Young woman allegedly tortured so badly police thought she was dead

Young woman allegedly tortured so badly police thought she was dead

There are so many sadists in this world, it never stops being horrifying.

Her boyfriend is one of the perpetrators. I'll bet you the motive is the same one we've unfortunately seen time and time again: She wanted out, he didn't agree. They parted ways, he came back, accused her of cheating on him, even though they weren't together anymore, and tortured her as punishment. We've seen this before. It's happened many times to many women before. Anyone remember the Christy Mack/War Machine case?

Defence solicitor Remy Kurz said his client (Jeromy Lee Harris) was not charged with inflicting any of the woman’s injuries and was simply an “accessory after the fact”.

Nothing simple about this. Glad he wasn't released on bail.

First thing that came to my mind was the murder of Kelly Anne Bates. Some people truly are monsters.

At least this girl survived, and might have the opportunity to live a full life if she can recover from this physically or mentally

Junko Furuta seriously NSFL. FYI the Wikipedia page is far less graphic.

Edit: incase you don't heed my warning.





Yeah, and the perpetrators are no longer in jail... The leader had been released, sent back for 7 years because of another crime and is now out again.

They were even tried as adults. While I think the American legal system is fucked and sentences are generally too high, this is definitely too far on the other end of the spectrum.

From the sound of the article, it's like the lawyer is trying to say "well yeah, she being held in my client's house and she was horrifically burned and tortured and gangrenous but my client had no idea about any of it."

This makes no sense to anyone, probably not even the lawyer. But he's aiming for it anyway because what his client has done is completely indefensible but he has a job to do.

Jesus Christ, this is awful. Is there any indication of motive?

Or did I miss in the article?

Jesus fuck. I can't even finish this article I'm so disturbed by it. That poor poor woman.

Actually lawyers try to put up very good defenses for people who have committed horrific crimes. A flimsy case makes it easier to appeal a conviction.

Why the fuck did I look that up!? Jesus

"How do I uphold my duty to defend a man guilty of an absolutely monstrous act while also making it so flimsy there's no way he'll be let off."

While I think the American legal system is fucked and sentences are generally too high, this is definitely too far on the other end of the spectrum.

This is an issue in America too though. We'll give drug dealers longer sentences than we'll give violent rapist if the drug dealer seems like "thug" and the rapist (much like the kids in this case) is a "good boy" with wealthy parents.

They're out?? What the fuck, that's crazy. The public is in danger. Their justice system is fucked if they let people like that out. Ever.

There aren't even words for this, there just aren't. It sounds like she was rotting from head to toe while still alive. It's insane. It would be inbelievable if she makes a recovery. How do you even get justice for this sort of thing? What could ever be enough?

It's not just America. I'm in Europe and my country has recently given a 4 year jail time to two men who have gang raped a woman and beaten her within an inch of her life. My brother got more for drug dealing on that same year.

He had to drug her, so she obviously couldn't be persuaded to be with him, even for a second.

This happened to me. Not to the level of Christy Mack or this woman. But your comment was like...woah...literally exactly what happened to me. It's so sad and makes me want to cry. It's awful to go through something like this. Just so awful. What happened to me was almost 10 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I'm still in PTSD counseling for it. And still can't be around pools or take baths because the memory of him trying to drown me is still too fresh. I just...don't even think I can bring myself to click on this article. So fucking horrible.

It was as if he deliberately disfigured her

No shit.

There is also the story if japanese cannibal who killed while he was abroad . He got extradited back to Japan but since there was no legal prescedent he was released . He even made a comic of what he did , and books . There is interview on YouTube

You can't punish the perpetrators sufficiently, even if the state sanctioned torture against them. But maybe we can start a campaign to identify worrisome traits that will help women identify men who may want to abuse them. We can reach out to men who may not know that this kind of sickness is brewing in them until it's too late. We can emphasize the need for comprehensive mental health support programs.

Horrible human. I hope both of them got the punishment they deserved.

And tank your career. If the guys guilty and the police have done their job theres probably not a lot the lawyer can do. Why risk the conviction and your career for something thats likely going to happen anyway?

The punishment they deserve would be considered cruel and unusual. Hopefully they get the next best thing.

an interview

Well now I'm mad, I just looked up about he "activism". She was talking about she's the most "marginalized" people on the planet. Oh I'm sorry maybe if you raped and tortured someone to death over weeks you deserve to be a little bit marginalized. The fact that she is even free to give that interview makes me mad.

Her involvement in the high-profile case was the subject of a 1995 article in Psychology Today magazine. As noted in the Psychology Today article, when asked about forcibly sodomizing the victim with a three foot steel pole, one of Hylton's accomplices replied: 'He was a homo anyway.'

Yeah I wouldn't go around saying who is and isn't "marginalized". Also why the fuck is the women's march putting up a convicted rapis to speak about how she's a victim?

Or they could just put a bullet into their heads as save everyone the waste of time. That kind of fucked up isn't something you let go.

They shouldn't even be allowed to live. There's no fixing that kind of fucked up.

Disgusting. How can humans do these things to each other.

The hole in the side of the head and the chemical burns are VERY interesting from a forensic perspective.

While these injuries are horrible and painful this is not the first time they've happened. I believe it was Jeffrey Dahmer who did something similar back in the states. (Basing this off of a year of advanced forensic psych classes.)

His reasoning was this: he tried to drill a hole in his victims head and then poor a chemical solution into the hole in the hopes that it would make the victim brain-dead/compliant without losing consciousness.

He was trying to turn women into literal sex slaves. Of course it didn't really work, as his victims all eventually died from their injuries... but I find it very difficult to believe this wasn't a similar attempt. How it's described sounds like they may have been inspired or at least interested in the work of other Killers.

Edit: may have been Ted Bundy, checking my study notes now lol

Edit 2: I was right it was Dahmer, but his victims were men. Same premise tho

And shot a porno where they told the female performer afterwards who he was and what he'd done. That was fucked.

There was a case in Canada

And the DC Women's march featured a woman who helped torture a man over a period of weeks until he died.

I think probably a person's experience in early grade school is instructive. This is humanity. Most people just want to throw the paint around. But some of them are insane and will try to eat you, and then you won't see them again.

Keep up with the counseling. It will get better.

There's a book I'd recommend,

US title:

Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal by

Belleruth Naparstek


PTSD has become a blanket term to cover several responses such as flashback, DPDR, acute stress response/fight or flight, hypervigilance, and a set of coping mechanisms such as avoidance, cognitive distraction, and drinking or drug use.

When someone experiences an extreme trauma, distress, or something so weird it can't be processed often it'll replay in their mind over and over at a later date.

The mind is looking for solutions, trying to find a fix or an answer. Only there isn't any for something in the past. Its a survival mechanism ironically. To learn from the past to prevent future repeats, only for most extreme trauma like war, rape, abduction, divorce, there is no real solution.

It's a torture you relive over and over, that's a flashback and a symptom of PTSD that usually passes with time for most. If it doesn't pass, or anxiety or depression continues to trouble an individual there a several help lines 24/7 that are worth calling even if its "not that bad."

As a veteran I thought I had already come a long way before I started CBT imagery to reprogram the flashbacks. Exposure therapy didn't work for me, and your mind can justify stress, avoidance, over achieving at work, and several other unhelpful coping mechanisms as good enough.

I used many tools including CBT, meditation, imagery, as well as the professional assistance of several psychologists. Some weren't a good fit for me, some therapies made things worse. Just keep looking for a way to heal. Never give up.

Professional help is important but so is researching and finding the treatment that works for you. There's help out there and you can find it.

So we've come to the conclusion that the westernized world (japan is westernized) has an issue with treating drug dealers worse than they should and violent rapists like priveleged members of society.

All of Dahmer's victims were men.

We can emphasize the need for comprehensive mental health support programs.

mental support programs for men? good luck getting that to happen.

they can't even take care of men that are victims, much less help the perpetrators

seriously NSFL

how bad could it actually be? I've got a pretty strong stomach. I used to work in a medical examiner' office

Could not finish the article. I'm sorry I doubted you.

The following injuries were found on Bates' body:

Scalding to her buttocks and left leg

Burns on her thigh caused by the application of a hot iron

A fractured arm

Multiple stab wounds caused by knives, forks and scissors

Stab wounds inside her mouth

Crush injuries to both hands

Mutilation of her ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth, lips and genitalia

Wounds caused by a spade and pruning shears

Both eyes gouged out

Later stab wounds to the empty eye sockets

Partial scalping

"A small, human-sized object..."


People like this should be sold on a global market to medical research firms to be used in place of those poor bunnies and monkeys.

I think the saddest part of any of this is that we could literally sit here for days referencing humans who faced the pits of hell through torture.

I hope for her sake she was. :(

Yes. The worst part is their record low crime rate is a horrible lie due to under reporting by the police in the interest of appearances (it's a cultural thing). In that same vein, they are known to arrest scapegoats resulting in wrongful convictions when they're under public pressure to solve high profile crimes.

Why did they even let that woman speak??

A few weeks ago someone posted a comic based off the story of a woman who kidnapped and enslaved as a "comfort girl" to Japanese soldiers during WW2(?). Like you I thought I had a strong stomach. Junko Furuta was the worst I'd read until this which is just about on par for me. The scene with what they did to the girls who refused to take some arbitrary number of men that day absolutely haunted me.

Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire pedophile sex slaver, was convicted for child rape, and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Of which, he only had to spend an hour a day in due to "work reasons".

Edit: Mis-remembered. He was given a completely vacant prison block, and was allowed to leave six days a week, for 16 hours each day.


Well we need to get people to realize that men are also the victims of oppressive, patriarchal gender roles. We're expected to be good providers, show no emotion, be in control of not just ourselves, but our spouses...just because those on top are all men doesn't mean that men who aren't don't suffer with everyone else.

Kinda reminds me of Se7en...

Having both your eyes gouged out and then being stabbed in your now empty eye sockets sounds pretty freaking horrible to me

There are even pictures. I don't understand why they were even offered a plea deal. Especially since that one dude bragged about it in prison and upon his release kept committing violent crimes.

If that was my daughter, I would legit kidnap him and torture him. I don't know how you can move on knowing that happened to your kid. It would break me and I would get my revenge as payment.

Holy shit is Japan's criminal system hot trash. How do does monsters only get a few years for what they did?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I wiped the tears from my young sons eyes, held him close, and did my best to convince him that monsters aren’t real after he’s had a nightmare. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to see the disappointment on his face when the time comes to tell him the truth. Monsters are real but they don’t have giant claws or big scary teeth, but rather look just like you and me.

Never forget Junko. It made me cry reading about her. Forced myself to finish the article. Her poor parents. Cannot believe those sick boys are released. It's a travesty.

Plus, defense attorneys are charged with testing our legal system. Do the laws cover heinous acts properly as illegal? Is the wording right? Have we actually made things we find heinous illegal, or did we create loopholes. They're not necessarily defending their client, but ensuring our legal system is properly built and used.

Holy fucking shit, I really hate people sometimes.

Dahmer did actually do the drill hole thing with acid but to dudes

Brisbane person here. cunts fucked.

Hell is empty, all of the demons are here.

holy crap, read up on this piece of filth.........the nerve he has. Can't believe someone hasn't exacted justice/revenge on this filth

"Turned her life around" I don't care how much she's reformed, a decent human being would never have been in that position in the first place

Getting a little bit of schadenfreude from seeing an asshole get their park space stolen is a totally different ballgame from getting pleasure out of causing others physical suffering

Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Watts described the injuries as “horrific” and said they were probably inflicted over several weeks.

I doubt he had her drugged that whole time if he did at all

She delivered the ransom note for the man she abducted, tortured for two weeks, and murdered.

She didn't just harm him. She held him for ransom. She charged one of his friends with saving his life and then killed him anyway. She hurt the people around him on purpose.

Wretched thing.

A lot of people are assuming that the only job of a defense lawyer is to get their client off Scott free.

In a case like this where the defense is pretty much going to be found guilty, the job of the lawyer is to ensure that the court gives the defendant a fair trial, ensure the integrity of the evidence and ensure their client's punishment is not excessive.

Child rapists often get under 10 years in the US if theyre deemed upper class.

Or there awful interrogation techniques. They locked a mother in the room for a week spending hours each day shouting at her to confess because the house caught fire and her daughter died.

Forensics said it was an accident, but she signed a confession.


Or reporting murders as suicides to keep crime rate down.

Women's March is a fucking mess. One of their key leaders is Linda Sarsour, an Islamist terrorist sympathizer and repeat liar/contradictor herself... meanwhile they also get convicted murderers and torturers as speakers... hahah

Never heard of Kelly Anne Bates until today. After looking her up, I will never forget Kelly Anne Bates.

Issei Sagawa

He was trying to turn women into literal sex slaves.

And men

Stab wounds inside her mouth

Wounds caused by a spade and pruning shears

Both eyes gouged out


I hope they get the punishment that our just, civilized society deems appropriate. And I hope they rot in hell.

I don't. Nothing good comes of validating and normalizing the enjoyment of other people's suffering. That contributes to shit like this in the first place. Look at someone like Carl Panzram who was driven to be an even more hateful, bloodthirsty and sadistic person by the horrific torture he endured in prison.

Harris is his client. Crilley is the homeowner and torturer. Harris helped Crilley after, not clear from article with what. Harris was aware there was an injured woman and didn't help her, that's why the judge isn't budging.

Edit: I'm wrong, Harris is the homeowner. Bullshit he didn't know about her or see her.

I found it in an askreddit thread about the most horrific things on the internet. Not a fun thread.

I kinda regret posting it. There's nothing beneficial that comes from reading it, mostly disgust with humanity.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Don't tell anyone I told you this

Thank you so much for these book suggestions. I love reading and never really thought to read books like these to help with my trauma.

Thank you for your service, I'm also a veteran.

I never knew there was something you could do to try to reprogram flashbacks. Does the VA help with this? Would I go through mental health or my PCP?

And thank you so much for your kind words.

Dahmer ate dudes in Milwake. You're thinking of Ted Bundy I believe

That's the first time I was so disgusted by something that I felt sick to my stomach. That's fucking horrible. I don't fucking get it, how can so many people be that fucking evil? There's no punishment out there for people like that that's horrible enough to make up for what they've done.

That poor poor woman.

Girl. She just turned 17 years old, 3 days before they abducted her...

By far the most fucked up thing I've read. And I skimmed some of the more gruesome stuff.

These guys tortured her to death. USA also has a shitty justice system but not as bad as this.

Then you haven't heard of Junko Furata 🤢

If you have felony amounts of drugs and no one to snitch on the federal government basically considers you a communist Russian spy

And the current administration is trying to bring back mandatory minimums with a vengeance. More fuel for the prison-industrial complex, I guess

He now works as a freelance food critic. This is not a joke.

Because the only people who step up to be leaders are the people who shouldn’t be.

Is there any evidence that drugs were administered before the beating and torture?

Look up Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.... happened in Knoxville, TN about 9 years ago. Truly sick shit.

That's not cool. :|

Yup, the Sloth scene. For sure.

They're out and they have girlfriends...

Jesus Christ I know the lawyer defending the guys personally

This is when I wish we had vigilantes.

Don't regret posting it because you posted it more people are aware of it that can't be a bad thing you don't want to forget that people can be this fucked up

I hate how quickly we want to see folks rot in jail and some of our terms being wildly too much...but these guys, holy fuck. This is the type of shit that makes me wich the US justice system would have gotten them...then again, they'd probably get a bomb ass attorney because of the publicity and released on a technicality.

The Newsom murders in 2007 surprisingly got very little attention. It involved 5 people kidnapping a young couple. The male was forced to watch his SO raped by the 4 males, both were tortured, the female had bleach poured into throat and stomach to kill semen and both were hacked up and tossed out in several bags. The female of the group of 5 is eligible for parole this year. Other convictions were 135 years, one got a death sentence.

I've actually been told that Lawyers who defend these clients make sure that the law is upheld to the most minute of detail so that the client cannot appeal later due to a mistake made by the court - i.e., if some of the evidence or testimonies turn out to be bollocks, if some procedures were broken, etc.

By defending them in such a way, it actually ensures that, once they're declared guilty, they stay locked away for good. They want to play every single card the client might have so that they're left empty handed for any future appeal.

Then I'm thinking of the wrong man. The killer I'm thinking of did these things to women. Sorry for the misinformation. The class was a couple years ago now and it was a -ton- of killers

And over those days there might be more people going through it right now, wishing somebody knew of where they were. :(

I don’t I know any word in the English language that accurately describes what happened to that poor girl. What’s worse is that everybody involved isn’t rotting in a jail cell.

And for that, he must do "at least 20 years" what reality is this person ever walking free reasonable? As a species, we're animals pretending to be civilized, a poor mimicry of an ideal we saw in a dream of ourselves.

IMO, torturing someone is worse than killing someone. Is it possible to receive the death penalty for this?

Yep and it doesn't involve torture.

If you steal some money or get in a fight or just deal drugs then yeah sure you deserve a second chance and to be rehabilitated, but if you kidnap and then torture someone for over 2 weeks then fuck you, you clearly aren't fit to live in any kind of civilised society in the first place

Don't let these people see the light of day. I hope they are beat so badly they never want to see the light of day.

I don't think that true at all. Me controlling urges isn't why I don't torture people.

It's not about them spending their lives in prison, it's them spending their lives in institutions, closely monitored and rehabilitated. That way you can put them to work under minimum wage with direction and not make it slave labour, they can still be "functioning" members of society, but outside of society.

The Stanford Prison experiment should not be used as an example due to the poor reproducibility of the experiment and the overall high Pscore it had.

As for the clause of "anyone is capable of said behaviour", for some it relies on the reason. Things like life threatening scenarios could definitely spur one one, but Hylton's motivations are unique to herself and her accomplices.

What the hell. I'm so sorry. :'(

The Stanford prison torturing event, you mean? Not really enough actual science involved to call that travesty an experiment, they just tortured some people for several days.

This is a case where i'd love to see some street justice

Not in a way that involved fantasizing about torture

The short answer is yes. Nearly every notable serial killer has a sort of maladaptive or underdeveloped PFC. (Pre frontal cortex) it's the pet of your brain that holds the "brakes" if you will. With that screwed up people find it hard to empathize and find it difficult to control even more basic impulses.

While you can't blame it entirely on this, as there are people with these conditions who aren't running around murdering people, it's a common trait that most of them share, as such it is being viewed as a decent indicator.

This maladaptive trait was found to commonly stem from early childhood trauma and abuse as well as other social factors. A good part of this could also be hereditary and passed along in traits from parents to offspring. These two factors are sorta the two sides to the coin of psychosis and violent behavior. Psychologists characterize the two qualities usually with the phrase nature vs nurture. Sorry for rambling, I never get to discuss this stuff with people.

The point is that each of us has that same monster inside

And I would contest this. I do not believe that most people have the stomach, inclination or desire to brutally torture an innocent woman and that the reason they don't do so is simply restraint. Look at serial killers, they are not average joes who just flipped a switch one day and started killing people, they are, by and large, people who have displayed violent/sadistic tendencies since a young age and who were molded into killers by a combination of cognitive predisposition and environment. I think a lot has to go wrong, both in your head and in your life, for you to do something like this

Don't blame you. Given I have rounds in the ER, these sorta things just stopped getting to me y'know?

Stab wounds inside her mouth

That one bother'd me the most

It's truly one of the most horrible things I've ever heard of

I just threw up

Would you hold that view if it was a child she sodomized and tortured? Honestly, not trying to bait, but I think some crimes are so depraved that you can't just "Oh Manson is sorry now" out of it.

Death for both of these cunts!

I was thinking about Sylvia Likens. That story has been burned into my brain ever since reading it a few years ago.

Edit to add: Not because of the relationship aspect of the situation, just the depravity of certain people in the world.

feel sorry for that lawyer who has to build a defense for these shitbags.

I wouldn't be able to do it, I'd just walk up to the jury and tell em to fry em all.

Jesus, some comments in this thread are pure poison. Between the article and comments, people really discourage me sometimes.

I don't think this is fair. I find it utterly reprehensible that she was allowed to speak, but unless I heard more about why she was allowed to speak, everything points to her not being properly vetted. Like the fact that she made repeated but highly vague references to her prison sentence but never mentioned during her s...

The point of the Women's March wasn't to support rampant misandry like you're suggesting (although that idea serves reddit's anti-feminist schtick), so I find it even more reprehensible that they didn't vet this person. I find it even worse that she portrays herself as a victim in the speech, after having even a peripheral role in someone's torture killing. It's sickening.

Yeah, no we don't. When presented with a case of fight or flight we may fight and kill but not many humans hold the capacity for torture. It takes an true sadist or sociopath to do this. You may want to seek counseling.

I believe the ONLY people with the moral power to be able to "forgive" her are the victim or bereaved family.

It's SO easy to be forgiving on behalf of someone else. Until it happens to someone you love.

Don't think he actually did it to any women at all. Just young men.

Edit: I said and older male kids originally but deleted it because on second thought I don't think he actually drilled holes in any of the kid's s heads.. I think he only actually did it to 1 or 2 of the adult males before realizing it didn't work.

"Getting off on a technicality" usually can be translated to "the police knowingly broke the law to get evidence, the judge decided not to reward that with a conviction".