Didn't place first but had the most fun

Even the flagger thought, that kid is living in 2049

He just got hit by a blue shell.

Nah man, ran over a banana peel


reptilian cyborg

Doggo on the pier

His friend is like, "dude what's going on with you?"

Why does this keep happening to me?

“Who builds these death traps without railings?” -Doggo (probably)

This makes me a little sad, TBH. I’ve been there, puppy. I’ve been there.

Chris Farley entrance

Chris Farley entrance

Man, I miss him. Wish he could have realized how people enjoyed him do to his genuineness. He seemed so comfortable in his own skin, which people gravitated to.

He seemed so comfortable in his own skin

Coke will do that to a man

Chris Farley Cocaine entrance

I guess in retrospect the coke overdose wasn't really a surprise.

There’s a glitch.

There’s a glitch.

Oh there siblings... Wow look there's three of them! ....there's four? fuck it's Photoshop.

The last one looks the most realistic if you ask me



Loki not being so low-key with Brie Larson

He is standing and able to breathe. He is way ahead of me.

They both got caught checking each other out

Loki...more like lookie

Good lord, the confidence to get caught checking out someone that gorgeous and yet never break eye contact and just laugh.

wholesome mistake

I prefer she talked into the drumstick.

I love how she took a moment to realize that she totally couldn't let that mistake fly.

Her smile afterwards is just priceless.

Mmm meatcream.

I wanna say around Michigan?

Springfield exists wherever the episode needs it to exist.

Usually near a Shelbyville.

There was some fan theory video that came to the conclusion that they are in Oregon I think.

Groening himself said it’s based on his town in Oregon. Eugene Oregon.

EDIT: Nice folks down below have pointed out that it’s actually Springfield, Oregon, which is apparently being swallowed up by Eugene and becoming the same place anyways.

"Kick this basketball into my crotch, it'll be hilarious!"

"Kick this basketball into my crotch, it'll be hilarious!"

Fuck, that was the highest risk high reward I’ve ever seen

Charlie Brown and Lucy’s special needs cousins up in here

I love that the harder the person tries to smash your taint the worse it is for them.

I think the key thing here to time it out perfectly, is to get your friend to do a 3-2-1 countdown.

Woman replying to a person wearing a religious shirt

Omg she's so Edgy

Don't worry, boobs and anti-religious sentiments aren't popular on reddit. This post won't do too well /s

But why? Is he protesting something? Or being an ass? I need back story and context!

I didn’t realize she was flipping me off until about a minute into watching this

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