrespected my god, and that is unacceptable

Celibate the Unbeatable

Celibate the Unbeatable

He's clearly using cheats though

Well then the answer is obvious. We must make him . . . beat it himself.

The one to the left. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He's an optional boss, but if you beat him you get a copy of GTA IV with all the cheats written on some paper in the case

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