Muhammad Ali Dodges 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

Rumble in the Jungle, baby....foreman didn’t have shit on Ali

A street artist painting on a tile

A street artist painting on a tile

Imagine what he could do with some nice brushes

And here I am stuck on a hangman drawing


A hobo nickel

Why are these called hobo nickels?

Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal, Russia

Beautiful. It looks like the rising of the fortress of solitude.

Take a bow

Take a bow

It ended too soon! 😭

The sideways moon walk. Killer.

Definitely wanna see the whole thing. C’mon OP we need the sauce.

@salif_crookboyz on Instagram

Making a 4 foot tall Shark Cake

Making a 4 foot tall Shark Cake

“We need to color half this giant cake dark gray. How should we do this?”

“Tiny makeup brush?”


We’re gonna need a bigger belly

Cake looks amazing but tastes a bit stale after the 45hr process to make.

I’ve had a piece of a pretty extravagant cake before, by god, it was terrible. Just awful. Fondant is cancer sugar leather. It’s basically just a passably edible sculpture made for upper middle class people that watched Cake Boss a few times.

Meanwhile, my sister’s wedding cake looks like three tiers of compacted bird shit but tastes like a miracle woven in heaven by Jesus Herbert Christ himself.

Chalk Art For The Movie Venom

Chalk Art For The Movie Venom

Amazing Chalk Art by u/RBengoa

Submitted in /sub/pics.

I'm amazed some consider this /sub/beamazed quality haha. Thank you for the recognition.


Technically it is an ad I used to sell drinks. Haha

Printing on fabric

I could watch that for a while

How's the ink getting on the rollers?

Likely pumped into the rollers from the side and the places where the ink is applied to the fabric the rollers are perforated.

Yes, this is quite satisfying to watch.

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