Your turn Chipsa

me (missing a headshot with mccree after i flashbang): i could do that


Damn, I can't wait to try this at home and lose the game for my team! :D

It always looks easier in the gifs doesn't it? If only.

Just gimme like 2 minutes to charge my ult first

"Oh nice he got them but he's just gonna fall off and di- OH WOW"

I can already see all of the "Daily Overwatch Moments" channels posting this clip on their YT tomorrow.

Here's Chipsa's reaction:

That's one way to deal with a Pharah Mercy combo.

this can never be topped for me

All the way in beta and I still have yet to see someone top the absolute mastery of control.

Pine's play looks so easy, it flows without skipping a beat. Of course, not at all like it is when you try it.

Team: Can someone take care of that pharah mercy combo up top?

Doomfist: Yeah, Im on it


Best highlight I've seen on this subreddit.


You know what I noticed about Pine that's going to influence not just my McCree but every hero is, he empties his clip. I reload the moment I get the chance but Pine just fires away and reloads naturally more often than not and I think there's value in that.

Reloading gets my Sombra killed with some frequency but I haven't really given it a ton of thought until Pine exploded onto the scene.

Thanks cod for helping me form a habit of reloading almost instantly.

Next patch notes: removed bug that allowed Doomfist to get to unintended locations on Lijiang Tower

.000001% doomfist play!!!!

Nah, call it Pharmacy, because they're distributing medication to everyone.


HI guys please call it PharMercy thanks

I'm going to use this one in chat.

jumping is generally a bad idea because it makes your movement very predictable due to the lack of air strafing in this game, on top of the fact that it makes it more difficult for you to aim. so it's a lose-lose. a target that is grounded and ADAD strafing is significantly harder to hit than a jumping one

"Hey guys they have a reaper, can someone go winston?"

cod is also the reason why everyone has the terrible habit of jumping constantly. surprised i haven't seen anyone try to dropshot yet lol


At first I was all "lol nice job wasting your ult killing the roof doomfist" Then I thought "what sorcery do I need to embrace to gain this sort of positional awareness and aim doomfist?"

When someone instalocks tracer and you end up getting your ult faster than them as a tank always feels bad

But if you can do this, it will be godly. I am going to try this in quick play too :)

This some edge of the map smash bros type shit

1m IQ!!

i like your team. they were all dealing with the pharah mercy problem together instead of just the 76

Well, rein gets earthshatter in like 10 seconds.



Don't go ADAD in the same pattern. Hold A for a half second, then D for a quarter, or something like that. If they can't predict your strafing it's much harder to predict and track.


You had the high ground.

A lot of people do that tho, they almost never reload unless they are out of bullets, meantime i reload whenever there's 2 sec of dpwntime

You made him sleepy!

I love the Seoul Dynasty spray, it feels like it’s signifying, “Yeah I’m about to pop off/make a nutty play, what are you gonna do to stop me?” and also reminds me of when Miro primal raged a pharah and got back.

Perfect spray for a nutty play.

Miro ladies and gentlemen:

If I see you in comp trying this...... I’ll ....... guess I can only report you

Doomfist surely takes the mantle from genji as hardest hero to master right? He's fucking wacky in the right hands and in the wrong hands you may as well be sitting in spawn.

I cant even imagine what they were thinking when they got killed and then when they saw that kill cam.

I forgot the laugh in that video, started laughing myself, then the max volume laugh came on. I need new pants

Omg. I can't imagine that he planned that. OW just totally ratted him out to everyone.

Junkrat can get it just after the reds leave spawn.

What makes this a terrible habit? Also, I never played COD, but I grew up on the old arena shooters.

It helps that the rest of the enemy team isn't really around shooting back.

Edgeguarding 101

I've started ADAD strafing and they all still land their shots. :/

Do they charge for that service? I heard cancer meds were expensive.


This is a good point. But only good reins with really good heals will get his earthshatter in 10 seconds. Tracer is usually the easiest/fastest ult to charge imo. Put 3-4 clips into a hog and you basically have your ult lmao

If they’re anything like me then they just mashed in the button to skip it out of anger.

If you can’t try crazy shit every once in a while then what was the point of it all?

... milli?

can confirm, in spawn you at least don't give ult charge

The fact that I’m jealous of people who can just get a hit after a flashbang says a lot about me

The fact people can flashbang and not have it somehow go 2 inches in front of their face and not fucking flashbang them, while when I get flashbanged from the third goddamn story it makes me die inside.

Edit: my brains rattled from all the flashbangs.

"What 1000 hours of playing Doomfist looks like" Everytime.

Maybe, but I never really noticed - I think I must have watched Pine clips a bit much scouring them for lessons (haha). If he's out of targets, he empties out just firing downrange at distant targets that he couldn't possibly be doing appreciable damage to - but he's still doing damage and that means something, especially when you yourself aren't really in danger and can take that time.


... meter?

Try clicking on the link provided

You sound like someone no one likes playing games with.

damaging targets you cant kill and where you arent gaining anything is just charging healer ults on the other team. you have to make that decision.

I just laugh at myself and promise I won't do that again to myself. Lie to myself

Yea, I do that too.

What, you mean to imply that bullets from a half empty magazine don't just magically reappear in your pocket when you reload? Nonsense!

I thought he was trying to hide his ult circle to bait them into coming close (or something silly like that.) Nope, he just decided to go aerial combat

Play games with realistic magazine mechanics like Arma to help you get rid of those habits.

Hold my Beer

It's also charging your ult though, so I guess it's not a total loss ult wise

Circle isn’t visible until df activates ult

he protects, he attacks , must importantly how did he get back?

Rather this than some fake overblown bs reaction. It was an incredible play but nothing to start screaming about.

Halo is more responsible for jumping than CoD. It's funny because jumping is an awful strategy in Halo, since characters are so floaty it actually makes it easier to land shots when the enemy jumps.

Your comment about genji makes me feel a lot better about not being able to do well as genji.

I reload on Dva. It's not healthy.

Speaking of roadhog, doesn't he get his ult pretty fast too if he's using his E a lot? Of course this can mean he's being an ult charge for the enemy team but point still stands of his E charges his ult quickly?


Estimated time: 7 seconds


Anti-Aircraft Doomfist

I rarely jumped in CoD. I got that habit from Unreal Tournament.

It makes you predictable for lining up shots. You can't quickly change your momentum once in the air.

They literally said they were going to try it in quick play.

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the only way those heroes can change their momentum is by locking themselves into an even longer even more predictable pattern, except for sombra's tp and pharah's jetpack, kinda.

not sure if this is a reaper joke or just a regular joke

Nope. Obi-wan


I wasn't sure I'd seen the video before. Then came the laugh. What a classic.

Why? He's a really hard hero to play, you gotta respect plays like this.

We sure have come a long way from a 3 man DVA bomb with an emote after.

This makes me cry inside for the poor birdies. :(

I cannot stand Doomfist these days.