Chemistry in a nutshell

Chemistry in a nutshell

communists detected on american soil. lethal force engaged

Imagine not using the quantum mechanical model for atomic structures.

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General reposti

Imagine having to worry about

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atomic particle interactions

Easily the biggest workload I’ve ever had for an AP

Easily the biggest workload I’ve ever had for an AP

Here is some life advice: SKIP AP LIT

160.0 mph ≈ 257.5 km/h 1 mph ≈ 1.61km/h

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Too late, already in it. Lit teacher’s chill though while while Bio goes at a constant 160 mph

this is funny to me only bc my teacher is going full chill mode with us



This is all my ap classes

APUSH is hell sometimes but as long as you pace yourself and keep a planner, you've got this mate. Also, make sure to actually read every chapter. Super helpful

I mean I got a 5 and never read so I wouldn’t put too much in the book. Just know historical trends and think logically.

Our apush is so relaxed, but I am suffering in lit right now

Let’s do it!

Let’s do it!

Come on, why are the upvotes hidden?

I mean for us it would be Trevor Packer right? Coleman controls CB but Packer is AP only

i haven’t been paying attention what’s going on

Fill me in comrades!

Big oof for CB's rating

Big oof for CB's rating

eDucAtiOnaL sErViceS

You have much to learn, young grasshopper

CoLLeGe sTArts HeRe

The only good thing to come from CollegeBoard are the memes after ap exams

Every time, I die a little bit inside

Every time, I die a little bit inside

RIP in peace, because our teachers allow us to keep the answers unsimplified as long as we show work. But we still need to do it on multiple choice.

Tfw the implicit differentiation problem has chain rule and quotient rule and now dy/dx is literally a foot long fraction...

2 hours and 5 pages later:

∴ x = x

Same. This is how it should be for all.



It’s too competitive nowadays :/

Yeah I do not want to take fucking us history

But in the end everyone's gottA PUSH

I actually take a bunch of APs for general education credit because I don't want to deal with that in college.

For those of us in AP Physics whose senses of humor haven’t been destroyed yet...

For those of us in AP Physics whose senses of humor haven’t been destroyed yet...

Lol we are still on kinematics rn, but we have had only 6 days of school


Were on kinematics but we're on our 6th week..

We started dynamics, this is relevant.

Working hard or hardly working?

Working hard or hardly working?


I’m stupid I thought the red dome was the actual work u did.

It's the last day of summer for me and I didn't even open my APUSH reading book.

I’ve been in school for nearly a month what are y’all doing



did you get the amazon gift card?

Did the survey, but haven’t received the gift card yet.

Where is this survey and how can I receive a gift card? Asking for a friend

To those asking about the gift card, about an hour ago I received an email from college board with a link to a survey about my August SAT experience that rewards a $10 Amazon gift card if you complete it.

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