Leather skirt

Leather skirt

Bruised shins

She was probably raped and beaten by her ex-boyfriend, only logical explanation.

S.I. Booty

Sweet baby Jesus

Lol these comments are so sad. It's a fucking photo shoot, of course she knows what the hell she's doing.

Lookit that tan line 😍

Where this is from? I will be very happy for the source and a HQ photo of Barbara's behind in this swimsuit! :D

New from Aimer

New from Aimer

girl in every mens dreams

Can someone post this pic in higher res

Haven't seen this before... dear God...

Yeah, I just found it on a different subreddit, since I've never seen it before I decided to post it here, thought some people might appreciate it... what's such a huge problem?

Last week actually. Different subreddit I just now noticed.

Wish it was my hand huuuh

Fucking Hulk Hands! Like that Seinfeld episode!!

Barbara...a pretty sight

Barbara...a pretty sight

All I see is perfection.

The title reminds me of samurai jack; lulu... sweet thing...

Why is the image deleted, op?

I can see it

Sports Bra

Sports Bra

probably the gym

Why is she cringing from pain?

(the top left caption says so)


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