You read. I nap.

Good neckwarmer

If that were happening, I know I'd never actually get any reading done at all.

My kitty is a little furnace. She helps a lot in the winter

He aint reading nibba

That's totally untrue. Cats tend to prefer temperatures between 20C and 30C in general, and though their body temperature is higher than humans (and they can deal with the heat much better than dogs) you will find them looking for cool and shady areas to rest in any weather above 30C.

Source: have 2 cats (both radically different size and type), worked as a veterinary assistant (cat room 24C), and did some cursory research on Google.

Exactly the opposite, as a cat owner you are not allowed to disturb the cat's sleep. You sit put and study until it decides you're done!

It's not about being the cat's bitch, it's about being compassionate​. Don't mistake kindness for weakness.

Pretty sure he's playing hearthstone

I call my cats "Furness"

Well then. My bad.

This would put me to sleep within 10 minutes. Whenever my cat comes over and sits on me it makes me so sleepy

The trick is to lure it, by placing a perfectly sized box right next to you on the desk. This way it will still feel included, you can pet it whenever needed and you can work a bit more freely.

You are correct, the card featured is the mana geode from priest deck. Nice spot!

You are correct, the card featured is the mana geode from priest deck. Nice spot!

Lol, wow you're dumb.

Obviously, if the person needed to get up for something they really needed to do, they would move the cat. Come on, now. Don't be a dumb ass.

Yeah looks like a tablet game

I have a relative like this. She thinks everything the cat (or dog) does is some imagined challenge to her authority. Clearly low self-esteem.

Just because a cat wants to sleep on you, doesn't mean it's trying to dictate your life. Lol! Wtf are you talking about? Obviously, cats can't pay your rent or food. It's just about not wanting to disturb your cats sleep right after it gets comfortable. Like when you see a kid sleeping hard on the couch, you don't wanna move the kid out the way, you let em sleep. Jeeze.

You seem fun



Remember: this is a deadly predator, with little above him in the food chain.

Lol "read", I see that game of Hearthstone he's playing ;)