Minimum wage = minimum fucks given

Minimum wage = minimum fucks given

This shit is so true.

And every manager I’ve had at a low-paying job has been the laziest worker there.

Once I stopped working for minimum wage I got some managers who actually contribute their share. It’s amazing how much more I respect them

Edit: obviously this is anecdotal and everybody has their own experience. No need to reply defending how hard you work in your professional job, I know y’all out there

It's because those fast food managers were treated like shit and had to work harder than anyone else there when they were new. Once they became managers, they turn into the same type of employees that their old managers were.

It's the circle of strife.

I do volunteer work and the lady be trying to work me like a dog. Bitch can I have some money for transportation? I literally lose money by working here

Reminds me of this Bill Hicks bit:

Boss: "Hicks, how come you're not working?"

Bill: "There's nothing to do."

Boss: "Well you pretend like you're working."

Bill: "...why don't YOU pretend I'm working? You get paid more than me. You fantasize."

Madea Goes To Hogwarts

Madea Goes To Hogwarts

Bruh why they do Forest like that lmaooo

SLJ should be Mad Eye Moody and Shaq should be Hagrid imo

Nah. Shaq, Chuck, and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew need to be nearly headless Nick and the rest of those ghosts, just commentating on the shit that goes on in Hogwarts lmao

Chuck would be roasting Hufflepuff like he does with the Phoenix suns 😂

Idris Elba should be Sirius.

White people concerts

White people concerts
Schoolboy Q gives white people the pass at his concerts.

So does Kanye West for that matter. When you are 70 percent of an artist concert revenue, they let you do it.

In every video I've seen of this song being played live, and every time I've heard this live, people add the "my" after the first "where you from?" Kills my hype immediately. Imagine a sea of people actually giving the pause that the lyric deserves.

Capitalism has a way of dissolving these little social rough patches. Can't be selling a fuckton of albums and tickets to people and then be surprised they know the lyrics. You knew it was coming.

I mean it’s just a song though no ill intention. Why can’t they just enjoy the concert.

Death Eaters marching for You Know Who

Death Eaters marching for You Know Who

I disagree, even students belonging to Slytherin were intelligent.

I remember 2 of them eating floating cupcakes not knowing it was a trap so I doubt it

Yeah, look at the Death Eaters from Goblet of Fire, it’s pretty obvious who they’re based on

Yeah, look at the from Goblet of Fire, it’s pretty obvious who they’re based on

As horrible as it is wouldn't the blackhogwarts equivalent be like... mudface

They're always trying to involve you in some stupid pyramid scheme 🙄

They're always trying to involve you in some stupid pyramid scheme 🙄

Story Time: I had a homeboy I used to run the streets with when we were younger. Shit went sideways between us and we parted ways. About 7 years later he popped up on Facebook and messaged me talking about he wanted to meet up. I had long since changed my life so I was like fuck it! Let's see what he has to say. Well, he ended up apologizing for the way shit went down and so on. After he finished his little apology he tried to convince me to go to Utah with him to join the Mormon church. I was like nah I'm gonna chill but God bless you big dog. He kept going on about the light of god and all kinds of shit, it was bizarre. About a few months later he hits me up talking about FUCK THE MORMONS AND GOD. I was thoroughly confused at this point. Turns out they told him he was too fat to be a missionary. Homeboy was broken up by the news and ended up getting locked up less than a year later for trafficking. I know I shouldn't laugh but I did. I still laugh at the whole situation. Anyway, that's all the story time I have for today kids.


I guess this is the male version?

With women they're like, "StupidMLM lets me stay home and spend time with my bayyyyybeeeeeees!"

It's not MLM. It's network marketing folks

J.K. invited to the cookout?

J.K. invited to the cookout?

I know it's a tad redundant to say on this sub, but black twitter really is the best. Always manages to turn my shitty ass mood around.

J.k. has always been down, remember black hermione or god being a black woman? shes invited to my cookout anytime

Thought the hermione thing was pretty lame tbh. Its great if she actually made hermione black but she clearly describes her as white in the book, then tries to act like she never did.

For real. This sub has been my favourite place on the internet since I discovered it

Rooting for my roots

Rooting for my roots

I’m rooting from them Wizards of Waverly Place

Is that the girl from Insecure? She's amazing, hoping she gets even bigger in 2018

Issa Rae is the 🐐

I thought this was a android meme at first.....

How far back did you want your hairline again?

How far back did you want your hairline again?

Ay...fuck it, just give me a one, fam.

How I look at my nuts when it's 💇🏽‍♂️🍆 time

Atomic Mockingjay

Atomic Mockingjay

"The world's deadliest Russian assassin"


Either say she's the world's deadliest assassin or she's Russia's deadliest assassin. It's like calling someone "America's tallest Texan"

Atomic Blonde wasnt that bad though.

If y'all slap one more bad wig on Tyler Perry and call him Madea Imma flip.

This movie Red Sparrow does look pretty interesting too from the trailers, if only for Lawrence's Russian accent.

In living colorless

In living colorless

In Living Color is one of the best sketch shows of all time! Homie don't play that!

Fetus deletus >>> plan b

You know, I've always liked Biggie better than 2pac, but Biggie says some very questionable shit in some of his songs (fucking kids in the ass, sucking your dad's dick). I still like Biggie's music more, but those lyrics...I can't help but wonder if Biggie was secretly some sort of sick freak.

Who Shot Ya? is still an amazing song though.

Every time I see an article about how SNL is breaking barriers bringing black women onto their show, I'm just like...can someone please lock Lorne Michaels in a room with In Living Color on repeat so his dumb ass wakes up?

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