*my chest*

*my chest*

Just in case you guys were interested..."she" was a Russian bot started in 2014.

This is the dissension they are trying have created.

"The Civil War was about money!"


"the slaves make all our money and we don't have to pay them"

Nope the civil war was about states rights. States rights to own other human beings as property.

Can somebody find one historical figure saying: 'For us this is not about slavery...'

Because I've seen a number of guys saying the exact opposite.

Officer Helps Young Man Find Phone

Officer Helps Young Man Find Phone

Can't really see the badge, but 26th and California is Cook County Jail in Chicago. Them cops is crooked fam, run like hell.

Nah... That's your phone now.

I’m from Chicago and I’m always shocked how nice the cops are in the city compared to other places I visit. Unless you’re killing people they dgaf what you’re doing because they’re only worried about the people that are killing people.

The Gestapo wore black.

Oh so you think you a comedian now?

Oh so you think you a comedian now?

Lmao, his expression though! He know he about to hear about it as soon as they get to the parking lot.

But in all seriousness what is the context of this gif

You weren't so funny when insert exaggerated embarrassing story

Doc Rivers complaining about the ref

“Niggas want some credit for shit they’re supposed to do” - Chris Rock

“Niggas want some credit for shit they’re supposed to do” - Chris Rock

Is this that thing they call "bare minimum Twitter"?

Expectations are so low, that doing what you're supposed to be doing is considered to be some display of overt something or other.

However. It is nice to see, no matter how you slice it. At least to me. It's always nice to see a family doing well and being healthy...even if it is in passing, celebrity or otherwise.

Am I weird for that?

Wanna cookie?!

Ok but I wanna see that profile picture up close. Looks interesting...

How black are you?

How black are you?

I'm gonna feel self conscious every time I laugh now. Don't think I'm even capable of standing still after a good joke.

Freeze all motor functions

Same thing with magic tricks

sometimes you can't control yourself. i don't remember what the fuck i was laughing at, but i remember we were coming home from school on the 4train sophomore year, and my friend said something and i nearly blacked out from laughing so hard. you know one of those laughing fits where everything around you is in slow motion and you can't snap back into reality until it's over? nigga i nearly peed myself because of that shit. and to this day i still don't remember what the fuck we were laughing at but that shit was funny as fuck though.

Coming soon to a theatre near you!

Coming soon to a theatre near you!

Stay in?

Reverse “Get Out”

Why would they have been in there though?

He was forced to go with his daughters boyfriend

Hot dog water breath ass

Hot dog water breath ass

This is evil nonsense

"Hey why does my scotch taste like bologna?"

Then why invite or welcome them you your house? Jerk

When you say "boiled meat" it definitely adds some perspective

Now I’m even more livid

Now I’m even more livid

Response: do we enjoy having physical discomfort when tying our shoes as we try to compress our gut enough to accomplish the task?


Keep moving pussy.

Me responding: "Guys, don't worry. Remember that fine chick from Target? I'm just getting into shape real quick so I can tap that ass. After that that we back to Fortnite boys.

Brain, Heart, & Lungs: "Oh aiight...she fine!! Do you playa! Anything we can do to help!"

Me: " guys will have your time soon. Brain, you just make sure to keep your cool so I don't bust quick, Lungs, make sure I can keep my endurance, and heart, you know what to do.

*4 months later

Me: "Guys...what happened man...I'm really disappointed. Heart, you especially...I told you not to catch feelings again. What's wrong with you man. That's it, kiss Fortnite goodnight."

Heart: Why are you doing this to me?

Me: Bitch, I'm doing this for you.

This hit too close to home

One of the worst feelings ever

One of the worst feelings ever

Even if you're making a valid point, being cruel and insulting is no excuse. And you apologise and still feel like shit. Love you ❤️ mum.

My mother was very sick for a long time, I remember when I was quite young playing videogames before school when she came into my room and told me to get ready, I just said I don't want to go and she just said ok then and went back to bed. At the time I didn't think much of it I just thought nice no school I can play my PlayStation all day, now I think back and realize she wanted me to go but she just didn't have the energy to make me, to fight me over it, she probably spent 10 minutes just to drag herself out of bed to come tell me get ready and just didn't have the will power for further confrontation. I still feel shitty about this today and I wish I could tell her I was sorry and I didn't understand I was only a stupid selfish kid and i know she put every ounce of effort she had into trying to raise me and my brother right. But I can't. She took her own life ten years ago after the pain became too much to bare. I'm going to visit the grave today and put a new candle on there for mother's day. Appreciate your family and those you love because you never know when the last time you will see them will be.

Or in my mother’s case she’s cruel and insulting, never apologizes, and never feels bad.

This is one of the few things that can easily bring me to tears. I am a grown ass man and I have been a real asshole to my mum in the past, and even though I am now as nice as I can be to my mother I have been a real asshole to her in the past. And bless her heart she has forgotten every instance of me behaving in such a way in the past and thinks of me as the sweetest person in the world. But god dammit if I don't tear up and remember every mean word I've ever said to her.

And if he survives he's paralysed

And if he survives he's paralysed

As the husband of an overweight wife, I fully agree with this sentiment.

Death by snoo snoo!

Coroner would definitely rule it as death by misadventure

This second degree murder, or manslaughter?

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