Bear pushes his injured trainer around in wheelchair after he breaks both legs in horrific 60ft fall

This sub never seizes to amaze me how the saddest fucking videos are portrayed to be hilarious or funny.

Behold, a beaten bear forced in to circus-like tasks with a collar on. Funny.

I feel bad for the bear 🐻. Screw the trainer- let the animal live his life.

True fact: then he stopped the wheelchair, brought the car around, got him in the car, drove him to his therapist appointment, then took him home and ordered Chinese food and they watched a movie.

Cow Follows Her Injured Calf To Hospital

Jesus Christ they're taking a long ass time to get to the hospital.

your dad did

As someone who lives on a cattle farm this is pretty common. Usually if a calf is stuck in the fence or is lost or whatever, the mom will holler and moo letting us know. Cows might be dumb af but they usually are great mother's.

Such great animals. I love cheese but we really need to treat these animals much better

Bro dog protecting little girl.

So, my dad was in the Army when I was a kid. We lived all over the place, and one of those places was Butzbach, Germany in the very early 1980's.

We lived on base, and periodically they would get puppies for training up into military guard dogs. Sometimes the puppy will wash out of the program for not being the very, very best. In our case, it was because Candy was just a touch too gentle. Bad for an Army dog, but damn fine for a family guard dog.

Anywho, once my mom and I were out at the park and someone assaulted my mom and tried to kidnap me. Apparently blond haired, blue-eyed girl-toddlers were a hot commodity.

Candy was not having any of that. She disabled and held the attacker until police arrived. Candy was A Very Good Dog.

That is a highly trained and motivated guard dog trained to follow hand signals.

I had a dog like this when I was a wee sprout and it saved my life.

I would honestly pay so much to have a companion like this for my daughter!!

Donkey Bro

I really, really, wanted it to turn around and put the bar back in place.

Now THAT would be a smart ass!

Now we know which one is the smart Ass, and which are the dumb Ass.

Donkeys are highly underrated.

My babies are spiky but they're mine and I love them.

I suppose I've seen it all now... goodnight.

That can nurse from a cat? Wow TIL.

Aww, they love their cat mom.

Are you kidding me? I bet that cat loves the grooming potential there. She can nuzzle them and get scratches in return.

"Push us!"

Big fuzzy moo-dog just wants to play

Cows can actually be really aggressive. This makes me super nervous.

How much for the doggo?

Returning the favor

Returning the favor

This is reference to this post. I think they are the same shiba and cat, their instagram is @shibainu.gaku

I consider this post of yours a tribute to these animals. I was the one who'd posted that yesterday. I'm humbled, many thanks.

This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen

@shibainu's latest tweet

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@shibainu on Twitter

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Dexter and Moose are best friends.

Oh my gosh! Those head rubs!!!

Those pig tail wags! I had no idea pigs could do that!

I didn't know pigs wagged their tails like that

They wag them much like dogs do. Sometimes faster when they're happy or up to no good.

Bambi gives kitty a bath

Bonus kick in the head at the end.

This was filmed in Hickory, North Carolina! This kitty's name is Pockets, and her deer friend is named Maple. Here's the source video:

yeah, bonus hoofboop.

I use it as an alternative to apple cider vinegar on my floors.

A true bromance

I spent way too long trying to figure out if that bat is real. I still don't know.

I wish I could answer that

It's not right ?


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