Yup. That would explain it.

Yup. That would explain it.

They know they're fucked.

We are pinning an awful lot of our hopes on the IG report.

Hopefully Huber has the balls that Sessions seems to lack. Because an IG report means nothing if no Attorneys General press charges. Charges mean nothing if they don’t win cases. Winning cases means nothing if judges won’t give proper sentences.

There’s a shitload of swamp left to slog through even after the IG report comes out, even if it’s the most amazing exposé of corruption ever written.

Don't even waste your time reading the article. It's nothing more than: "Nothing to see here. There was no bias. Trust us."

Its basically the agents involved in the spying giving statements about their own actions.

The NYT employs stenographers, not reporters.

Well thankfully the NY AG is gone now. Hopefully that will clear a path to prosecuting state crimes?

I heard a prosecutorial turn of phrase recently, can't remember where, but it was that a good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. That's kind of a known phrase, but the underlying idea is that a good prosecutor can target easy-to-prosecute crimes; like misdemeanors. So I don't want to try killing the suspense or anything, but I think people nshould be ready to see some of the larger crimes either overlooked and/or not brought forth into an airtight case in a near horizon.

The failing New York Times

attempting to mitigate the damage

Well this isn’t being done in NY.

Having a legit AG in NY hopefully means Huma and Hillary get indicted for whatever is on Weiner’s laptop.

Supposedly the IG is running his investigation in tandem with AG Huber in Utah.

There is just no excuse for a police agency to be using spies on an opposing political campaign. It is banana republic shit.

Mark Levin read article word for word on his radio show & eviscerated this article.

Mr. Trump

Do they think that by not calling him President Trump at some point they’ll merge our universe with an alternate one where he isn’t President?

Tbh I don’t even care about Hillary. She’s a laughing stock at this point, and almost dead anyway.

I care more about the fuckers who are currently still in government, still running a failing coup against the President. I want to see Schumer, Rosenstein, Mueller, Strzok, Pelosi, Swalwell, Comey, Brennan, shitbags like that who need to fry in the electric chair before they do more damage to the country.

The IG report will simply be a collection of facts and evidence. It will offer no opinions, other than the recorded opinions of the subjects and witnesses. Every line in the report will be double checked and linked to the original evidence.

So Horowitz can only inject his narrative into it based on what facts he highlights. The report is a tool, chock full of substantiated evidence, that should be immediately handed off to Huber.

This feeble attempt at a controlled demolition will only serve to connect more dots for our side. Thanks for playing 👍🏼

This is all so when the story hits and they don't cover it, they can say that they've already reported on it.

I care. She’s touring the world in a body brace being invited to spread propaganda to the sea lion women and soys who are still arf arf arfing like she hasn’t literally had humans murdered and also drinks baby blood to show the Rothchilds she hasn’t dissented. No thanks.

Mr. Trump?


Odds are high of the next NY AG being swampy.

"It was for the good of the country"

I hope part of the historical record decades from now talks about "Trump derangement Syndrome" or whatever it becomes clinically labelled.

It's like the 90s dotcoms or 2008 housing bubble before the crashes: Everyone knows it what they're doing is wrong but greed and hate drive them past the edge of rational/responsible behavior to point where the ends really do justify the means for them.


Tammany Hall had nothing on these assholes.

Like my wife when she puts on a new outfit...”oh I’ve had that for awhile.” Meaning- I bought this 2 months ago and am just now wearing it.