Pool Bounce

Pool Bounce

This is fun this is fun... Oh dear god what have I done

The middle part of the video looked like a Boomerang loop!

I’m just high enough that this is the only thing I want to do today.

I'm impressed that pool is fully operational. I bought one once and learner pretty quick that the ground has to be EXACTLY level. Like, even the slightest slope, and it won't fill. It just topples over.

This gag is now a century old

Buster Keaton. Comedy genius.

Our local symphony had a showing of The General last season. Great film and a great way to experience it.

Not his first rodeo

Hardcore Parcow

Sometimes I wonder what kind of moron would do this for a living, but this guy definitely chose the right career path.

5/5 for the landing

No kidding. He threw himself in front of that bull to divert attention with no hesitation. Those guys are brave as hell.

The most british thing you will wee this week

The most british thing you will wee this week

I love that guy crossing, everything is perfect from the facial expression to the hand gesture.

Wow. I've never done a British wee before.

So this is what people who don't live in england think its like?

Props to the bus driver signalling him to slowdown!

Policeman's laugh at a snowman prank (x-post /sub/mademesmile)

The second policeman didn't see the scare but knows to laugh when sarge laughs


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"Dave, Dave, here comes another one.

This shit does not get old."

Obviously a DAD

I'll have that to go...

"You are carrying too much to be able to run"

Man, the energy expense for birds of prey of that size is supposedly insane. You can see how much it struggles after that fight.

I was at a game event at an old French monastery once, where they had some falconers or similar with some huge birds. We got a huge leather glove and a dead chicklet and got to experience them swooping in to sit on your hand and eat the food. The later in the day it got, the less motivated the birds got. They explained that flying even that short a distance took a lot of energy, so they gradually had to move people closer and closer for the birds to think it was worth it.

I have stabilized the video for you:

It took 23 seconds to process and 37 seconds to upload.

 how to use | programmer | source code | /sub/imagestabilization | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

I thought the fox was done. But the eagle was outfoxed!

Invisible obstacles can't stop me!

It took me 6 times before I saw the tape.

Darn whiskers! They prevent all tricks

Just beautiful

It's been what, like a week?

General Reposti!

Don't be a dick, it was much longer... I say 1.5 weeks

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