No, too wet, too wet

Why does that dog remind me of an el Camino?

Trying not to sneeze

I think your dog has had enough hoagie buns for one day lol...

I would play fetch with you, Hurley!

Just loading up the sneeze magazine

2 hamsters struggle for survival

2 hamsters struggle for survival

I lolled

I can’t stop laughing to write anything!!! Just take my upvote....hundreds of upvotes :D

Well impressed with the recovery from impending doom

Please let me out.

He’s trying so hard too😂

From that dog's point of you it's probably an abused animal that's owners keep cruelly locked up :P


Where’s my rubber ducky?

Why isn’t the cat climbing you like a tree to get out? What’s going on here?

May be we are looking at some kind of cutting edge computer animated video. This can’t be real.

I can't believe she's not fighting to get out of the bath tub

When you think you're the cue ball

When you think you're the cue ball

Just wanted a scratch.

That would be fucking terrifying if that were to happen to a human(the dog must be very spook)


Do you think it would have died in the hole or found a way out?

Wait, it was just there...

Wait, it was just there...

Cat: Very funny karen

Tired of your shit Karen

Just fucking stop Karen


The new roomba is amazing.


The schnozberries taste like schnozberries.

Likely thirsty and/or hot would be my guess.

No its a shiba, they like to lick everything, and they will lick lick lick, till you stop them or till something else looks even more lickable. They even Lick themselves none stop. Its the trade-off you have to accept because they're very mouthy and start off with biting everything.

Look what I can do!

Get up Lil Sebastian!

Awe the excitement was too much haha

you guys! you missed it! he whinnied!


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