Thermo Forming Vacuum Machine

Can they make something in the shape of your username?


Can’t stop watching...

Sometimes this happens.

This is a great story to tell at work.

"-then I roll down my window and they look at me like I'M the asshole."

The usual scripted garbage

There’s another version of this same situation that has been posted a lot

Just once someone pull down their pants and put your ass to the window before rolling it down.


Instant Judgment

Judge Judy is the shit.

Highest paid television personality ever, even over Oprah.

And she deserves it.

link to original video?

That’s because judge Judy actually acted like a judge not a reality tv character. She’s a hard ass mofo

I'll entertain the motion

Can’t stop watching

Everyone shits on mimes, but this is a genuinely impressive routine

His feet are what make it real.

This is how trying to do anything in a dream works.

Yeah, even when I watched it and only focused on his feet I was impressed. That and impeccable control of the balloon; really selling it as a stiff, stubborn object. He makes it appear to have as much inertia as a blacksmith's anvil.

There's always a bigger ball

It's exactly what I was expecting and I wasn't dissatisfied.

I feel like I willed the blue ball into existence. Also I need to learn how to juggle now.


That’s a whole lot of anger.

the posture kills me

The kind that can only be brought out by a woman scorned.


The guy filming is talking to the guy on the phone.



This is wild, can anyone explain what I’m looking at here? Is a mold being inserted from below?

This should explain it thermoforming

Should be at the top of /sub/oddlysatisfying

Looks like they blow it up, push the mold up, then suck the air out.

And I thought parallel parking was hard

And I thought parallel parking was hard

Japan level 9000

This seems sped up 🤔

This gave me so much anxiety.


Someone’s mother telling two nitwits to act appropriate in a store.

Someone’s mother telling two nitwits to act appropriate in a store.

About 90% sure this wasnt being filmed in the hopes this would happen

I want to know exactly what the lady said. They look suitably ashamed, and not defensive at all.

Why is she not wearing pants? All she has on is a sweater

She's wearing long socks so it's ok

I can’t stop watching it

I can’t stop watching it

Now this here gif is a true bettereveryloop. The first time I watched it I found it so average I almost didn't watch it again. By the fourth time I actually loled. Incredible

I like that it’s not painful

This is what it’s like playing video games with my internet speed..


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