You guys really liked the gif of my bun giving me kisses. Here she is eating a salad.

OP was referring to.

I was feeling sad today, but now I feel a little better. That bunny filled my heart with warm fuzzies. Thank you!

Looks like a netherland dwarf. Some of the cutest rabbits I know. Our Bunny, Benny is a dark black one with a white belly .^

Edit: As per requested. Don't have any great photos on me all are at my parents house where they treat him like their grandchild and spoil him to death but, here are some

Thanks! Can someone tell me what kind of rabbit that is and how long do the live? :)

"Num num num num num"

I see she's eating a salad. Is that because she thinks she's fat? Because she's not. She can be drinking whole milk if she wanted to.

:) keep your head up

I got this little Bizzle at a pet shop like 5 years ago. Do you know what he is?

it's almost therapeutic seeing how long it takes him to eat one piece of lettuce

Like I love how cute a pet bunnies are, but god they poop so much like it's an almost unnatural amount of little dry balls of poop. The cuddles are pretty amazing though so almost made it worth it.

Oh and on an extra note: my cat and oreo(my bunny) were besties they would run around and play, snuggle and take frequent naps together. When oreo died my cat was the first to know.... he kept meowing super loud and patting him it freaking broke my heart :(

"crunch crunch crunchcrunch inhales crunch crunchcrunch crunch crunch"

I know that he is adorable!

Few more videos of her on my ig - roshibean

That's a Pokemon

and get a bunny

Get a rescue bunny... people suck and get a pet for Easter and don't really want them.

And get rid of them in 3 to 6 months.

....i work at a shelter on occasion as a volenteer... fuck people that get "cute" pets as a novality and have them put down or abandon them.

When you're that teeny, a single piece of lettuce is an entire meal.

Cute as they are, Netherland dwarfs can be very aggressive. Ultra cute, but prone to biting. Lots of people get them for their kids only to find they nip them after a few months. Teeth are like razors. Kijiji and shelters are usually flooded with people getting rid of rabbits not long after Easter. Having two rabbits can often end up with one shredding the other apart. By nature rabbits are extremely territorial and there are loads of horror stories about rabbits being ultra violent. Often this can be reduced by having them fixed, but still. Ever seen Watership Down? It's a book and movie, fictional, but it's about rabbits, but it puts the violence of saving private Ryan to shame....and it's not wrong about the violence. Google rabbit skull. In the wild, rabbits are known to kill king cobra snakes.

Rabbits can make great pets. We have a Holland lop and she can be great....she can also get super aggressive. I'll have her on my lap petting her, happy as a clam, stop petting and she has taken a chunk of my finger off.

I think OP's bunny might be a mix of Netherland dwarf and lion head rabbit: lion heads are extra fluffy around the neck and head (like a lion's mane).

It might just be how drunk I am, but that's the cutest shit I've ever seen in my goddamn life.

The rabbit is a dwarf/lion head like others have said and they live for around 10 years with proper care.

If you're thinking of getting a rabbit for the first time, I'd recommend going for a bigger rabbit like a New Zealand breed. They tend to be healthier and have a better temperament (very gentle, snuggly, and smart!)

Dwarf and lop bunnies are super cute and very popular but they are more prone to expensive health problems (tooth and ear problems for both) due to inbreeding and anatomy. Dwarfs also tend to be less snuggly more hyper/neurotic/destructive (think chihuahua vs golden retriever). OP's bunny may not fit this description but that is my experience.

Source: worked at a rabbit rescue with over 100 rabbits for 3 years, lots of experience with all kinds of buns!

My fiancé and I literally just bought a pet bunny and we're absolutely shocked when we woke up the next morning to find around 100 little cocoa puff looking poops all over his living area.

Yeah his fur is very short and velvety soft. He's a cool little bun.


"In sorry, it seems you have mistakenly given me the food my food eats."

Definitely a netherland dwarf. The flash in the second picture almost makes him look like a mini rex but the others show that his fur texture is pretty normal. A cutie for sure!

Sounds like a healthy bun!

I encourage you to put this up on /sub/rabbits

U can't say that and not attach pics

OP is sexy

There are a lot of different fur types through cross breeding. These tiny bunnies have been handled a lot through many many generations' so most of them aren't afraid of being handled from birth and they can be really cuddly and playful.

I believe it's a she