You guys wanted more dances. DE delivered

It was indeed not meant as a bug report, it was intended as a funny post. I would appreciate you reading from context a bit better. If this was meant as a bug report, I wouldn't have posted it on reddit at all. If you're going to remove posts like this, you should be a bit more consistent. Most of the posts currently on the front page would also qualify.

See also:

Not trying to name/shame these posts in particular, just trying to demonstrate that this rule is not being applied equally and fairly.

Oh lord, that is sending my sides into orbit.

I nearly spat coffee at my screen. Good job.

Err it's mostly that bugs for the sake of bugs are mostly removed. Thank you for bringing those up to my attention, it will be dealt with.

We rarely allow bugs which are classed as workarounds. (and if you look at my profile, just by the titles, you can see that we've removed a fair bit of them already.)

Finally the last one is mostly the new lighting engine, which we're still not particularly sure is a bug, but more of a nuisance.

Sorry it takes so long to do this, hundreds of posts a day kind wears you down.

Half of all humorous posts for any game come from bugs. But whatever floats your boat. I disagree with your (I guess moderator team as a whole, not you specifically) decision that all posts that are even tangentially related to bugs should be removed, but whatever, it's not worth discussing it.

Superman stuck on the flight strings during Superman The Movie filming (1978) . UP UP AND FUCK ME!

We will keep that in mind, but generally for such a big update, almost three fourths or four fifths of all posts are the same thing, just posted repeatedly. Bugs are no different. The megathread fulfills two purposes, keeping the sub cleaner (note not clean, as it's impossible to full have one) to allow other posts to get some light and to keep all the bugs in one area, allowing to keep a list of bugs (so others won't repost as much), find workarounds and have a place where DE can inspect just to see which ones are worth fixing first.

Hello /u/BlackholeDevice, your submission has been removed from /sub/warframe because it belongs in the Update 22: Plains of Eidolon Bug/Issue Megathread, even if it is not meant as a bug report.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you would like more information about this removal, please message the moderators.