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Messing that up would be painful

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This is something we have to do in Marine boot. The way she did it is one of the ways taught to do it. It's just nice to see that it's taught outside of mil training.

Her way is easier though since she’s using her abs to pull up her lower body whereas the guy is using mostly upper body strength to pull himself up.

Her way is also more dangerous if she loses her grip. Though I agree that the muscle effort to complete it is easier.

This is on the Slide for Life at the BUD/S obstacle course for SEAL trainees in San Diego.

Basically both are acceptable ways of scaling the obstacle, but the way the woman does it is generally the quicker option and saves energy. When I went through I would do it her way the first two levels and then his way for the rest of it because I hated flipping upside down that high off the ground. However, most of the guys who were more experienced or really good at the O-Course would do it her way for the whole obstacle.


Most of the obstacles on the Confidence Course in boot are like that. You screw up and you pay.

I was at Parris Island in 2013 for it, and one of the girls from the 4th Bn company that was paired with us for graduation lost her grip on the top level and fell. Our DIs kept us away from where she was laying, but later on our Senior told us that she had cracked a couple vertebrae.

What I don't get is how you ate 5 and thought "yeah I should eat two more than five of these".

She also takes more time having to stand up after the process. But it looks cooler.

Her way is easier for her. It wouldn't necessarily be easier for him. Since her center of gravity is lower, and the way to do this successfully is to get your center of gravity above the next platform, she will find it easier if she gets her hips on the platform, while he will find it easier if he gets his chest on the platform.

More like Life-B-Gone

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The only obstacle on the confidence course that I hated was the 'dirty name.' I'd always catch my balls right on that first log...then fall off the second one.

This obstacle (and most obstacles on military o-courses) is not meant to transfer over to practical military situations. It’s just a confidence builder and a good workout.

Saw a guy do this at a Tough Mudder. He jumped up and grabbed the angled wall then swung a little and threw his legs up and over. I was like, "Huh, that was pretty efficient."

And is much slower, if they were under live fire scneario and had to get up to that rung asap her goose would be cooked.

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You don't need to go to a live fire scenario.

Just add a rucksack and a rifle and ask thrm to negotiate the obstacle again.

Like everything else in the military they have done statistical analysis on deaths in training:

They teach everyone how to do it the way the girl did it at Pa(r*)ris Island.

Anyone ever get killed during these things?

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I'm just trying to think how practical her method is for a real world application.

Almost all scenarios asside from part destroyed buildings, would likley have a wall in the way rendering the method useless.

I have no doubt she is capable of the other method aswell.

But if this were for some form of training, (outside of jsut fitness) I'd almost require it to be done the way the dude is doing it, as that can be applied to far more scenarios.

take the stairs

men's are in their shoulders.

Think about that for a second

His worst case scenario (broken leg/legs) is a lot better than her worst case (self-inflicted gravity pile-driver)

Maybe you should do it faster.

He gets up there on his feet, she gets up there on her stomach. I still feel like his way was better.

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Have you ever done a muscle up like that? It’s extremely difficult, even for people in shape.

Further than the man? Or further than if she had had it on her shoulders?

Because I doubt a woman could carry a backpack further than a man, but I also doubt a man can carry a backpack further on his shoulders than on his hips. Carrying the weight on your hips is always advantageous because you only need to lift with your legs, and that effect is probably stronger in women.

considering the dude is in Marine Desert camo, I think its relevant to the discussion

If they were doing reps it might be showing off, but neither of those maneuvers are particularly impressive or flashy... How would you suggest they navigate the obstacle in a more humble manner?

I actually saw several guys from our platoon do it this way..fortunately nobody fell. This was in the days when the tower wasn't staggered like the one pictured here, so a fall meant you were hitting the ground, not the last floor.

Did you do the ladder thing between two telephone poles? I got to the top and nearly noped out once I had to flip over the top rung.

They only had a thin cushion alllllllll the way at the bottom...I remember thinking, 'How in the world did they get approval to design the course like this?'

For you

I was gonna say the same thing...her method is actually a TON easier and faster. This is how we were taught at Parris Island...

Not when you jump into it. The dude basically jumped into a chest press position then pushed the rest of the way up. There was very little pull which is what makes a muscle up so hard.

and eat? :)

I believe they mean that shoulders would maximize male output, and abdominal would maximize female output.

Yes... the under live fire scenario...

As a redditor I do also frequently ponder over how I would do things if I was under live fire.

You may be surprised, everyone goes up this tower at basic training in the army, at least back in 09 when I went through, we were taught to use the technique she used. Once you try it out it's a lot easier than it looks, imagine holding onto a pull-up bar and swinging your legs over the top

Not to my knowledge, but I guess it's certainly possible.

They both did what was easiest for them. Well, except quit, quitting would have been the easiest option.

And to stop showing off.

Also he can see what is happening above him

But two cookies is a good amount to have...

Ah yes because it's impossible for people in the military to also use Reddit right?

Or if an RPG blasted her she might sprain her wrist

C'mon now, that one was pretty easy if you hopped on it stomach first!

This brings to mind a story one of my Professors told us regarding research on military backpacks — he said a study showed that when the weight of the pack was concentrated on the shoulders, men could carry it further, but when concentrated on the abdominals, women carried it further.

The same way fun sized candy is usually eaten in groups of either zero or all of them.

Maybe their head weighs like 80 pounds.

Yeah, I don’t have much of an upper body so her way is what I used to do when practicing parkour.

And a non fatal gun shot wound would turn into serious head trauma or death.

For sure. I don't have a military background, but I'm definitely familiar with that usage of the word.

Muscle ups are hard to do.

Oh my god, I laughed out loud.

As someone into backpacking, you absolutely do not want the weight resting on your shoulders regardless of whether you are male or female

Yep. That’s how I remember learning how to climb a similar obstacle in my much younger days. I did it both ways - hers is far easier if you’re fit.

I backpack a lot and carrying the weight on your shoulders isn't going to get you very far. Man or woman, that load works best transferred to the waist

My BiL lost his grip climbing the rope during police academy. Fell ~30 feet, landed flat on his back. Several back surgeries later, he graduated, and is relegated to desk duty.

Yeah no. His way is safer and faster

mil training

I didn't know being a mother in law was so physically demanding?

I doubt anybody in this thread including myself could do this

But I don't think shoulders would maximize male output, having the weight on your hips is just more efficient.

Is it staggered now?? It wasn't while I was in boot either.

And yeah. Stairway to Heaven I think it was called?

You're forgetting the A-Frame though. That was the sketchiest to me. 45 feet up with just a rope to swing out on and zero padding below? Great idea! The one at MCT was even taller than that IIRC

This thread is full of people arguing about how easy that is or which way is better even though they can't do either.

Yep. This is the obstacle course at BUD/s, looks like. I think the shorter guys use this method more on this course. Also a good option for when your arms/back are pretty dead.

When you’ve got a wall there are other much easier options. Just do enough of a pull-up to throw a heel up top and then use your legs (pulling with the one up top and pushing with the other against the wall) to pull yourself up. Takes way less strength than either of these, but doesn’t work at all when there is no wall.

Each way actually makes a lot of sense for getting their center of gravity over the ledge - women's are in their hips, men's are in their shoulders.

TIL the Marines can't afford the same safety nets the Army uses

She is slow, but it can be done quickly and since it uses less energy after a few levels you'de be ahead.

I climbed a five level tower using the same method, it wasn't even close how much quicker it was compared to the guys using the pull up method.

A jumping muscle up? Yep

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Coming back full circle, that's exactly what this video is; the lady showing off a cool trick she can do. :)

Same with ft knox in the army. You can fly once you get it down.

Her way is the way we were taught to do it in 1995 when I went through basic in Benning.

MRW I learn my center of gravity is in my shoulders

Both ways are impressive af. I can barely hang on for 2 seconds.

Also if got stabbed mid-flip she would fall

I always overshot the first log and fell short on the second. Every damn time!

I'm no SEAL, but when I was in jROTC we road tripped there to the USMC base, spent a week in the old barracks. Went to a submarine sinking simulation, travelled the bay in those "drop the front" transport ships, toured the USS Midway, and were allowed to go to the SEALS obstacle course/base where afterwards a SEAL showed us all the various weapons they use and we saw that group of marines graduate. We even got to march on the same spot marines graduated off of. Which at the time was NOT a coed boot, so it was pretty surreal to have 14 year old boys and girls marching on it.

THE coolest school trip (only one I took, actually). We, about halfway through the week, were drilled by an actual Marine DI on the base. I was shaking so bad, someone asked me if I needed help marching and I absolutely said yes and she took me off the platoon. The other girls and guys some got pulled and some didn't. One boy from my class was drilled really hard and ended up crying in the barracks, I felt so bad for him! We were 14!

That ONE DI is the reason I'm not military haha. I don't do so great at being screamed at!

Edit :: Wow trip down memory lane! Sorry! Hahaha

What do you do? Live in a bubble? I don't do much physically except work in the yard on the weekends and I KNOW I can hop over an 8 foot fence..,

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negotiate the obstacle

Is this the actual language used? That's interesting.

Lol, dude, the difference isn't that extreme. For men it's around the lower part of the chest around the sternum. For women it's the upper part of the hips a little below the belly button.

This is a soundly misogynistic argument if I ever saw one. The study you're referencing did not (at all) paint such a definitive black/white comparison of men and women. The results were these:

Men and women perform equally well on the math test in high-time-pressure noncompetitive environments, with average scores of 5.17 and 5.11, respectively. However, in the high-time-pressure competitive tournament, men’s average scores of 6.31 were significantly higher than women’s average scores of 2.39.

In the low-time-pressure math tournament, women performed equally well as men.

Under high-time-pressure in the verbal task, men and women’s scores do not differ in either the piece-rate or the tournament scheme.

In the low-time-pressure verbal task, women significantly outperform men in the tournament.

Under competitive tournament, women achieve a significantly higher mean score of 23.4 relative to men’s 17.8. However, men and women’s scores do not differ in the verbal piece-rate scheme.

44% of men and 19% of women self-select into a tournament in the high-pressure math environment, but without time pressure, women are equally as likely to self-select in.

In the math tournament, a woman is 24% more likely to quit the game than a man in the same treatment. By contrast, quitting behavior in the verbal test shows no significant gender differences under either compensation scheme.

Source 1

Here's another Harvard Source that argues that women are actually better than men in high-stakes environments that require physical strength.

We looked at the performance of servers—who normally have an advantage—in every first set played at the 2010 French, U.S., and Australian Opens and at Wimbledon, and we found that the men’s performance deteriorated more than the women’s when the game was at a critical juncture. For example, in sets that went to 4–4, the number of men’s serves that were broken rose more than seven percentage points after the players had reached the tie. Among women, we saw barely any difference between pre- and post-tie performance.

Source 2

The American Psychological Association (APA) had this to say about women dealing with stress

Findings suggest that while women are more likely to report physical symptoms associated with stress, they are doing a better job connecting with others in their lives and, at times, these connections are important to their stress management strategies.

Source 3

Read a fucking book.

That’s part of the BUD/s (SEAL Training) obstacle course, right before the slide for life portion. I would imagine that the male is a SEAL.

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There was a dude who died in the water survival course I went through, boat didn't see him and instantly killed him.

That's not the point of contention. A single pull up isn't that important. I'd like to see that girl fireman carry that guy with full battle rattle.

Physical strength is only one aspect of the argument. There are more.


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