A cupboard to store your cupboards.

A cupboard to store your cupboards.


Yo dawg, I heard you like cupboards.

This gif used the Konami code for extra lives

This is hard to look at

It's pregnancies all the way down

It's pregnancies all the way down

Baby's baby is pregnant too?! Who tf plays with this



The meat to bread ratio is awful.

Would've been better if the miniburgers were between two patties.

That looks like it’s not actually good, and just a disproportionate amount of bread


Robots for your robots

Wow I lost count at 5 health bars.

Gurren Lagann is like /sub/1000000healthbars the anime

Also it's awesome

When all our health is lost, we'll get another health bar!

That's the way Team Dai-Gurren rolls!

Row row...

Speed limit

Speed limit

Maybe a difference in temperature between the black and white board caused a difference in the amount of ice that formed?

But speed limit signs aren't embossed... What would cause this?

Ah, maybe!

Speed limit 2525

My 4x double yolk eggs!

My 4x double yolk eggs!

I wonder what kind of abomination would have came out if it actually hatched

As far as I have understood, if there is a double yolk egg, it's higly likely there are multiples of them. So it's quite normal to get many of them in the same patch.

Those are some overdone eggs though (going grey already).

The thing would have been hideous

Devil them sum bitches



Don't mix the DNA of frogs with tennis balls kids

Takashi Miike’s Yakuza Apocalypse. Watched it a couple weeks ago. Crazy as fuck.

Looks like some old school Power Rangers villain




I seriously can't believe how much those taste like coke/Pepsi.

I like your creativity with the title, OP.

Cola syrup + sugar?


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