Zuckerberg Explaining Facebook to Congress:

Zuckerberg Explaining Facebook to Congress:

Senator...drinks water

I'm so confused why people think that when congress ask "obvious" questions, they're being ignorant because they're out of touch,

seems to me those people have never watched lawyers at work before, they're asking questions that seem obvious to get Zuckerberg's answers so that when they ask complicated questions they can refer back to his previous statements, classic case of misunderstanding how the system works

I know how to lawyer, just scream I object to win.

Senator, I assure you that it IS a real book. People can print their profiles into a real book.

I think it was hard to defend anyone in that hearing. Those senators were the furthest thing away from educated personnel on Facebook and international data privacy laws. There are some serious questions about why those senators and not an international team of lawyers were doing the questioning

If you ever wondered what it was like to be a gun owner in America, this is what we feel like when the media and politicians talk about guns.


“Looks like I made a mistake” - L.A. Noire

Making fun of the lack of research the Senators have done does not equal defending ZUCC.


How Zuckerburg sees Especially the T&C bit at the end.

I hope you arent defending him