Firefighters driving to a scene

I get paid to do this, too.

And probably like these guys, I often swear that activating my lights and sirens puts my truck into stealth mode. Why "pull over to the side and come to a complete stop" is so hard to understand is beyond me.

There are several videos on YouTube taken from inside the cab of fire trucks responding to calls, for anyone who might be interested.

Stop signs are the hardest for me.

How hard is it to go back to normal driving after this?

Chimpanzee Memory Test

Chimpanzee Memory Test

I can’t even remember why I came into this room.

So fast. I can't even see and register all nine numbers in teh time given.

Monkey see numbers and remember where they are

That's college level explaining.

Bird's wings give off rainbow reflections.

Bird's wings give off rainbow reflections.

Rainbow Birdwing.

What bird is this?

I’m pretty sure it’s a Pokémon of some sort.... aaaand nope. It was just a squirtle.

Thats a butterfly...

I'm so annoyed no one is paying attention!

I'm so annoyed no one is paying attention!

"Urgh, these guys again"

“Yeah yeah, I’ll look in a sec, but this gif about kittens is just so good, I gotta watch it on my phone a few times.”

I know. I’m so tired of seeing seesaw acrobatics everywhere I go. Sheesh

I mean, nobody except all those people sitting and standing and watching.

Massive ice berg floats past a village in Greenland

That's a lot of margaritas

Poor bastard in the tug is having a hell of a day.

Making my way downtown

I think this belongs in /sub/beafraid

Talented Kayaker.

Holy shit. I thought the barrel roll in the beginning was an accident until he started doing all the cool tricks.

You’ve got to be kiddely diddelyinng with me

He was actually unexpectedly caught in the wake and trying desperately to escape

What is it? Just a blurry still frame for me.

This picture I found Is amazing

This picture I found Is amazing

Got em

This picture I found is amazing edited

2 for flinching

That IS amazing. Thanx for posting!

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