Zero evidence for Donald Trump's wiretap claim found in Justice Department review, house intelligence chairman says

Zero evidence for Donald Trump's wiretap claim found in Justice Department review, house intelligence chairman says
Zero evidence for Donald Trump's wiretap claim found in Justice Department review, house intellig...

Now that his distraction has been proven wrong and he looks more like an idiot lets focus on his Russian connections again.

Very interesting things coming in two weeks, though!

Not now, when Trump looks like an idiot and a liar. Better to wait two weeks. Also, he was just parroting Fox News, so ask them!

What a joke.

who are you going to believe??

the doj, fbi, senate and house or trump citing the failing new york times who never once said what he claims they did.

where's mark levin???

not that he's capable - but i hope he feels reallllllll stupid right about meow

I'm glad we didn't give up on this claim. It's unbelievable that Trump's credibility wasn't already ruined, but at least now the next time he tries to pull this shit for a distraction people will be more likely to just dismiss it.

I just visited Fox news and they're not reporting this so I doubt Trump's base will even know this is news.

Umm I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this isn't exactly the first time this has happened. I see this unfolding literally every time something happens for the next (please) 4 years.

Remember when some really interesting things were supposed to come in two weeks from his investigators in Hawaii? How many times will he get away with this same game?

Prominent Democrats need to do press conferences and just call Trump a liar. Also don't water it down and say things like falsehoods, call the man a straight up liar. Trump has burned through his credibility and its time for him to earn the respect he's entitled to.

The base is no longer affiliated with those that indulge themselves on Fox News. You'll need to be visiting such unbiased and reputable places like Brietbart, Drudge Report, Info Wars, and NPI.

Taxpayer money (salaries of government employees) went into making that headline. That pisses me off.

We need a new rule: we don't discuss Trump's claims until we see Trump's proof.

I can't believe more of his supporters don't understand this is how he operates. He ropes people in with a tall claim, then pivots to a new one after they start asking too many questions. It's like clockwork.

Yeah. Those three million illegal voters seem to have disappeared into the past. I won't be surprised if this does too. I hope it doesn't, but...

I saw the National Enquirer headlines the other day while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store - Trump's buddy David Pecker had the whole cover dedicated to "evidence found of Obama wiretapping". So 40% of the country will believe Trump's claims for ever more...

So what are the consequences of the president blatantly lying to the public?

Nothing, but his brain dead base will smoke his cock harder than ever for sticking up to TRAITOR OBAMA AND HIS ISLAMIC SHADOW GOVERNMENT DEEP STATE

He's literally spreading fake news while calling everything he disagrees with "fake news"...

I'm so fucking ashamed my store sells that fucking garbage. Even customers will walk in and almost lose their eyeballs rolling their eyes so far back when they read the covers. Covers with intellectually honest titles such as "Corrupt Hillary finally totes mcgoats going to jail after 70983 identical covers like this one, we pinky swear!" This is like some next level TMZ cesspool shit and the sad part is people who genuinely read this shit have the audacity to utter the phrases "fake news" and "liberal propaganda".

Not just democrats, the media has to start calling this bullshit for what it is. They are still trying to be politically correct with their headlines which works to Trump's benefit.

T_D is just infested with fourteen year olds and foreigners who say shit like that to piss off mature adults. They need this drama and excitement that donald brings because they have nothing else in their lives, except maybe shitposting on 4chan too.

The news outlets were way too soft on him for that one. Should've been headlines in bold saying "NO EVIDENCE FOUND." Which makes it even more hilarious that he constantly complains about the media being mean to him. What a joke.

Every time I walk past one of those magazine displays I will pick up the top copy, pretend to look at it for a second, then put it back backwards. Propaganda doesn't work if you can't see it!

Better yet is that if he claims something like this, he needs to be punished for slander. You can't just say someone did something and try to ruin them and their credibility, then be completely wrong and not be accountable for it.

Grandpa is senile. Says crazy stuff and won't admit he's wrong. Time for assisted care. To crazy to work. Poor guy.

This is exactly what he's doing and his supporters are eating that shit up.

Many of his voters already basically did that with healthcare.

Business Insider had a great article about how Trump broke conservative media. It was from back in September but worth a read.

Fast forward to the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. To avoid being called a RINO (Republican in name only), a Republican would have to take a hardline conservative position on nearly every issue. If, say, they were to hold conservative positions on 90% of the issues, the conservative press would focus on the 10% where there was disagreement.

It appeared that, for conservative media, only one candidate could be conservative enough to support for president: Cruz.

But something went awry. The most aggressive right-wing members of the conservative press - the members who constantly lambasted certain Republicans for not toeing the hard-right line on every issue - got behind perhaps the most unlikely candidate of all: Donald Trump.

"America is a great place to make a living off an identity crisis. I mean, these guys just sold out to the highest bidder," said Rick Tyler, the former communications director for Cruz's presidential campaign. "If you're a conservative, you couldn't have possibly gotten on board with Trump. It's not reconcilable."

Trump's fanatic followers seem to work from the same type of mindset as doomsday cult followers. Trump promises that he'll have evidence to support his claims (Obama's birth certificate, Obama's wiretapping, etc.) and when nothing is presented he just pushes the date out and his followers reset their clocks. I'm honestly curious if some would kill themselves if Trump said it was necessary.

I'm still waiting for:

Trumps birth certificate reveal

Trumps wiretap claim reveal

Wikileaks big second dump on the CIA

James O'Keefes juicy follow up on his CNN story

James O'Keefes juicy follow up on paid protesters

Am I missing anything?

No shit. The idea came from a Briebart article

The base sees him as a demagogue now. One commenter on T_D referred to a bottle of water from Mar-A-Lago as "holy water" and said he'd never drink it, I shit you not.

Trump's taxes...

A real health assessment of Trump...

Proof he's actually divested from his businesses....

The presser he said Melania was going to have to clear up her immigration/visa/work issues...

Trump says all the sexual assault/harassment allegations were debunked but they weren't...

the ol' kick dirt in their eyes until they get tired of looking strategy, and at 70 he's still getting away with it.

Nope. Trump will attempt to bring America into a war by then.

Likely it will be North Korea, since it possesses the largest threat to the US by even Obama's own admission. Then once the war is underway, it will be a constant stream of:

"Why are you obsessing over these little things during wartime? You're supposed to support our president and our troops! What are you, un-American?"

Remember when Republicans said Al Gore was unfit to be President because of his "serial exaggerations"?

Ah good times.

Levin has already set up his paper tiger. Friday night he on this whole trip..."what? little ol' me? I'm just a radio guy. Why does anything think I have that much influence? Besides, I was just quoting the PARTISAN HACK LEFTIST MEDIA!"

And falsely accusing a former president of a felony.

Kids get expelled from school for less.

I just get my news from Trump. He shall not be questioned. Glory to our leader.

Didn't he once suggest that he wanted slander/libel laws strengthened because of all the things people accused him of during the election?

So he lied. Just say he fucking lied.

The first few times I saw links from there on /sub/all, I thought it must be satire. All caps, typos, grammatical errors, gibberish, link to a site well known for being garbage.

So of course I click the comments. I like a good satire. But every poster typed the same way. Is this the chuckle hut or the loony bin?

I still think at one point that sub was all a joke, until too many people too stupid to know they were being made fun of showed up and took it seriously.

They should pull the car over and give him something to cry about.

I wouldn't even smoke that orange cock.

Seriously question: what comes out of all this investigation? Impeachment? More evidence to impeach? Or just everyone validating Trump is crazy?

He's a 70+ yr old overweight baby. He's never been told no or been challenged before. When the media or anyone for that matter challenges him he cries that it's unfair. He says ridiculous things then cries unfair when people ask him for proof. He gets daily intelligence briefings yet quotes Fox news or conspiracy nuts as his source of information. Oh yah and he's president yet he has campaign rallies a month after taking office just so he can feel loved.

'This 70 year old obese man showing signs of narcissistic personality disorder and paranoid delusions, who is regularly up at 3 in the morning tweeting, is totes our healthiest president to date'.

He has enough to cry about: his wife doesn't love him, the fact that people Hate him compared to obama is killing him, his hands are small and his body is very tall for such small hands, he is not as rich as he claims he is, he is gonna go down as the worst president in history, he has money yet he won't lose weight, etc

My favourite is "Any negative polls are fake news".

Surely, SURELY, people cannot be THAT stupid to actually believe that is the case.

Basically the only refuge the Republicans have.

"The Democrats are the truly evil ones!"

propagandized conservative voters cheer

Don't compare the National Enquier to TMZ. Even if it is 90% idiotic, TMZ has broken legitimate news stories before. Plus even the garbage parts of TMZ are typically just stupid pictures of celebrities. They don't make up complete bullshit stories that have no basis in reality in order to sway the population into believing propaganda.

It's absurd how much time and effort is required to disprove an unsubstantiated claim from the president.

We also need to keep up the pressure on sessions the lying corrupt sack of shit needs to resign.

I think the quack doctor that claimed this mentally ill man is fit to be a world leader should be investigated. Seriously.

I think the most incredible thing about this whole event is that for all of Trump's short comings as President, the amount of damage he is doing to himself here is completely unnecessary, and would go away if the man could just admit to people that he is wrong and apologize for his actions. However that is against his very nature.

He has never been held accountable for his hyperbole and deception in a meaningful way because his business dealings are largely built on his own cult of personality, but now as POTUS everything he does is on the record and under a microscope. He can't escape from the stupid shit he says like normal. For him, to admit he was wrong is to show weakness, which is against the Trump Prime Directive.

This on top of the disastrous reception of the Trumpcare proposal, the travel ban being struck down a second time, half a dozen former staff having their names written with the word Russian in the same healine, purgey lips Sessions, milquetoast meeting with Merkel, inane press briefings, etc. etc. etc, and he chooses to make an international ass of himself because he can't handle being wrong. The dude is a 70yo manchild.

An impeachable offense is whatever Congress decides it is.

Can't he just keep doing this? As long as he can keep making shit up, he can publicly spew ridiculous claims that warrant investigation, dividing resources and energy. The general public won't be able to (and never has) stuck with one problem because it's too much to follow, and on the surface, the Russia thing just looks like another Trump moment.

Next week we could hear about how Trump thinks the UN is spying on Melania and it'll stir up just enough shit to get the public eye and some type of investigation. Unfortunately, since he's now the president, everything he says needs to be taken very seriously. We haven't had a president in recent history where we can't assume what he says is true, and now we all wish a fact checker was floating over his head 24/7

I've observed the New York Times particularly doing a better job with publishing headlines calling out his lies as "lies".

Proof of 3 million illegal votes for Clinton.

He doesn't lie like a politician. That's the difference. Politicians lie for reasons. Not that they are always rational, but usually when they are lying about something.

Trump lies because he's a pathological lying narcissist, who is a hard 70 and not nearly as sharp as he used to be.

It DnD I always make sure to carry pocket sand

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.

No fucking shit. The wiretap claim was a bullshit story he made up to distract people from Russia. And it worked like a charm.

Hilarious! I remember reading t_d the day he tweeted this and they were so hyped cause he wouldn't have tweeted this if he hadn't just found out something big. No darlings, he's just an idiot.

Well it's not an impeachable offense. It's not like he filed a fake police report.

He's intentionally trying to radicalice his base, while also discrediting intelligence agencies and media. He won't let go of his power without a fight.

I assure you, the people who believed the wiretap claim will still believe the next stupid bullshit he tweets.

Mmmm InfoWars, where you can learn that Obama is turning our frogs gay, the shadowmasters are poisoning us with chemtrails, and alien skin walkers want the UN to be strengthened. It's the only honest news source out there.

War with North Korea doesn't have enough domestic implications. War with an Islamic country would give him cover for mass surveillance, racial profiling, and possibly detention centers (camps).

History happens when something breaks a long exisiting trend.

Like when America elects a lying fraudster instead of a competent politician.

and taxpayer money

Usually when my smokes get about that length I just toss 'em.

There are politicians that lie and then there is Trump. Trump takes lying to a whole new level, even for a politician.

He does; just not if they apply to him.

/sub/madlad - i do the same ;)

you put it in quotes.

in trump world that can now mean anything you'd like it to.

"wiretap" = baseball

"wiretap" = pancakes

"wiretap" = Copenhagen

just put it in quotes!

The Republican Congress is investigating the Trump admin's Russia connections so, that's being taken care of covered up.

And they will continue to believe the wiretap claim.

Wow, even Nunes is backing away from this. Where does Spicer go from here?

Wonder why we're seeing this story today when hearings are not due to start until tomorrow...

The presser he said Melania was going to have to clear up her immigration/visa/work issues...

They've been cleared up. Melania overstayed her student visa in 1985. She also used that visa in an illegal manner to obtain employment as, shall we say, an "adult model".

By Trump's own recurring narrative, she should have to "go to the back of the line" and start over.

Mr. President, you can do the first smart thing in your lifetime by deporting Melania Trump and making her go through the proper channels for obtaining citizenship in the United States. Anything short of that is just lip service to the American people while viscerally satisfying the few idiots who remain your loyal, slavish, howler-monkeys.

This is how all Republicans are. From the dipshit at the top, to the lowly voter at the bottom: it's the Democrats' fault.

I have friends who laugh at me when I talk about the terrible legislation in the House and Senate. Every one of them says "the Democrats aren't going to let that happen."

They vote for people who promise to do terrible things, then expect the Democrats to stop it.

How much did it cost me in tax payer dollars so that we could find out this startling revelation?

Something didn't "happen" because there has been right leaning voters who had kept saying "I want someone who is an outsider." I heard this from all the 40+ people I talked to. Cruz was part of the "establishment" and it wasn't hard to see that Donny was too but they took a chance and gave Donny the benefit of the doubt.

The man who posted that comment was a fully grown adult, but I get what you're saying about the sub. Either way you slice it, it's a clear demonstration of how strong perception can be. They perceive Trump as a hero. This is really a problem of cognitive dissonance being used to divide us. I should stop before I go off on a rant here.

No point doing it at this stage.

For the non-Trump Fanatics, they already see though Trump's BS, they don't need to be told he is a liar.

For the Trump Fanatics, they won't listen and won't care about what a Democrat will say.

Best to save "liar" call til when the time is right, otherwise you will be calling him a liar every other day and the word will lose all meaning to the swing voters, the ones that actually matter.

So just keep on pointing out the facts and the contradiction for now, let the people make the connection themselves. Forming the view that he is lying internally. Then start calling him a liar when things are at a tipping point, to reinforce and remind people at that point.

Most likely they will not consider this an impeachable offense.

Mark my words, as soon as the investigation into Trump and Russia gets too hot for him, he will start a war with North Korea. Get ready kids, war is coming. Trump will do ANYTHING to keep from getting found out and looking bad.

To be fair, he skipped intelligence briefings because of his good brain.

Even when Trump decided to admit that Obama was born in the United States, he refused to apologize. He just said what a great public service he performed getting to the bottom of something everyone else already knew for a fact.

He just cannot admit fault. It's embarrassing.

The scary thing is they might not kill themselves, but they most certainly could be compelled to kill other people such as Muslims, Mexicans, or liberals.

Not being an american citizen, the thing that baffles me the most about Trump is his behaviour in general. His behaviour is totally unacceptable for a world leader, even more so the most powerful country in the world.

Even Bush kept the necessary public composure while being heavily criticized by the world media, hell, even when a shoe was thrown is his direction he acted the way you expect a world leader to act. But Trump, Jesus Christ, he acts like a teenager attacking the people who doesn't enjoy the same band as him.

I understand people supporting his ideas, but do these same people think this childish behaviour is appropriated for a world leader?

I would hope that if the Democrats take back Congress in 2018 that they bring perjury charges on Sessions

Glory to our leader.

So your solution is to just let him spout off anything he wants, to lead his supporters around with whatever conspiracy theory is benificial at the moment, and just ignore all of it? He's the President of The United States, and his words need to be held accountable. We need negative reinforcement.

The Enquirer (unfortunately) has broken legit stories in the past too. They scooped everyone on the John Edwards affair/love child scandal.

99% of what they publish is pure bullshit though.

And that’s his excuse anytime something like this happens (which is regularly at this point). Point to another person or news source and say “oh well that’s just the information I received.”

Regarding this story, he kept saying the NYT reported that Obama wiretapped him (not true, both that it happened and that the NYT reported it) which is especially funny given how he talks so much shit about the times.

...porque no los dos?

I thought there was a term for that. Something like slander or libel? Pretty sure Trump made a big deal about how he was going to make it easier to pursue those things legally.

Dr. Harold "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency," Bornstein

Hell, TD already looks like a home grown terrorist recruitment page.

But every poster typed the same way.

The real ones eventually mimic the bots and the paid ones.

So this goes back to a John Oliver segment. Where trump gets his briefings... past presidents listen to their advisors and have briefing meetings. Now we have a president who is being briefed by Fox News and britebart news.

So he just came out and said it was Fox News who gave him the info on the wiretapping and it's their fault

It's more contextual than literal. You just say what's in your squanch, and people understand.

Apparently, "wiretap" is the same part of speech as the words "smurf" or "squanch." You just plop it in any-old-where!


Why are we so concerned about Obama tapping phones? Trump can't even "wiretap" his front lawn with the intruder on it. (am I using that right Mr. Trump?)

Dude, gross, that's deeply inappropriate on a public forum!

You'd better check yourself before you squanch yourself.

Zero evidence SO FAR! We just haven't given the evidence yet. It's coming. Lots of interesting stuff we are hearing.

Edit: Jesus H people. I was joking and mocking Sean spicer.

Because he made it up. Everyone knew he made it up from the start.

Just like the phase 2 and 3 of the healthcare bill and Mexico's check for the wall. Everything is coming eventually. Just wait. This administration reminds of that deadbeat friend who's always just about to make good on that promise they made you months ago.

I, for one, am shocked.

Now that came as a complete surprise.......

I... I just can't tell anymore if you're serious or joking. Trumpies have officially proven poe's law.

I squanch you?

Because this is our world now. This is it.

This is too similar to that horrible Sacha baron Cohen movie, the dictator. Apparently, we can just aladeen wherever we want now as long as we don't aladeen on the aladeen. Am I right?

stupid right about meow

Oh God why

Too late.

Trump voters are already convinced.