Yuri Snapchat Lens is now live!

Yuri Snapchat Lens is now live!

Monika is a snapchat admin and she doesn't approve.

IMPORTANT Snapchat took this lens down and I’m working to try and get it back up.

Apparently it broke the community guidelines...

Unfortunately they are super vague about what is wrong with it so I will edit this comment if it comes back up

Aha honestly though. If they were both taken down due to copyright I’d sorta get it but the Monika lens is still doing totally fine... and that one includes a song from the game when you tap her.

Since Yuri was requested the most she now has her own lens!

Link to instantly add: https://www.snapchat.com/unlock/?type=SNAPCODE&uuid=76E6B42FBEC44A9B8C718DE579433C6B&metadata=01

Link to my previous lens of Monika

(in the comments of the Monika post there if an explanation of how to use snap lenses)

If you would like to see more Doki Doki Lenses feel free to let me know!


I never use snap chat anymore...

But I might just for Yuri <3

I only I had Snapchat...

I want a Snapchat filter where I can hang with Sayori whenever I want.

Is there one for Natsuki (best girl)

You have graced us with a gift. I thank you...

Enjoy your “reading” privately.

Somewhere private ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Where would you two read?

This is great! Thank you for taking the time!

Yeah i started using it again just cause of these

This is the best thing ever thank uuuu