Buffet says WHAAAAT!!!

Buffet says WHAAAAT!!!

I'm sure Buffet will be fine. He just donated 3.4 billion to charity.

Yeah I don’t think he cares.

Then he would've been able to donate $1.5 billion. No wait, he's still worth $70 billion. He has absolutely no need to even consider BTC.

The man is a value investor. He's the guy who went to a Dairy Queen for a blizzard, thought to himself "this shit is good, people will buy this" and then bought Dairy Queen. He owns a lot of Coke, he owns a lot of Walmart, he owns the shit that he thinks people will use every single day. He's not gambling on a revolution, quite the opposite, he's betting that established brands will continue to capitalize on the customer base and reputation they've built over decades.

This sub often seems to have a hardon for some kind of feud with Buffett which is dumb as hell. Buffett doesn't hate bitcoin, he doesn't want to invest in it because it's not what he does. It's like a steakhouse trying to have a feud with a vegetarian cause they're not interested. What Buffett does is wait for Bank of America to offer him a ridiculously good deal if he loans them his name in 2008. The kind of deal where you'll never lose a cent.

Bitcoin breaking down the 7k wall

I missed these memes.

i am one with the FOMO

So glad Wall St finally got their bonuses.

Some third world politician decided to ask his bribes in BTC

7k Breached

7k Breached

100k per coin here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Never gets old!

Legit checked volume on CMC like 30 minutes before this pump and checked back and it added like $2.5 bil in less than 30 minutes... holy crap!

ahh I miss these kind of comments

Not yet please, I need to buy more before we get there lol

It happens only with BTC 🚀

It happens only with BTC 🚀

Only with BTC? It happens with every coin out there.

Pretty strong indicator of a manipulated market. Give it a couple days and wait for the same thing to happen in the reverse direction.

Have you ever seen a shitcoin being pumped?

He's new to crypto

Breaking 7k!

Breaking 7k!

What the hell happened, anyone have any clue? Why did the price suddenly spike like this in like 10 minutes?

You think fidget spinners will become worthless in a week, so you borrow a bunch of them and sell them on while the price is still high, getting you a bunch of money.

Now you hope that they'll go down in price by the weekend, because otherwise the guys you borrowed fidget spinners from will beat you up if you can't pay back what it would cost to replace them. They loan you X fidget spinners and want at least that many back when a week has passed.

But the price didn't fall.

So now you have to go around to people with fidget spinners for sale and offer them increasingly larger amounts of money (because the guy with the lowest sale price don't have enough fidget spinners to cover your ass, so you need to go to more sellers), until you have as many fidget spinners as you borrowed, so that you can give back fidget spinners to the people you borrowed from. Because if you can't give back as much as you borrowed, you get beaten up.

If you had been right about fidget spinners losing value, it would be really cheap to buy back new ones to replace what you borrowed, and you'd be swimming in cash.

a $190mm short liquidation

But who cares. We are here for the technology 😉

⚡ LN Demo: ThunderMessage, post messages and vote for the best ones using Lightning by sending as little as 1 satoshi (testnet+mainnet versions available)

⚡ LN Demo: ThunderMessage, post messages and vote for the best ones using Lightning by sending as...

Ahaha I wonder where you got your inspiration from :P

Added to with the new automatic submission tool!

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If I send 1 sat, will I get 10 sats back. :-}

No you don't pay to read the messages. Just pay to upvote for fun.

Let’s encrypt will give you a free certificate. Some web hosts will even do it all for you!

Woo Hoo! We just broke 40% Segwit support.

Woo Hoo! We just broke 40% Segwit support.Let the pigeons loose!
Woo Hoo! We just broke 40% Segwit support.

Let the pigeons loose!

I know it’s a cliche at this point but I would much rather hear about this than the price going either direction. This right here is the indicator that the technology is still growing and not even at its full potential yet. I cannot wait for the day my wallet can be integrated into my phone and I can transfer money as easily as I can send a text message to a friend.

Is me getting bitcoin and sending it to my friend (directly, not through a centralised exchange or wallet service) really as easy as sending a text right now? It isn’t because they don’t have a wallet I can send it to.

That aside, I’m talking about instant. If I send my friend some BTC to go to buy something at the store he will have to wait for confirmation before he can spend it, then the place he is spending is must actually accept it. We are a long way away from it being a seamless easy to use technology for the masses. People don’t know how the internet works but they would be damned without it, that is what Bitcoin will be like for the masses.

You already can.

The rate is going high everyday, have my upvote for visibility dude!



Paper wallet

Satoshi really thought of everything.

Even for this sub standards this one is bad.

Sounds like a downside

Aventus founders talk blockchain ticketing on Sky News with Ian King

Aventus founders talk blockchain ticketing on Sky News with Ian King

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