What would Jesus fly?

What would Jesus fly?

The con job on that is pretty amazing. They NEED that plane to spread the gospel!

It's only used for the Glory of God! The pastor is just the tool in God's hand. Do you really want God to wait for the tool to be ready? If so, you are not ready to accept Jesus inside yourself!


But how are they supposed to get to their private sex island? Flying United economy???

Wwjf? Holy spirit airlines

Ted Cruz' wife: It is hard getting by on only $674,000 a year while your husband does public service

Ted Cruz' wife: It is hard getting by on only $674,000 a year while your husband does public service

I have no idea how I would survive on $674,000 a year but if I ever surpass the $40,000 I currently make I'll figure it out!

But all those extra taxes you'll pay... Just not worth it, keep making $40k!

I really hope we vote Ted Cruz out of his senate seat. This is my first year actually voting, and I'm voting for Beto.

I'd rather pay 37% of $674,000 than 22% of $40,000!

As an American when I see Canada pardoned half a million people with cannabis convictions.

As an American when I see Canada pardoned half a million people with cannabis convictions.

It's high as fuck.

Half a million? Is that really the number? That seems too high!

A bill aiming to make it easier for people to erase their old marijuana convictions was signed into law Sunday night by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Under Assembly Bill 1793 from Rob Bonta, an Alameda Democrat, the Department of Justice would review the records in the state summary criminal history information database and identify past convictions that are eligible to be stricken.

Bonta praised Brown’s decision, saying the proposal will help give people a second chance. He tweeted Sunday that his bill will “reduce or remove outdated cannabis convictions so people can turn the page and make a fresh start! Outdated convictions shouldn’t be a barrier to employment and housing.”

Come to California just signed last month.

Canada has been doing the American dream better than America for the past 20 years at this point.

I mean, it doesn't really affect you, does it?

I mean, it doesn't really affect you, does it?

My nephew does Fortnite dances and it looks stupid. When I was his age I was making bombs out of household cleaners for fun on my lunch breaks at school. Dancing does seem harmless.

Gives me a good chuckle, makes me remember all the weird stuff I did as a kid

I need a large harmel shake

never played the game or seen the dance, but how is it worse then gangnam style and harmel shake and stuff like that?

Oh the irony

Oh the irony

Congratulations. You shared a meme that my 68 year old aunt posted on Facebook 5 years ago.

This is so terrible on so many levels. Why is will Ferrell in this? How can self respecting person see this and think this is funny? I like to think humor is subjective, but this is objectively not funny.


You may want to look at the sub. That's all that's here.

Maybe you should roll a smaller one this time around.

Oh okay...

Oh okay...

Yikes. That's as hurtful as a marriage proposal rejection.

This happened to me (except with maid of honour) and she didn’t even come to the wedding either...

She was the extrovert I was the introvert, she was my only friend and we had been friends from early childhood. As an extrovert she continued to make new friends wherever she went, and she became closer to them.

I think after this he should double-check that his fiancee actually said 'yes'.

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Scott's still here, though. He's a giant dick.

Living in Minnesota, I fully expect one hell of a contact high!

I flew Toronto to Ottawa this morning. A guy took out his bag of weed out at security and put it in one of those little trays. The CATSA agent told him not to smoke on the plane. Today is weird.

That's a bit of a power move on that guys part, take weed on the plane on the first day of legalization. That man has my respect.

I read it last

I read it last

I fell right into that one.

Take your well earned upvote. Well played



It's been a while since I've felt attractive

It's been a while since I've felt attractive

As a joke, guys

It was pride week, with an amerature drag show, and I thought why the hell not? So I went into it with the intent of S&Gs.

I, too, dressed in drag for shiggles once... I liked it. ._.

Probably the reason for that is, you didn't give a shit of what people thought because in your head it was a joke and fuck what people think. You just need to do the same now, be happy with what tou have and don't give a shit for what you think people think about you and your body.

Optimistic otter

Optimistic otter

The picture itself is high quality and framed well for the purpose. The text is formatted correctly, and large enough to read on a thumbnail without also obscuring the picture. This is a new meme, which means there's an even chance it will get removed, but the quality is there and I fully endorse it. OP, is this the first Optimistic Otter?

I have to confess. I posted this many months ago with the title ”wholesome otter” and it got removed after 8k upvotes. Trying this again with this title that was suggested in the comments on my last optimistic otter.

Your honesty here is not something often seen on Reddit. I do like optimistic otter though, hopefully it's kept up this time.

Not those of us with deleted posts.

Try one of these subthreads