Zaolzie Curse

Zaolzie Curse

It is 11th of November, which means Polish independence day!

After the WWI Poland and many other coutries gained independence from their past conquerors. As you can imagine, their opinins on where the future borders were to lay differed. So the very first thing most of them did was to relentlessly fight between themselves.

This comic is a simplyfied version of territorial dispute of Zaolzie (Zaolší in Czech I guess). If you want to read about it with more detail, here.

I wanted to link my previous comics I made for the independence day, but they I though "Hey, why not like everything?". So I did. Here are my solo comics, and here are my collaborations.

For the mods: I gave the Zaolzie flag made out from coat of arms of Duchy of Teschen that existed in more or less the same spot.

Ah, fairies and the League of Nations... one was a naive story told to comfort people that their dreams could be realized with unexplained power, and the other one had wings!

"plox not in my capital!" my sides

I like how Zaolzie's expression never changes at all throughout the comic. It's like he's given up on hope.

A few years later

Soviet Union dissolves

The Zaolzie Curse strikes again!

Ahh, the days when Poland was a regional power...

Happy independence day!

Poor Zaolzie, he only wants to be loved

What makes it look even worse to me is that Czechoslovakia was the only democracy in the region. So even if Poland wasn't Nazi, they really can't appear to be the good guy in this dispute to me.

Not to mention how this whole dispute ruined our reputation because it was soo easy to say afterward "Hey look this Poland dude cooperate with the Nazis!".

In reality though, Poland was not the only one in conflict. While Poland was fighting the Bolsheviks, we were attacked by Triannon-reversing Hungary.

Edit: To be fair, the Treaty of Triannon happened only after the conflict, although the borders of post WW1 Hungary were more or less the same prior to it.

Sure, that's why the April Constitution made the President responsible only before God and history.

HAPPY POLISH INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! I'm really disappointed that nobody made an special event on front page to celebrate this national holiday.

"We've got a democracy, the president is elected democratically." "Cool, who did he beat in the last elections?" "Oh, it was only him."

What's so bad about Norway?