Make her do 52 years to compensate for both men

Make her do 52 years to compensate for both men

Absolutely agree. If this is not the case, what is actually happening?

Fucking grown men crying. Fucking grown men losing decades of their lives because of he said she said.


Women who are found to have made false rape claims should be registered as sex offenders.

You can’t ruin someone’s life and expect to live yours peacefully.

The sad part is that these men probably still can't recover because they've been stigmatized by those who remember them being charged.

Ice Cube The Great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Ice Cube The Great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

I mean slavery was a choice...

puts on sunglasses

...for white people.

Slightly off topic but a girl a work with looks just like a young ice cube, she's got the same eyes, same badass scowl.

I've always wanted to mention it to her, but idk how well a 20 year old white girl is gonna take "you look like ice-cube"

Take those off right now

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Looks like the tables have turned.

Looks like the tables have turned.

Let’s keep real ... if they gave him custody, chances are she’s not gonna be good for providing child support payments lol

That certainly doesn’t stop women from doing this to men.

Sexist double standard court system when it comes to men in custody battles to get their children and child support.

Doesn’t sound like equality to me

That’s not how it works. Child support is decided by the courts and is generally automatically owed if one parent gets full custody. It’s not something one parent can “put on” the other.

Poopity who?

Poopity who?

Genius can take a terrible toll on those that do not have the right people to help them nurture it.

Don't forget Nikola Tesla died penniless and (allegedly) married to a pigeon.

Kanye is currently supported by a bunch of women that successfully rode the coattails of the documented dick-taking ability of one of their own into fame.

Glover just isn't that public with his ego. Dude thinks he's just as much of a genius (and tbf he's probably right.) He's far from humble.

When he says he’s a gay fish I believe he is actually saying something deeper, maybe we can’t wrap our heads around it but I KNOW something is there.

This is America is a complete masterpiece but Poopity Scoop was obviously a joke, there's no need to compare them. I doubt Bino doesn't know he's a genius, it's just that Kanye isn't going to hold anything back telling you exactly how much of a genius he thinks he is, whereas Glover has more of a modest public persona.

Cinco de mayo

Cinco de mayo

Every Cinco de Mayo someone should photoshop another hat on top of his hat.

*clears throat*

*clears throat*

"I EAT ASS" - The Rock, basically

DJ Khaled has no valid excuse to not eat pussy if he still getting blowjobs.

Getting your ass eaten by The Rock is now on everyone’s bucket list.

Myself included.

Dwane ‘gets YOUR rocks off’ Johnson

Karma is a good bitch

Karma is a good bitch

The audacity of strangers to do anything besides an awkward pursed lip smile to eachother always surprises me.

why is everything a competition?

This white supremacist's name is José Ismael Torres? Lol

Here’s the article if you would like to read more about it.

Oh thank God...

Oh thank God...

I want this to be real so bad.

Dawg if I have to go back to 2012 imma just kill myself lmao

And nobody knew what the fuck a Bitcoin was. I too yearn for a simpler time.

The music and the memes were really bad



I don't know if saying some crazy stupid shit is really that comparable to what Chris Brown did.

Kanye is the clown who shows up drunk to a kid's birthday party. Chris Brown is the clown who lures kids into the sewer to rip their arms off.

Chris Brown is also the clown that shows up drunk to the birthday party then goes home to beat the fuck out of his girlfriend

Chris thinks Kanye was out of line for saying slavery was a choice yet he beat Rihanna like a slave?

Edit: completely forgot about that Frank ocean bs too, anyone that supports him can block me.

Edit 2: the beef between Ocean and Brown



The fuck's he tweeting for? I thought he disintegrated.

I’m getting real sick and tired of these motherfucking fake ass tweets on this motherfucking subreddit

Looks like he’s not feeling so good.

The fuck fam 😂

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