Your favorite drugs [pic]

Your favorite drugs [pic]

And caffeine. Of course, if you throw those in, everything else would barely rate.

It isn't a usage chart, it compares what "law enforcement officials said were posing the greatest danger to their communities." If caffeine made in on here, I would have to question the thought process of the LEO.

Alcohol should be on here, and probably should comsume a large part of it. However, I'm sure they were limited to scheduled controlled substances (either by the questionnaire or by in-the-box thinking).

That is a nice graphic; but I think it is misleading or will be misused. These are drugs deemed to be a problem by 'local law enforcement', not scientifically studied effects on a region. It would be refreshing to see the effects of various drugs on social productivity. Some metrics could include, salary, education, violent crime rate, charity work, etc. and compare these numbers against samples of non-drug users.

New England - always just that right balance of everything

Glad that's working out for you nicely then. I'm not a teetotaler and I love life too. Does that mean that life is better with drugs cause I said so?

It just has a strong enough lobby it hasn't been deemed "illegal". Plus that whole "prohibition" experiment thing; it only fails to apply to liquids, not solids.

There's some good science behind that!

They didn't; perhaps you should get checked for colorblindness or fix your monitor?

Blue, yellow, pink, red, white.

That's fair. I misread about caffeine. Even laying that aside, alcohol's place on the chart would beggar all the illegals combined.

No worries, I went into the picture with the same preconception you had. I think the title is misleading. These aren't "Our favorite drugs", these are LEO's least favorite. (note: nothing against the submitter, it is the title from the chart)

I'd like to see one where it's by number of arrests. I'm betting the "Marijuana" band will be disproportionately larger.