Helping out the fire department

"All of my training. Each of those socks and rope toys and stuffed animals. They have all led me up to this moment."

"no way i'm letting a tree beat me at tug o' war!"

hi Gay, I'm dad

Pup is pulling ropes and pulling at your heart strings

Crabs can be bros too!

Waiting for someone to tell me this adorable crab is actually going to eat the other one or something

My Chinese crab bro just had a lady totally break his heart, stop bugging my Crushed Asian

That’s friendship


Cat saves his buddy from falling off a ledge

Seriously surprised he didn’t go knock him off.

“Scar! Save me brother!”

S: "Long live the-"

M: "Oh wait, I'm up now. Guess I didn't need your help after all."

S: -_-

I at first thought he wanted to bite his foot so he falls down.

Comfort during a thunderstorm

Why are dogs generally afraid of thunderstorms?

Sounds like a war outside id freak out too if i was a dog

Why am I crying in the club 😭💖

Big dog let's puppy play too

Big dog let's puppy play too

The Dalmatians looks to be just looking at the other dog when the puppy tries like he is trying to say "can you come back I need a challange"

I hope to find this on the front page when I wake up. This shit is cute

This horse helping the girl get on

This horse helping the girl get on

Stop fucking kicking my ribs

I’m more impressed by this girls inability to jump...

For fucks sake, I'll just bend down. Now stop horsing around.

That's awesome. Any horse behavioralists or source video holders want to tell me if this was a command or its natural bro instinct?

Interviewing for Good Boye Company is tough!

Glad he remembered the true secret password of kissing the bouncer before entering.

That long stare just to be like oookay you can come in

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Dog got stuck on the roof and gave its rescuer a thank you kiss

Dog got stuck on the roof and gave its rescuer a thank you kiss

cute dog, but the owner couldn't open a window? lol

Thank god I wasn’t alone..... like a bit dramatic lol just open the window... that’s probably how it got out there to begin with.

wurf wurf

excuse me sir

tenk u


"Grey, what the fuck are you doing? How did you get up there!?!?"

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