“Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”

That cat just got bitch slapped in to doing more licks

This was filmed by @sanderszoo on Instagram. That's a prairie dog named Otis. Here's the source video:

I'm pretty sure that's a cat...


Long neck doggo helps his friend get through the door

Source is BostonDynamics on Youtube

. This is their latest video.

Pls don't ban me mods. They're good boyes

No it's not, dude.

They're Spot Mini 2 bots. They are not CGI.

What an insane amount of effort.

My Chinese in-laws wanted to slaughter a goose for Spring Festival. They posse'd up and wouldn't let us.

My Chinese in-laws wanted to slaughter a goose for Spring Festival. They posse'd up and wouldn't let us.

Taken today at my Chinese in-laws family farm outside of Shanghai. Normally my in-laws raise geese just for their eggs (they are free-range and allowed to wander). But as Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) holiday is this week, a celebratory feast was in order. Soon as my father-in-law grabbed the goose in the middle, it began making that horrible goose noise. The other geese suddenly appeared out of the woodwork and violently attacked my father-in-law. After he set the goose back down, the others formed this protective barrier around it and wouldn't let any humans get close. We decided to forgo the feast :)

I guess he learned his lesson, it doesn't matter what colour the goose is, they all have the temperament of a Canadian pissed off Geese.

No one ever messes with Geese, or it is lights out.


if they won't sacrifice one... they all must die. it is written.

Hi5.... Nevermind

Hi5.... Nevermind

Judging by his her lack of coordination, I’d say she’s not the sharpeist knife in the draw.

Edit: gender

Aww whst kind of dog is he? Looks kinda like a sharpei

You're drunk go home dogo

She's a sharpei crossed with something. We got her from a shelter so I'm not entirely sure what mix she is

Best V-Day date possible

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I have brought you McDonald's.

And Budweiser too.

Just tell me that a jar of peanut butter isn't involved...

That's a well trained doggo!

My rabbit kept company to my dying hen for her last days (she was very old)

My rabbit kept company to my dying hen for her last days (she was very old)

Super Sweet!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes I had it for her entire life, I remember holding her in my hand when it was just a tiny noisy thing, and when she got older and I came to see her, she would automatically sit down ready for some petting

Heart warming, here's another pic for you because you seem moved by it.

Heart warming, for you because you seem moved by it.

Oh, I'm not english native, I don't know if the end is understood as "I buried it next to my parent's grave" or "my parents and I buried it". Which is obiously the second one

This Facebook post after they had their baby

This Facebook post after they had their baby

My first niece lived with my parents for a while after she was born. Their dog took on the guardian/protector role with gusto. If she started fussing upstairs during nap time, he would race downstairs and start badgering us until we went to check on her. Never left her side— if he had to go outside to do his business, it was in/out/no-time-to-explore-there’s-a-job-to-do.

She and her mom eventually moved out on their own. This was about ten years ago. Now the dog is older, and he’s showing it— he has a hard time hearing, and cataracts are clouding his vision. My niece hasn’t been to my parents’ house since moving out (mostly Mom and Dad visiting her where she lives) until recently.

The dog flipped his fucking lid when he saw her again. Ten years later, he knew. And he stayed by her side the entire visit, back in his “guard duty” role.

He’s a goddamn good boy.

Our dog DOES NOT APPROVE of when we bathe our 3 month old in the kitchen sink (where dog cannot see/smell her), and baby does not make any noises for too long. Our female dog assumes that this means we are drowning her, I guess, but that we don't know any better, so she must educate us of the fact that drowning our baby girl is a bad idea... Between sight/smell/sound, it's like she must always be able to confirm that our baby girl is healthy via at least one of these three methods. She has ZERO trust in us humans to take care of our baby girl, as she understands it.

Good dog

Astro running back and forth is probably just him confirming that the tiny human is part you. He was correct and because he's a tiny you, Astro must now protect it as well.

Don't you dare touch my human

Do you see how the elephant kneels down when he gets close to reduce the risk of stepping on him? Elephants are awesome

Back in the old day when circuses still used elephants, the way they would move them from place to place without having the trailer/cage they where in from tipping is by putting a bunch of chickens in with the elephant so the elephant would stand still in fear of crushing the chickens.

I don't know what it is, but I've been seeing more and more elephants on Reddit lately. It's been pretty great tbh. Elephants are such good bois.

Though, the shit the human race puts them through is appalling. Sigh.

Bear pushes his injured trainer around in wheelchair after he breaks both legs in horrific 60ft fall

This sub never seizes to amaze me how the saddest fucking videos are portrayed to be hilarious or funny.

Behold, a beaten bear forced in to circus-like tasks with a collar on. Funny.

I feel bad for the bear 🐻. Screw the trainer- let the animal live his life.

True fact: then he stopped the wheelchair, brought the car around, got him in the car, drove him to his therapist appointment, then took him home and ordered Chinese food and they watched a movie.

Cow Follows Her Injured Calf To Hospital

Jesus Christ they're taking a long ass time to get to the hospital.

your dad did

As someone who lives on a cattle farm this is pretty common. Usually if a calf is stuck in the fence or is lost or whatever, the mom will holler and moo letting us know. Cows might be dumb af but they usually are great mother's.

Such great animals. I love cheese but we really need to treat these animals much better

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