Horse stampede.

Horse stampede.

I was waiting for horses to gallop through, not even paying attention to the woodwork. Now that I see it, it’s beautiful.

The NFL should sign this cop

I’ve watched this like ten times in a row now and it’s great every time

Damn, that was probably in full gear, which has to add 20 pounds

Puts on the after burners...

Ohh snap haha

Splitting boulder by hand

That’s how the pyramids were made

I wanna give that a try

Carving into a quarter

Carving into a quarter
Carving into a quarter

Watching this hurts my teeth for some reason

Anyone know the name of the tool he is using?

No it’s not if you’re not intending on spending it

Robotic Lawn Mower

They're not automatic, they're remote controlled by a guy standing nearby.

A roomba for your lawn.

Still want one. But I could pay someone else to mow my lawn for years and still save money vs buying this.

Make sure the dogs inside

She's ready to roll out

that core strength though! she must be planking for 5 mins a day

They see me rollin' they hatin'

Looked at my cooworkers 2 secs into the vid and was like "look at this core strength I cant believe it!" Lol'd to see your comment.

Aerial view of a Shepherd dog doing his job.

Aerial view of a Shepherd dog doing his job.

I’m exhausted just watching him.

I was hoping he would get those 4 off to the side and he did!

I wonder if there will ever be a time where the sheep say,"hey, why are we so scared of them? We greatly outnumber them."

There are a couple of them! One is just white and moving more. There's at least one black dog but I think there are two.

Octopus are weird

Octopus are weird

Visual representation of how I deal with life

What a boss! He is an assassin

Octopi Survive.

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