YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind

This is the day. I just realized that I am now completely out of touch with the "new" generation.

In my honest opinion, it gets worse every year

This is one of the worst videos on youtube, it highlights the most generic content on the platform and jerks its self off to such an obnoxious level.

This was the worst year for youtube creators and they have the balls to pretend everything is hunky dory.

No pewdiepie in a Nazi uniform? 2/10

You know, I thought I spent a lot of time on YouTube, but I barely recognize any of these people.

Meme of the year, Big Shaq, gets less than a second screen time. Travesty.

Every year I only recognize a handful of people in the video, and they always fail to include the people I watch

I miss when you could recognize most of the people in the video and it highlighted viral videos from that year now its just fidget spinners, the paul brothers and for some reason they made half the video about the shooting stars meme, 10/10 not cringey

This year was awful for YouTube as a whole with Elsagate and the Adpocalypse, I’m not surprised there weren’t many trends people care about in the video

This was like ADHD The Movie.

No dude, you’re not out of touch with the new generation, YouTube is. So many youtubers have huge audiences and YouTube doesn’t include them because they enjoy their cut and pasted vlog/sketch/fashion youtubers and hate anyone with any sort of controversial content. I’m sure that all the people in the rewind are fairly large youtubers with fine content, but it’s literally only one type of YouTuber on such a diverse platform. There are plenty of people in the “new” generation who enjoy other content, but YouTube chooses not to recognize them.

The entire time I expected the people i know to show up, all i got was fucking jake paul.

Video should have ended with a "I'm sorry, this video has been flagged and is now in restricted mode"

Liked the gravestone for All Star




Looking forward to 2035 lol

Wow. That kinda sucked, it has way too many jumpcuts, which makes it hard to identify the actual Youtubers. Thumbs down if you ask me.

Yep, this is how it is every year, and they even failed to include PewDiePie, king of YouTube.

Youtube has become a child platform

Loads of the channels featured this year aren't from English speaking countries. I'd be pretty surprised if the average redditor, being English speakers, knew much about many of the biggest channels in South America (or wherever). I mean, HolaSoyGerman is second only to PewDiePie on the whole website and I'd be willing to bet that most people on reddit couldn't name that guy!

I barely *don't recognize any of these people.

And the award for the most cringeworthy YouTube video goes to....


Well, what does the fox say (2013 Rewind) was a pretty cringey meme as well. What I’m annoyed at is the fact that everyone they include is a pandering, inoffensive YouTuber who has no grain of original thought and just makes trendy videos for kids.

Man, if it wasn't for Philly D I'd be on exactly the same boat. Is this who everyone watches nowadays? I mean, I'm 20 and I feel like it's past my generation or something, I dunno


Was waiting on them to show up! Kinda glad they didn't associate themselves with this though.

I hate how he was one of the only people I recognized

Nope, shooting stars was just early, early 2017.

To be fair, the meme probably came out around the time they started shooting the Rewind

YouTube as a whole is just shifting away from what it used to be more and more as businesses and vine stars take over.

Not even 5 years ago the main content being made was let's plays, original skits and animations, or comedy centric videos with friends. Now the main content on YouTube is Vlogs, music videos and late night shows and clips of daytime tv.

Now this isn't to say the new direction is bad it's not it's just uncreative, YouTube used to be about the creators and now it's about the companies.

I'm honestly surprised they excluded the Streamy Show of the Year winner. Granted, it may have been a decision on their part to not be included in this cluster fuck.

It's a montage of all the things I wished to forget about 2017.

(except for big shaq)

Stick a fork in YouTube. It’s done. That was terrible.

planking was not 2017 at all. And I thought shooting stars was a 2016 thing?

The fact that they use Colbert to frame the entire video really shows how the creators and alternative media in general are being supplanted by old corporate media. YT is no longer a platform for creators, it's just another web player for NBC/CBS/etc.

Philly d made it!

Jacksfilms as well for me

This one was their best one.

It was for the 10 years of youtube.

How did you recognize 13 of them?!

No thanks, I'll just wait for Dunkey's to come out instead.

Really? Let's be completely honest here, a video like this doesn't get made in a week. It's probably been several months of production and Big Shaq has barely 2 months since it came out. Just managing to add him into the middle of the video is fantastic.

Atleast now Rhett and Link are wearing some normal clothes

I've actually heard of HolaSoyGerman, but only on Wikipedia because of his massive sub count. I think a lot of the people from this video are either washed-up Viners or lucky motherfuckers that made YouTube Trending once.

Do you think this will get demonetized?

honestly the 2013 video a trillion times better than this steamer and like you said most of the video highlights the fox song. yeah you can definitely tell who YouTube's target audience is after watching this.

This is good because it actually shows the videos or replicates them. The 2017 version is just a new shitty youtube music video using popular youtubers as actors.

People forget how fucking huge youtube has become. If someone made one of these from ALL movies from 2017, I guarantee the average person is like who the fuck are beside The Rock and the Superheros?

I don't expect Reddit to recognize many people besides iDubzz and H3H3...

And what's the target demographic? I'm 16 and knew like 5 people and out of that only watch 2 of them.

If someone could edit that in it would be a significant improvement.

I'll just wait for Google's end of the year video. There's is usually a lot more evocative

Edit: poignant to evocative

people who never miss a youtube rewind :

1) lily singh 2) ksi 3) rhet and link

I love when these get posted to reddit. Every year they say they have no idea who any of these people are. Reddit and Youtube's demographic is vastly different

Honestly, the credit sequence with the animators was the best part of the video.

Well, that was pretty shit huh

I am surprised Extra Credits got into the video. They make videos about gaming industry and history.

At least Extra Credits got to be in the credits/animation channels part.

It does and doesn't surprise me that they left out Pewdiepie this year...

Hey they work for Emmy Nominated Tesla Owner Burnie Burns.

Honestly lmao

Same thing last year... cmon guys.

Streamy Award Winners Sugar Pine 7**

Tell me about it. I'm a gamer, so I watch lots of gaming YouTube channels. This is only my first watch of the video, but I didn't see a single gamer (at least, not one that I know of) there.

I think the Slow Mo Guys have also been in each one.

tbh i have zero recollection of past youtube rewinds so it's always a surprise when the new one comes out and it's awful.

Planking was on the dead meme graveyard

Was also hoping for we are number one. Since it was still popular december 2016/ January 2017. Am disappointed.

that meme literally saved a man's life, it's ridiculous they didn't even reference it

i tried to watch it in .25 speed and even then it was hard to make out who was who, i had to keep re winding (haha) it

Yeah but that got featured on Swish Swish so it's deader than dead now.

I don't even think YouTube would be able to get in contact with YouTube Support to sort it out.

That list isn't as big as it might seem once you cut out all the VEVO music, toy, top 10, abandoned and no longer relevant channels. Machinima has 12 million subscribers and most of their videos get less than 100,000 views.

it's weird. I mean, it's obvious that LOTS of kids use youtube, but for an older or not even that, a more deeply informed/interested audience there's still a lot of good stuff out there - but apparently great channels like smarter every day pale in comparison to these lowest common denominator videos, so much so that not a single one was represented in this clip.

Mind boggling.

The Slow-Mo Guys (including Gavin from AH) were in it for like a second

Dont worry /u/Enartloc is probably part of the master demographic. You know the one that definitely watches all the ads. One that has a high enough IQ to understand the subtle irony present in his favourite content creators videos (probably Idubbz and Rick and Morty). One that provides thought-provoking comments to facilitate intelligent discourse ("When I was 13 music was good, now it is all just Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang...").

How will Youtube survive when advertisers learn that the "master demographic" is flocking en-masse to other platforms?

I recognized a grand total of 13 people, seriously where are all these other youtubers coming from?!

Jacksfilms's "Youtube Rewind 2017 predictions"

2013 was still kind of self aware and not overly corporate garbage yet though. I mean it was cringy, but an innocent kind of cringy.

This is just... sad.

There are thousands and thousands of YouTubers with over millions of subs. No shit you won't recognize most of them. No one does. Not everyone knows all of these guys and no one has to. It's not about getting older, it's about being ignorant and since no one you recognized is up there you want to justify it by saying YouTube is out of touch or that you're getting old.

The classic "Does anybody else feel old" just because you don't get a certain reference or have the same interests. You people want to feel old for some reason and it's fucking stupid.

As of this comment, there are 4106 youtuber channels with over 1 million subscribers

I am so damn tired of that song.

Edit: meant Despacito, but I'll throw Ed Sheeran in there too.

Edit 2: Why was "All Star" included?

Edit 3: Fidget spinners. we get it. They just keep showing them. Also, screw Jake Paul.

Edit 4: I liked the part about the disasters and people pulling together, but then it goes straight to a paint fight. This is weird.

Edit 5: Wasn't planking several years ago?

I literally spend hours every day watching youtube (no cable) and i recognized less than 10% of those people

Despacito was Summer 2017 and as currently the most watched video on the site it has every right to appear in the video but shooting stars was like Janiary or February, and I also thought that it was late 2016 or something

Im a young teenager and I dont know who the fuck most of these people are wtf

To me it just felt a little over edited, and in general was more cringe to watch than anything.

Am I out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong

This looked like a trailer to the actual rewind.

YouTube blocks out all YouTubers that they don't consider to be "family friendly" and promotes the ones that support their political agenda. They're basically the fascists of the internet.

And they've also casted famous actor James Allen Mccune.

Or maybe you get a year older from being in the target demographic.

Exactly right.

Loads of the channels featured this year aren't from English speaking countries. I'd be pretty surprised if the average redditor, being English speakers, knew much about many of the biggest channels in South America, for example!

Porta dos Fundos is a huge channel, up there with some of the biggest channels as a whole outside of music channels, and HolaSoyGerman is second only to PewDiePie on the whole website!

And yet I think a lot of people on here wouldn't have a clue that either of those channels existed.

Only noteworthy people in the video this year is Shaq and Poppy.


You want to feel sadness and regret?

I just wanted Ethan and Hila and was disappointed :(

Youtube's demographic has gone to shit last few years.

What? Their demographic has gone to shit? What does that even mean?

I just don't understand how YouTube consistently shits on some of its greatest content producers and then shamelessly gives the Paul bros centre stage in this video. Jake is notorious for harassing his neighbourhood and, if the rumours are true, harassing members of "Team 10". Maybe it's a money thing, I don't know. But to go and give someone so shitty time on a video that is supposed to highlight the content on YouTube is beyond me.


Sucks that casually explained didn't make it.

It was definitely a late addition. They most likely just stuck him in front of a green screen and managed to fit him into a semi relevant part.


I assumed it was there to celebrate "dead memes" and whatnot, as the graves were marked with things like Harlem Shake.

But he’s still the number one youtuber it just shows how flawed it is as a mainstream platform.

That moment when YouTube throws so many non main stream content creators in the Rewind all you end up recognizing is the black British meme guy, Keem's shitty voice over, Philip DeFranco in fucking overalls, the cancer Paul brothers, Rhett and Link, and bloody Steven Colbert.

Outta hundreds of creators supposedly pushing the limits of creativity and gaining huge followings these smucks are all I recognized? One is a god damn late night show for fucks sake.

Jesus YouTube, can you be any more disconnected from your platform and what makes it unique and special? Not forced shooting star memes and pitiful self awareness attempts, no what makes it special are the people, and you obviously leave the ones that matter out.