Barbara on the VSFS 2018 Runway.

Never thought the day would come where I would be this jelly of a Sprouse twin.

The shows have been getting progressively worse for at least 10 years now. The fact that they ever let Barbara go in the first place shows how wildly bad the VS team has been at decision making.


You're right, she deserved better. That black outfit...*shudders*

Anyway, here's the source with a timestamp.

My apologies for the quality, but this was the best I could find. For now.

To be completely honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by this years show. It just felt really lacklustre, especially compared to the one from 2012, which just felt much more lively and the outfits had much more of a "wow" factor to them, especially Barbara's.

Don't get me wrong, she looked good at this year's show, but I feel she deserved much better. I mean seriously, after having her in silver lingerie and a red bow, you stick her in what's basically a sports bra and workout leggings?

I don't know, I guess to me it just felt like it lacked that carefree spirit and provocative energy from earlier shows. On the bright side, Barbara still stole the show, but that may just be me being biased.

Ever since Erin Heatherton got bullied I've lost all interests in VSFS.

Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill are two noticable bright spots but the rest is just meh.

white dress

white dress



Lost for words

Barbara with her sister Anita.

Could you imagine being lucky enough to be born pretty in an average way but your sister is Barbara Palvin and steals all your attention. Shits gotta Suck LMAO.

The source

, though it's all in Hungarian.

This sub gets better every day

Damn her sister (behind her) isn't half bad either.

Plaid dress

Plaid dress

That is a shirt and skirt, not a dress

Pedantman, awayyyyy ~~/o/

Oh my

True woman

This whole look is perfect

Street style

Street style

Are my eyes deceiving me?! She looks she’s floating in off the hovering a bit! She looks gorgeous BTW!

What's weird about it? Angels fly all the time, after all.


The road damage under her right foot is throwing you off mate

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