(Young) Kawhi Leonard planning to make season debut Saturday against the Suns

(Young) Kawhi Leonard planning to make season debut Saturday against the Suns
(Young) Kawhi Leonard planning to make season debut Saturday against the Suns

God hates Suns

20$ on the spurs it is.

No Booker, Kawhi back. Bet your life savings on the Spurs on Saturday.

Yeah definitely a good move taking Friday off. Don't want to risk anything.

Pop's gonna start Murray, White, Paul, Coyote, and a day old churro on Friday just to fuck with the league.

Look at Mr Richy Rich over here with $20

Yeah the Spurs have no chance.

As if Suns fans couldn't hate us any more

Damn that is gonna be one nasty blowout

With a big ol San Antonio Woman coming off the bench

I don’t hate you. Just Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, and Tim Donaghy. Those three can fuck right off.


You guys have an anti Spurs flair on your sub

Yeah skip Friday no need, they play a pretty crap team just come back to play the monster that will be the Suns without Booker

Some people just hoard all the money

Suns are the warm-up game, Rockets brought CP3 back against them too LMAO

This is the news I need to turn my fantasy team around

I dont hate you

not suns fans dont hate you.

I can't control my excitement

Boston would have no chance.

I've got Kawhi, AD, Booker, Hood, and Lavine on my team. It's been a rough year.


We hate the Lakers too. In fact, we hate most people on our sub even our own players! /sub/suns took the black pill years ago

Should've played the type of defense Houston is playing now. SA was uniquely constructed to deal with their team.

"The reason why we really lost the series was Game 1 cause Coach D’Antoni didn’t prepare us with what was going to happen with the Big 3. First off, practice was 10 or 11 in the morning…we shooting around a little bit, coach comes in, he like ‘bring it in’ we go over to the TV and he pop in a video. “Raja Bell for 3,” “Shawn Marion dunk,” “Steve [Nash] behind the back to Amare for a dunk.” And he like, “Alright, we gonna do a couple drills, we gonna do our scrimmage, run our sets, get a good a sweat and we gonna get out of here. I look at Kurt Thomas and like “That’s it?” [D’Antoni] was like “We gonna worry bout what we do. If we play our game and we do what we supposed to do, Tim Duncan can score 40 and that won’t beat us.” You know what Tim did in Game 1? Scored 40 and 20 and beat us." - Jalen Rose on that 2007 series when he was on the Suns. https://lakeshowlife.com/2014/05/07/jalen-rose-mike-dantoni-doesnt-prepare/

It was poor timing for PHX, just like SA having a championship-type team now is poor timing due to GS.

No, you were supposed to say omae wa mou shinderu first.

Spurs gonna win by the amount of weeks Kawhis been down

all systems are fully updated, the robot is ready.

Just resign Sullinger

Ainge of cash right there.

Probably has a whole team of cash considerations in 2k MyGM.

Goddamn dude RIP


Makes sense. Kawhi's conditioning is probably crap right now, so best to ease him in against a team that isn't #1 in the league.

After he shot that commercial, he put that plant back up before handing the phone to the onset assistant or something while thanking them.

Whoever let him go this week is clearly an idiot.

He talked shit on Duncan and Manu

everybody debuts against suns cause its pretty easy game, something more than just a training match between teammates, but nothing too serious


Just submit an application for as many credit cards as you can, it's free money.

And, the best part is, that you get even more money the more you spend!

Pat Burke

TBF Jalen Rose was salty as fuck that D'antoni never played him. D'antoni might have given more minutes that year.

The real reason we lost to San Antonio all those years is depth, not defense. We were always a middle of the pack defensive team and had 3 plus defenders start that year in Bell, Marion, and Kurt Thomas.

D'antoni's major flaw has always been that he doesn't trust his bench and only goes 7 or 8 deep especially in the playoffs. Just look at Harden last year, he gassed in the playoffs and looked like a shell of himself towards the end of that SA series. Now imagine a 33-year-old herniated disk Nash and injury prone Stoudemire playing 38+ minutes a night.

One of the reasons the Rockets are my team to come out of the West this year is because he seems to finally have a deep team that he trusts. That is scary.

Oh, sweet! I thought Churro was out with mold for the next few weeks

my boy summarized the word summary. thanks bb

You can't really be a homie if you talk shit about your own fam/friends. I don't hate him and am thankful for his time, but yeah, he is no longer a homie

Just Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, and Tim Donaghy. Those three can fuck right off.

To be fair, "Just Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, and Tim Donaghy. Those three can fuck right off." would be a long ass flair

I'm downvoting you even though you're right, and I have no issue admitting as much.

SMMRY tl;dr

League sources tell the Express-News Leonard could make his season debut for the Spurs on Saturday against the Phoenix Suns barring any setbacks.

One of the questions facing the Spurs is whether Aldridge will continue to play at the same high level when Leonard returns.

If Leonard does not make his debut against the Suns, the decision on his return will be a game-by-game basis.

This is actually pretty damn true

But Alex Len.

We hate Horry too. Bowen is a bit more controversial.

Damn son, gonna take out a loan for this? I'm -$40 at the bank and I'm not sure I can get approved for a $60 loan rn

Smart to have him come back against the d league too

Just like a high level college team. Play a couple of second tier teams (Suns, Mavs) before facing off against real competition (Rockets)

Smart move rehabbing against the D-league

That D'Antoni Nash era Suns really should have won a championship

Funny you should say this it was 80 degrees a couple days ago and now it’s snowing

them nachos are cold, seats are dirty, games are warm-ups, players are rusty

So he's warming up in the g league? Good precaution

Yes. Everyone's picked the Suns to come back against. CP3 did this too.


Y'all must not know what fraternity I'm in....

Edit: Why the downvotes, it is a reference to . I know you guys don't actually care what fraternity I'm in.

Spurs -100000 will be the line


'yeah boiiii' ever

Watch while I hit the longest

Why do “we” hate Horry?

It's ok it's just young Kawhi Leonard, he wasn't that good on offense.