[Young] Kyle Singler, third in the NBA in PER

[Young] Kyle Singler, third in the NBA in PER

/sub/nba loves talking about PER when it involves a player they prefer, yet when we talk about Kyle Singler having the third highest PER in the NBA, you guys automatically discount the stat. smh

I know this thread is meant to be a meme, but it really is crazy seeing players like Giannis, lebron and AD right next to the league superstars like Kyle Singler and Antonio Blakeney.

I used to think PER was a flawed stat until I saw just saw this post.

You're 100% right, especially when metrics become the only gauge for player comparisons or argument in end of season awards.

I'm definetly not in the Charles Barkley crowd but the barber shop eye test does have a place especially when your gonna speak about how Julius Erving was smooth, or how Shaq was bully unlike any other, or Tim Duncan was constantly boring and unstoppable.


Royce Young: Professional Shitposter

Just like when he was on the pistons, he would barely get any points, yet still get minutes and play well defensively

I think every stat is flawed in its own way. Individually, they're meant to give you a glimpse and you need multiple looks to see the whole picture. I'm sure if you include another advanced stat, it would filter out Singler. Unless he's actually playing well in his limited minutes

I think he played his first minutes last game when he scored a basket in 2 minutes


That blistering hot 36 Points Per 36. The man is

Give him MVP now