“oh yeah, lemme save these people rq, can’t wait to see myself branded as a hero”

“oh yeah, lemme save these people rq, can’t wait to see myself branded as a hero”

The optimism in me believes that they put ex con to show that you shouldn't judge someone by their past. But the realistic in me knows they put ex con because he is black

It can be both

Do you read the article if it says "Man takes shirt off his back to save car crash victim"? Maybe, maybe not. By attaching "ex-con" you are going to open the article to see what this guy was convicted of to see if this courageous act somehow absolves this man's past, (you probably do this subconsciously). Not saying it's right, just how our brains work.

Yeah, I think Ex-Con is a better story. Could be showing that he's a changed man.

God's plan

God's plan

Hard to predict a twist like that.

Still better than the dedroom. Keep those dreams alive, bludfire

Is this now the default title for every post in the sub?

me too, thanks

Wave 🌊your aspirations goodbye

Wave 🌊your aspirations goodbye

And then they raised over $11,000 to try it all over again, because they claimed to be "tired of the corporate world" in their early to mid-20s. No experience living on the water other than some pointers from the guy's father.


Man is just trying to get laid.

Surrounded by nothing but open ocean, no way she ever says no. If she says no, obviously he would respect it, but she's never going to say no.

roughly $10,000 will go to getting the boat removed from its location, where they sunk it. They also damaged the boat so bad it will never sail again.

These people were idiots who had no idea what they were doing and I can't believe anyone gave them money.

You know flying is much cheaper and efficient, i don't know how you could enjoy being stranded in the middle of the ocean

“Cause I ain’t got a pencil” written by a student of Baltimore City Public Schools

“Cause I ain’t got a pencil” written by a student of Baltimore City Public Schools


The Baltimore County school board have decided to expel Dexter from the entire public school system.

I damn near cried. I'm 34 and I remember mornings like this like they happened yesterday. That shit never really leaves you.

Yeah..definitely puts things in perspective

We used to this

We used to this

Totally misrepresents his actual reaction.

Wait, why is that question assumed to be negative? That's making all kind of assumptions about the person asking the question, that they actually think a majority black cast is bad.

Right? Overwhelmingly just means “a lot”. There’s a lot of black people in this film, that’s one of the things that makes it a big deal. Pretty sure the person that wrote the tweet is just trying to stir shit up.

The screenshot doesn't really match up to the video does it.

God's plan

God's plan

My eyes have been opened

So gods a deadbeat dad? Had a kid, left the mother and another dude to care for for him.

Then his son comes home and what does he do?

Sends him back.

Maybe god isn't married cause gods gay and he thinks gay marrage is a sin

It’s better than being a Princess

It’s better than being a Princess

But was he wrong

If ya'll slow motherfuckers don't get it, her name is Elizabeth.

Look at this guy y'all, he can read and shit! Probably at the same time too.

At least he didn't call her Freddie?

They didn't need the first phrase

They didn't need the first phrase

ex-con part adds to the fact that he really couldn't afford to miss an interview, but did anyway to save another person.

at the very least they could have just referred to him as "Man"

But if a white dude murders his whole family it's "family man and church goer snaps on family"

Probably going to get hate for this, and I get why, however unlikely it is the reporter might be including excon in the title to show that excons can do good, that the stereotypes are inaccurate.

And I highly doubt this but saying "Family man and church goer..." can be used to show that even people you think are "good"/ characterize to be can do fucked up shit.

Can't say shutting about the pics they use sometimes though.

(Not trying to defend, just my take on a possibility)

Drake really knows how to jab my feelings.

Drake really knows how to jab my feelings.

And just to sit with some ppl again who are gone now.... 💗

Fuck in the middle of work and the draking started

It's too early for this sad nigga hours talk

Damn 😕

Mans a painter

Mans a painter

When 10 million people want your dick and you still say no

I'm a arteest.

Dick isn't as valuable as pussy so girls can get away with this. She can just hit up the next dude who will say yes.

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