I feel this one was set up

There's no way that guy wasn't going for a Shaggy look.


Even if this isn’t staged, it’s not really murdered by words is it? It’s literally “you look like this character”

Dude has shaggy in his username that is conveniently cropped out, seriously no one dresses like that. Its complimentary colors, so you have to have some taste but if you have some taste you probably have the common sense to not dress like fucking shaggy from scooby don’t doooxodoskssososjehshwbdhxjxjjzshbFUCK

Seems like this sub confuses "murder" with "declarative statements" a lot.

I haven’t been okay since my vacation at Spooky Island

His Twitter name has "Shaggy" in it

Who here was murdered by words? Where is the murder?

Why is this in this sub

You okay bud?

SMH, this fucking sub is going to shit really quick.


Time to put balls in holes

Damn bruh, chill with that savage shit. You just murdered this sub with words.



Idk they’re still trying to solve it. Honestly they might get away with it, but some meddling kids might change that

I mean I just sorta got up and looked at it, pretty usual day otherwise

So you're saying the ghost was old man Jenkins all along?

How did the posts on this sub get so lame all of the sudden?

But how was that eclipse though

This sub is garbage

This is the worst post I've seen in this sub ever.

How in any way is this murder? I fucking love shaggy. I’d take that as a compliment any day of the week.

I could see this in /sub/funny, but when I come to this sub I expect to see shit that makes me think “Damn! Dude should delete his account”. Not “hardy har har”.

It doesn't require any further murdering. It's already dead in my heart.



I feel the standards for this sub get lower every day.

Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands

How is this being murdered, I would love to be compared to my childhood hero

Because OP is a karma whore with a vague grasp of the English language.

The OP is being murdered by a lot of these comments. So I guess we’re witnessing a murder. Albeit , a long, drawn out tortuous type.

JESUS this post is shit. Please dont go to shit the same way /sub/imgoingtohellforthis has. Please!

I'm unsubscribing right now.

And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling redditors

I don't know what else he was going for?

So we're just gonna do this where the person is clearly setting up the joke now?

Damn bruh, chill with that savage shit. You just murdered this sub with words.

I miss u

Did you just make me watch your vacation video?

No you don't understand he was murdered so bad I bet he wishes he wasn't murdered so bad.

I really don't understand how any saw this and was thinking the guy got roasted, it's pretty clearly done with the intent to look like shaggy with the chin beard, the hair style, and the pants and shirt are the proper colors. More like /sub/pointingouttheobvious

Normally I'd disagree with statements like this, but goddamn is this a garbage "burn." How is this upvoted?

Ahh so this sub has decided to start crawling back to me? This relationship is OVER!

And he would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids

Hold on, Man. We don't go anywhere with 'scary', 'spooky', 'haunted', or 'forbidden' in the title.

Or hydroclonic, but that's for a whole different reason, man.

This sub is two weeks old and already getting irrelevant shit. What a fun ride.

oh no

post funny picture

people see it on rising or /sub/all without seeing the subreddit and upvote it because it’s funny