Doggo protects his humans from a sinister goose.

McGregor v Khabib ain't got nothing on this

Good boi

You smell that? That's my piss, stay the fuck away from my humans.

I’m not much of a dog person but, GO GET HIM DOGGO, FUCK THAT GOOSE UP!

Alligator helping his turtle bro

Isn't that a gavial tho

I do believe this turtle is attempting rape.

And we all just sat here and watched.

To be completely honest i didn't even know what that was, but yes it looks like it is!

Nah that Turtle is trying to mate with him and he wants nothing to do with it

Good boy protecting his human from a devious water prank.

Even if it’s set up, he’s still a good boy.

This is rehearsed and practiced with the dog but nice anyway.


It takes a good doggo to learn how to do this and execute flawlessly!

Hero dog saves a swimmer


Or “Damn it Ashley! For the 10th time, you can’t swim!”

He is tring to save the girl😱. How much they care about us!!!

not on my watch, Ashley

Squirrel tries to hide acron in dog's fur

The dog is looking at the squirrel like "please, what the fuck are you doing?"

I imagine his inner monologue to be something like ‘That’s not going to work buddy, I mean go ahead but.. I mean it’s kind of working, does that mean I have to just stay.. oh no it fell, sorry dude..’

Technically, the dog is being a bro by not throwing the squirrel around the room.

Doesnt fit this sub, is more /sub/animalsbeingderps

Not happening on my watch, human!

Not happening on my watch, human!

I bet that hurt, but it was worth it because he's a good boy

She likes it ruff

Aww, what a good pup! Really brings back memories. My childhood dog used to do that for my brother and I. She wouldn’t grab us by the hair, but she would swim tight circles around us until we grabbed onto her tail - then she’d tow us straight to shore. She was just the best girl ever!

On one hand ouch

On another what a good boy

American relative of Steve Irwin?

American relative of Steve Irwin?

That’s an odd looking dog

While that's adorable, wouldn't it also teach the gator to approach (other) humans for food and increase the chances of a dangerous incident?

This is the tour guide from the Swamp Airboat Tours in New Orleans. I was on his boat. He gets the alligators reacting this way because he feeds them or attempts to multiple times a day with chicken and marshmallows.


source: ya

Bubbles,a 32 year old orphaned African elephant, plays in the river with his best friend Bella, a 3 year old Labrador.

Bubbles,a 32 year old orphaned African elephant, plays in the river with his best friend Bella, a 3 year old Labrador.

Omg this is so precious ;-;

I went searching for a video about this duo because I really wanted to see them playing:. They live at the Myrtle Beach Safari.

You can see Bella accidentally use Bubble's trunk as a slippery slide (at 0.20) and confidently dive into the water from her back. From the video above, I learned that as a calf, Bubbles had been left orphaned because of the ivory trade (don't support that trade by buying ivory items, peeps!) Bella was abandoned at the sanctuary by the contractor who was building Bubbles a swimming pool. The pair bonded over their love of the water.

More cute photos of them here:

I recently learned:

Labradors will lure elephants into deeper whater and then climb ontop of them to try and drown them.

Can confirm. I live in Myrtle and these guys are regularly playing in the intracoastal waterway. It’s hilarious to see the faces of tourists in their rented pontoons when they drive by. They live in a tiger sanctuary too. No joke. I’ve heard insane noises coming from that place when you drive by. Those are no house cats.

Bully gets schooled

Bully gets schooled

Bark shit, get bit.

That’s some Tom and Jerry level shit right there.

It almost looked like an ambush

"Alright guys, it's time...this time, we take down the school yard bully"

Gang gang

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