Stabbing suspect named

Stabbing suspect named
Stabbing suspect named

2nd degree murder??? He clearly premeditated this

So the suspect was in his dorm when the police caught him? Da fuq.

He is currently being charged with second-degree murder, in which the penalty is minimum: 15 years to life, maximum: 25 years to life. (Source:

Further details being revealed may see the prosecution advocate for first degree murder. (he was wearing latex gloves after the act)

edit: First Degree Murder gives the offender a minimum of 20 to maximum life without parole. This is generally associated with the complexity of the crime and intent to kill (death caused by robbery in a back alley is 2nd degree because the perpetrator did not commit the crime with the express intent to kill)

If the state finds evidence detailing extensive plans to murder over the course of a long time, they may go furthermore in charging him with the heaviest option: aggravated murder. There is no gradient of punishment here: only life without parole.

it's more of a formality that they start with 2nd-degree; he was a student anyways.

as more details arise they can easily ask for 1st-degree, which this case definitely is. Some other post said that the victim was dating the perp's ex 8 or so mos. ago, at that point which the perp befriended the victim, so this may be aggravated murder depending on whether or not killing the victim was the perpetrator's express purpose for a long time.

First photo of stabbing suspect, no name.

First photo of stabbing suspect, no name.
First photo of stabbing suspect, no name.

This is what I gathered from multiple sources that knew him. He apparently met Joao, who was dating/hooking up his ex, months ago and befriended him. They were supposed be hanging out when Mike murdered him. Now this is the part that I can't confirm, but I've heard from multiple people that knew him personally: He told people he was in a car accident and had lost 2 years worth of memories, but some people thought he was lying because he was able to take his finals without an issue. This led some to believe he was a weird dude or a compulsive liar. I have no idea if he was lying or not, but I do know he stopped going to Rugby practices because of this accident, which apparently left him in a coma for two days, and that some people say he lied about it to garner sympathy. A few people have told me he had been planning on murdering Joao for months (IDK how they would know this tbh.) Again, there's no real evidence yet to back that up. My friends who knew Mike personally said he seemed normal and seemed like a nice guy. IMO, he's a psychopath and a compulsive liar with jealousy issues. I knew Joao, and although we were not very close, it's a fucking tragedy that he happened to cross paths with this sick fuck. This whole incident just has me fucked up.

edit: I really don't want to spread misinformation. If anyone that knows the situation can correct me on anything, please do.

They just added name to this article.

Or maybe try to play the hide in plain sight card.

edit: it could also be due to the shock: after such trauma like murder often or not they return to their normal lives in an effort to will that this incident never happened.

Probably not a time for jokes, friendo.

Suspect in Custody. (5pm Press Conference)

Suspect in Custody. (5pm Press Conference)
Suspect in Custody. (5pm Press Conference)

I'm extremely disappointed with how the campus responded to this event. I live in windham residence hall and was completely unaware and walking around the halls during the murder and afterwards. If this campus cares about safety they should have let all students, especially the ones in Windham that there was a situation the second there was any sign of trouble. I noticed something was happening only because of Snapchat stories and did not hear from the university until 45 minutes after the murder.

yup, they said that they had to make sure of details before sending out an alert which I understand but they could at least have immediately sent out something like “possible attack in windham hall, stay indoors until further info”

so does anyone know what happened? the backstory

Agreed, people were still walking about outside after the attack

Beware Zeta Psi

Beware Zeta Psi

My group (along with seemingly every other student at bing) went to Zeta Psi last night. The night was going great, they were playing some decent tunes and it was lively, if not a bit cramped. I stepped out of the craziness to catch my breath by the paying station just inside the front door, and I sat there for about 5 minutes in peace.

Suddenly there was a tornado of people and fists screaming towards me, headed for the door, so naturally I stepped out of the way. It soon became obvious that this was not a fight, but a beat down. And it was one of my friends (who we will call Steve). It wasn’t someone I’d come with, but it was someone I know well and have hung out with innumerable times throughout the year. I began to follow them out when I realized who it was, assuming they would just kick him out and that would be the end of it. I’ve seen that happen plenty of times at various frats.

When they reached the threshold of their property they decided that rather than leaving a now rather bloodied Steve alone, they would keep beating the shit out of him. Under normal circumstances I try to avoid getting involved in things that are not my business, but 1) Steve was too drunk to have any clue as to what was going on, certainly too drunk to fight back effectively, and 2) there were about eight rather intimidating frat guys wailing on him in turn.

At that point I stepped in between Steve and the little frat gang to push them away. They took that as an invitation to fight me, so the main antagonist of their group started challenging me. I tried to explain that this was my friend and I didn’t care what he did in there or why they were kicking him out but they needed to just leave it alone. He threw a few punches but I just turned around and started pushing Steve away from them down the block towards Court street.

I’m not personally a fan of fighting, but I don’t have a hatred for it or anything. It’s just not for me. I do have a problem with eight frat guys beating the shit out of a near blackout drunk freshman for, and I quote, “pushing girls out of the way to get to the bar.” Are you kidding me? Have you been inside that frat? You have to push people to turn around in a circle!

Bottom line is beware of Zeta Psi. It’s members (at least a handful of them) are fight-hungry cowards who pick a person at random, accuse them of breaking some rule, then use that as an excuse to take out their repressed emotions by wailing on them. I suppose it makes them feel like big strong manly men. Big men indeed.

they are monsters. i hope binghamton comes to its senses and disbands frats.

A few of them were wearing ZP shirts and the rest were kicking a kid out of the frat with them so...seemed pretty cut and dry there.

Yeah I’ve been collecting these types of videos of the shit that goes down on frats. Do they not realize assault is illegal? I’m going to bring them to the Dean and police and get charges pressed. Hopefully these blights are removed.

If you wanna contribute any videos you have, we can try to get Zeta Psi removed, it’s fucking unacceptable

Right, because no one gets blackout drunk at frat parties, and those that do should be given two black eyes and be thrown onto the concrete multiple times after they were outside the premises. There weren’t 8 people hitting him at the same time but anyone who was brave enough to get into it with him had 7 buddies to back him up. I don’t think steve is totally innocent here by any means, he definitely should have stopped fighting back long before he did, but there is NO justification you can give me for what the frat kids did.

If you're a student suspended or worse for attending a peaceful walkout protesting gun violence, BU has you covered.

If you're a student suspended or worse for attending a peaceful walkout protesting gun violence, BU has you covered.

They didn't do this randomly. Buzzfeed had a list of Ivy League institutions that had already committed to this same policy. On Twitter, they were asked a few times by Alumni if Binghamton University would also follow suit. They quickly followed up and posted this message.

Oh I know it; this is just the first time I saw it posted on Twitter. Cornell just posted their statement an hour ago.

Trying to inform anybody here who wasn't already aware.

I don't think you are making much sense, friend-o.

Alrighty then 🙂

When your School of Management degree is technically a Bachelor of Science

When your School of Management degree is technically a Bachelor of Science

I never understood why it’s not a BBA

I mean there's a fair amount of quantitiative stuff with the calc requirement, FIN 311 obviously, stats, economics, excel/access stuff etc. Not to say it comes close to actual science degrees

BA vs BS generally comes down to the number of courses/credit hours required. BA's are less rigorous and fall somewhere between minoring and fulfilling BS requirements.

Many schools offer the option to get either, such as how the ECON department offers the regular BA, along with a few options for BS specializations.

SOM students have to take a minimum of 15 management courses which is within the norm of a BS

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