Zlatan's goal vs. Montenegro (3-0)

Thought that would be a failed knee slide then BOOM somersault, typical Zlatan.

This is dumbest celebration type there is. An ACL tear waiting to happen.

That chest control is ridiculous.

One of his most normal goals.

everyone says that

that and the one marquinhos does . butthole tear waiting to happen

The ol' Mascherano

Beautiful recovery on that celebration!

Seriously, every time I see a post for a Zlatan goal I'm always expecting it to be some tunderbastard kind of goal

Who've you been talking to?

What, no? You can even see the different colors on the grass where the players are at. Ibra is on the brighter green, the Montenegrian player is on the darker.

Chest, and then what looked like his thigh for the next touch. Both just amazing to me. Not that I was great at everything else, the one thing I just could never do was let the ball so casually hit me like that and keep control while on the run.

I could take it on my foot, cushion it with my head, or stand still and trap it on my chest... but at pace, the way he did... I don't even understand.

Offside flag should be raised.

Offside flag should be raised.

I only watch that and my knees hurt already.

Am I crazy , or are the lines on this pic are going a different direction than in the game? Am I crazy?



I'm sure even Zlatan says it himself

Hes clearly onside in the next frame, so you're seriously nitpicking at which moment the ball left his foot. Looks on to me

That's just a forward roll in my book

Yes it is, so powerful.

This right there is why we won't get video for offsides anytime soon. You are right in the screenshot zlatan is offside, in the next half-second the defender at the bottom has ran enough to put him onside. It's all about picking "the start of the ball's movement", and ultimately it's a referee call.