You the only father that I ever knew...

You the only father that I ever knew...

First things first, Rest in Peace Uncle Phil..

actually that kinda looks like Uncle Phil

No but this does.


Respect. To the hippest square this side of Bel Air.

For real.

That doesn't look like will smith

How come he don't want me man?

Fun fact: Did you know that much of Will’s speech in that episode was ad-libbed and based on his own traumatic childhood? Will Smith improvised the entire scene based on his issues with his own father, who abandoned him when he was younger.

You didn't know that? That's cause it was scripted.

This story always pops up when this scene is discussed on reddit. But I beat the fake news. I single handedly (is that how you spell that? It has a red squiggly line underneath saying it's misspelled) beat fake news today.

You're the only father that I ever knew.

Your username makes me uncomfortable. Especially when followed by mine

I get my bitch pregnant, Imma be a better you

Well done.

I love that one episode where Will, Carlton, and Uncle Phil are in a cave. Uncle Phil is woken up by Will and Carlton (I think) and he says,

"No, Vivan (his wife) I am not a machine!"

then there's this awkward pause between the three of them. LOL

edit: Here is the episode. Skip to 15:00

Prophecies that I made way back in the ville.


Jazzy Jeff instead of Carlton? You know, Phil's actual son?


This scene was so damn emotional

Listen, even back when we was broke, my team ill

"I had FOUR-TEEN great birthdays without him, he never even sent me a damn card, TO HELL WITH HIM."

Fuck, there it is.

Martin Luther King would have been on Dreamville Talk to a nigga

Then title wouldnt make sense. Also Carlton isnt the type to pour out a brown bagged bottle.

Rest In Peace, Uncle Phil!

You're going to be down there for a while

One time for my LA sisters

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed a year ago, and I still have empty sockets where the teeth used to be. I was expecting to deal with food constantly going getting stuck back there whenever I ate, but surprisingly, food rarely ever finds it way back into my sockets.

One time for my LA hoes

Why are you the way that you are?

Wasn't aware he'd passed away until seeing this.

Damn. I always thought he said "for Phil". But fulfilled makes more sense now lol

Are you talking about light sockets? How would food even get stuck there?

Username checks out.

It's probably a safe bet that he was talking about literally the only famous Uncle Phil, yeah.

Carlton's bit

Distinctly remember that episode. Will always remember

I bet he is schooling people with Lucille in the afterlife.

If anyone ever had doubts of whether or not he could act back then, this scene had to have changed their minds.

Get my chick pregnant ima be a better you

I'm not crying, you're crying.

The part before was just as powerful: "Imma be a whole better father than he ever was. And I sure in hell don't need him for that cos there ain't a damn thing he could ever teach me about how to love my kids…"


First off, fuck yo bitch and the clique you claim

For real.

The Shredder is gone my friend.

How come noone wants him, man.

Still my favourite episode.

Love you Uncle Phil.

[5} this thread is fucking fantastic


Oh wow. I just realized he is talking about this uncle Phil.




sry thats like one my all time fav bars. Its like the rawest most pure insult ever and an amazing way to start a diss track lmao

now we know who listens to the clean version

You the only father that I ever knew

That's the point. Carlton had the fortune of having his father support him through life. Will and Jazz were lucky to have uncle phil, in a way or another.

I get my bitch pregnant ima be a better you

You'll be sorry but I won't

"Break out Lucille."

Shit's about to go down.

My favorite Uncle Phil moment:

"How come he don't want me, man?"

is that how you spell that?

It should be hyphenated: "single-handedly." It will still have the squiggle, though.


Is it just me or does everyone who's lost their father want to see them appear in the clouds to deliver advice like in the Lion King?

Need a fisting?

Sigh Happy Father's Day everyone

yeeeeeah I know what that is. You're not getting me to click it.

I think the sentiment is father figure. You're playing this semantics thing but context is important.


I always die laughing in the intro whenever he goes "that's why I fucked your bitch you fat mother fucker" lol. I just imagine the look on Biggie's face the first time he heard it.


EDIT: God dammit.



Tears. Every time.

npw he is with that golfer dude from hapys gilmore

Lmao same.

Holy shit, that scene is so much more difficult than I remember. Will and Phil really nailed it in that scene. Will starts strong and ramps up into anger and then insecurity and Phil just looks helpless. Like in that moment you see someone you love drowning but there's nothing physical to save them from. So you just watch and hope you find a moment to help.

This scene, and the moment where Phil tells Will after they spend the day trying to fix up the slums they bought that Will is the one kid he never worries about because he always figures something out really frame their relationship well.

My mom used to do stage work with "Uncle Phil" back in the day.  She was heart broken when he passed and said he was a delight to work with.


My mom used to do stage work with "Uncle Phil" back in the day. She was heart broken when he passed and said he was a delight to work with.


Well, the squiggle can just bite me.

Prophecys that I made way back in the ville, for Phil

No edit: I've been corrected but this thread is here for Phil so I'm gunna leave it

I used this bit to get the lead to my high school play.

Fuck you


He probably thought it was about an uncle of j cole, named Phil

"Geoffrey, get Lucille"

i hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

No sweety. He's just gone to live on a farm with the other Uncle Phils.


Will yes. Jazz mostly got thrown out in hillarious ways.

It's all about the tone

He was the image of a self made man.

can you do this with every 'fun fact' i see on reddit now

"Oh wow, J Cole's uncle Phil passed away at the same time as James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince.

How awful."

Listen even back when I was broke my team ill

I never realized that i had unresolved emotions about my dad not really being in my life until i saw this scene when i was about 23-24. I got so emotional, like sobbing in front of the TV, and after I calmed down i realized that there must be some shit i've shoved deep down.


Don't cross the streams.

One hell of a pool shark too.

It did for me to be sure. I have seen this clip so many times and it still hits right in the feels.

a song

Because the title is a reference to .

Same here. Actually didn't know until I halfway glanced at the lyric video and realized that's what it was. Had to check on Google once I found out

Username checks out


I get my bitch pregnant, imma be a better you

I mean it would be nice, but my dad gave the shittiest advice. When my middle school boyfriend broke up with me for the umpteenth time and my dad caught me crying, he told me to go fuck my ex's best friend.



I had no idea that the Shredder was black.

Too bad.

Username checks out.

"I don't need him. I learned to ride a bike on my own. I learned how to shave. I learned how to fight. I never needed him. TO HELL WITH HIM!"

Uncle Phil Smith

Goddamn it sniff

That is the single worst thing on the internet. Upvote.