You finally meet a great guy who’s trustworthy, but a little socially awkward

Where the fuck does everybody on reddit keep finding Keanu reeves?

I think God decided to patch the rarity of KR from Rare to Common.

I keep seeing keanu offering his seat to a lady on the subway, keanu riding his bike saying hi to a dude at a stoplight, or signing autographs at some everyday places. He really does seem like a nice guy.

Until he transforms into baba yaga and starts kicking ass. Guy's a genuine, bonafide, 100% badass.

Sheesh Reddit, get a room already!

Why is Keanu everywhere lately and why haven't I run into him!


I love that someone pulled the ‘we are going to take a pic just kidding I’m videoing you’ maneuver on Keanu Reeves.

He is not the baba yaga, he is the man you send to kill the baba yaga.

That face says: please don’t sue meeee

If you're looking for a literal answer, she's wearing a Taran Tactical Innovations shirt and he's got a shooting belt on, so they're probably at TTIs shooting range.


Thats the look of being the first dad to pick up you kid at daycare and the other children swarm you.

He's so dreamy :3

I'm confused, is Keanu Reddit's boyfriend this week, or is it still David Harbour?

To kill the ffuckhing babayaga

Facebook listens to your thoughts so the more you think about Keanu the more you see Keanu.

Aka /sub/all

Wait. So I’m not supposed to make that face when I’m hugged?

With a fucking pencil


KR is trying to avoid a #metoo moment

To be fair, people fucking love Keanu Reeves. There's just something about the guy that makes you want to give him a sandwich he doesn't look disappointed with.

Keanu has a triple black belt in avoiding sexual harassment claims.

I feel like there's some kind of concerted PR effort underway.

When you meet a guy who is excellent to everyone

Am I still allowed to love Bill Murray?


I think it's because you never see him in the celebrity context. Like he's not doing interviews on late night, not walking red carpets, etc. He's just taking care of his own shit and people (correctly?) assume that he's a very down to earth guy as a result.


Edit: Sorry. I had a feeling it wasn't right but I only checked through Google

Well I know where I'll be setting up camp, hiding in the bushes and surviving off squirrel meat.

Saw him 5 or 6 years ago while living in NYC. My friends and I were standing in front of the bar their band was playing at, and he walked by and they (perhaps tipsyly) said, "Hey Keanuuuuuu! Come watch our show!!" And he GLARED at them, like a true New Yorker. Seemed like a solid guy.

Wow that's how I hug girls .... does this mean I'm as cool as Keanu

Good bot.

Aka /u/gallowboob

This reminds me of how much AMAs have gone downhill.

Not even rose tinted glasses. They were like a 99/100 and now they’re like a 24/100.

I remember Reeves doing one 2-3 years ago and you could tell he was typing or at least dictating, instead of having a PR team answer.

Like when people would ask what his favorite sandwich/day-off/music was, he’d get contemplative and say “On this day, I would have to say tuna salad on rye with a pickle, that’s definitely something on my list for the near future” because he didn’t want to get stuck to one answer. It was very down to earth. He didn’t just say “tuna salad.”

Edit: here’s his 2014 interview during the John Wick tour. I wasn’t exaggerating when he really p...

Also, I miss Victoria. She is 100% the reason why AMAs were so much better back then, both in quality of guests and quality of answers or the eagerness of guests to finally get asked some fun random questions.

She’s also a huge reason why Reddit became popular. Lots of non-redditors would see celebrities promoting their AMAs via Twitter and it drove traffic (many idiots called them shills because they signed up the same day, but in reality they were non-redditors but huge fans who wanted to ask a question, and registering was the only way to do it.

Victoria is responsible for probably millions of redditors who would have never visited the site otherwise. People on Twitter back then had no idea what Reddit was. They just saw it as an avenue to ask their fave celeb some questions....then stuck around for the Reddit stuff.

She was smart. She was proactive in seeing what important projects (not just entertainment, though it was the most popular and easiest one to procure since she would look up upcoming films and contact their manager to do an AMA, but congressional Bills, big cases resolving, astronauts landing — like Col. Chris Hadfield, whom she secured as a guest, etc).

Now, no offense to that 30 y/o dude who had heart surgery, but that’s the AMA of the day quality now. A hospital patient. Or grandchildren doing AMAs for their 100-year old grandmothers who were alive during WWII.

Wait, when were we not supposed to love Bill Murray?

I think Reddit is polyamorous

No. None of us are.

I haven't noticed him come up in a while and Reddit lately has just been like "Hi u/friendweiser this is your new dad Keanu"

You're still allowed to love Bill Murray, we just go to Keanu's parents for thanksgiving and christmas now.

Upvote for you, bro! You get it! "Look little kid, you are awesome but I don't know the rules about other little kids hugging me. Please go away."

We do not find Keanu. Keanu finds us.

And i think he did, very well.

Yea, where's that pic of him with his arms around the two girls but he's not actually touching them? So perfect.

While the Keneau patch is nice, we're still waiting on a few key updates. Not sure where the devs priorities are at.

That a shooter's belt he's wearing?

Such a good description. I have to literally give high fives to every kid at the daycare when I’m the first to pick up my girls in the afternoons. They swarm me.

You need to take a page from his book and do hover hands. He does not look like he is giving consent.

Do you want to get mistaken for Bigfoot?

Cause that is how you get mistaken for Bigfoot.

I'm videoing you as we speak

The irony here is that I personally didn't even know they were planning on creating a John Wick TV series until your comment.

reddit will stick its dick in anything

No . But you can love Terry Crews as your other option


Yeah, I've seen you around.

you can love Terry Crews as your other option

but only if its consensual

I feel like the position of his hands is less classic hoverhand and more "Look! Look upon my bitches!"

She's got a Taran Tactical Innovations shirt on. That's where all the videos of him practicing shooting are from.

Baba Yaga checks under his bed at night for Keanu Reeves.

Was his name Ted? I understand he was on quite an adventure a few decades back with a buddy of his.

Yeah, they've yet to fix the auto-hardcore-mode bug, respawns are almost entirely disabled

He's been smiling a lot more and out and about non stop. Happy to see happy Keanu.

He's a pretty avid shooter, I wouldn't doubt it.

and i was like, "EMILIOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

The other day I was waiting for my five year old to finish in the bathroom at a restaurant. A little girl, probably 5 herself wasn’t strong enough to open the Womens bathroom door to exit. I didn’t want to look like a creeper and help this little girl who is in the bathroom so I walked away. Just a weird experience.

Or the more Keanu thinks about reddit... oh fuck.

Bill's just sleeping at his own apartment for a little while we get things figured out. Don't worry, you'll still see him on weekends. Hey, maybe he'll take you to a baseball game. Would you like that, slugger?

Same shirt too

Someone on the last Keanu thread mentioned these are all ads for his motorcycle company and now I can’t unsee it.

Edit: proofread and found errors

He's so hot right now.

The difference between hooverhand if you're cool and if you're not.

3rd Dan in Dodge-jitsu

Keanu Rare is now Common Reeves.

Edit spelling

He's not the man you send to kill the baba yaga, he's the man you send to kill the man you send to kill the baba yaga.

more specifically, coconuts


RNGesus you mean?

Plot twist:

/u/IAmKnightSolaire is actually the one from the team marketing the new John Wick TV series.

This is my favorite Spanish expression.

Well ye, isn't it like only one documented respawn which itself only was for 3 days before him despawning again? This was also before the new world patch wasn't?

It wasn't even documented properly, people still debate if that ever happened. There wasn't a recording of it either, just some unofficial chatlogs that got released.

Reddit would implode if he was the next to get hit with sex scandals

Hashtag Keanutoo

Keanu is the equivalent of the new car you just bought that no one had but then there is 6 on your street.

I saw the birth of this subreddit and I feel responsible for upvoting its link every time I see it.

that place can get you killed better stay in /sub/basement

Reeves dodging sexual assault like the Matrix.

Have we actually ever seen them together in the same room?

u/unknown_human and u/FurryPornAccount too..Smh

EDIT : Linked wrong person

Well, it should be ¿Por qué no los dos?

Wick? I knew it!

Is.... Is Keanu Reeves just driving around on his bike talking to people?

Some say she's still trapped in that bathroom to this day

Hey! Bigfoot would never eat a friendly little squirrel, how dare you!?

He eats babies, everybody knows that. Not his fault, he has to, to survive.

He's the new bill Murray

Think this was training.

That was his trainer.

Or, it was a match, and that was a sponsered shooter.

But I think that's his trainer.

Hes in the matrix, he is everywhere

TBH I dont think Keanu is the kinda guy to have a PR team. He doesn't give a fuck anymore.

But maybe I'm also thinking this because his PR team is just so damn good.