You drive a hard bargain

You drive a hard bargain

If money is so hard to come by then why spend it on a designer purse.

Give me bag. Bag me. Bag now. Me a bag needing a lot now.

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

To sell it for $250!

How does someone have the nerve to offer 1/5 of the asking price for a designer bag. Just get a normal one if you can’t afford it

$50 for this item

Lemme get a J!

Lemme get a O!

Lemme get a B!

What does that spell?! I student.

Edit: Dad I made it

Bag me. I student.

Facing difficulties, NEXT

but she wants the Gucci!

I remember being a poor student

$1050 was my total rent for the dorm (including utilities). $1338 was my total for the month after taxes.

$288 dollars was my “going out” fund. My “eating” fund and my “luxury” fund.

$100 a month was spent on food because I was lucky enough to have a single dorm room that had a kitchen.

$188 was my monthly spending. And I gotta say, most went to the university bar to hang out with friends.

Fuck this person.


A long time ago I worked at Subway. This subway was in a student town and open till 4am some nights.

The amount of students who would come in complaining about being poor and asking for a discount, after an expensive night drinking followed up with the purchase of £5 sandwich blew my mind. I saw this shit all the time in a lot of jobs I work. I can't realistically afford this luxury, give me a discount. Some people really can't see how their own actions negatively impact their life.

Years later I went to university myself, I found it way easier to live off student loan money than it was to live off full-time minimum wage.

I can understand it in some cases, being poor is fucking depressing in a world built around materialism. I experienced it for quite a while. That doesn't make you entitled to those items though. Especially when it is something as inane and pointless a designer bag.

Then sell that coochie.

There's a vegan restaurant where I live where you pay what you think is fair. It usually works pretty well - those who can afford to usually pay too much, which covers for the homeless and others who can't afford to cover their share.

This place is popular with the acid fairy bush doof hippie crew for obvious reasons. A few years ago, they nearly put the damn place out of business after a shitload of them went there and basically ate for free after a massive music festival.

The attitude of spending hundreds of dollars on festival tickets, drinks and drugs to then cry poor and not pony up a measly few bucks for a meal still blows me away.

I’ve been following this sub for so long, I’ve now started saying “NEXT!!” in real life

Maybe don't fucking buy a Gucci bag if money is so hard?

Me feel good. Body strong. Sleep BIG last night!

$50 for this item

This guy students.

That is an expensive as fuck dorm holy crap.

This place is a treasure trove of new catchphrases.


"It's for church, honey."

"You'll be surprised, bitch."

"Copy that motherfucker."

My heart goes out to business that people abuse like that.

This is why we can't have nice things, people!

This is a really complex concept you are proposing

You regret BUG TIME

When me President, they see. They see.

From the level of English I'd say that were from a country where bartering is the norm. They're not trying to rip you off, they just think that's what you do when you buy something.

I actually cheered along, then was confused, then laughed.

This is from Carouhell Carousell (an app commonly used in Singapore) people do bargain for second-hand items occasionally yes but not for 1/5th of the price haha

$250 is cheap for gucci wtf

I church honey, NEXT

The same type of person that disregards or lacks grammar. I mean: I not know, I student, difficulty type, give gold.

Dude dorms now are even more than that. If you calculate it out it ends up being $20 a day at my university.


That sounds like a horrible business plan. The freeloaders may be scumbags, but the restaurant allowed it to happen.

Me me BIG sleep

There's quite a large movement in the UK called the junk food project which takes slightly out of date food from supermarkets, cooks it then sells the food as pay what you want. It apparently works quite well because they've been in business for at least 4 years.

Singlish is very efficient

$25 is too expensive


Barter is offering something other than money for something else. Me offering two goats for your one cow is bartering.

You’re thinking of haggling I reckon.

We are now enemies

Kevin from the office refrence?

How else are they supposed to keep themselves perpetually broke?


Not with that grammar

Why was your dorm so expensive?

Easily one of the best memes in my life right now.

Singapore, the S$ also gives it away

Is it? If it's in a big city, then it's quite cheap

Those people are weird. Like do you have any brain, if so.. do you have any shame? Let me give you a discount and possibly get in trouble for it..

These people are dumb honestly. Go to a soup kitchen or something if you're that desperate you morons.

U student?

Looks like it's from the Tom ford era of gucci, the gucci we know today is all about the hype logos and vibrant design. While it still holds the gucci name and some value, it's not the gucci that people crave today

This is pretty bad even for a Singaporean, tbh

Well it’s clear that English probably isn’t their first language.

You'd think that, but I've known plenty of born and bred white Americans who don't know any other language but AMERICAN who write like this.

Most likely that it's a second hand item, especially that it's sold on Carousell.

I remember being a poor student

$1050 was my total rent for the dorm (including utilities). $1338 was my total for the month after taxes.

$288 dollars was my “going out” fund. My “eating” fund and my “luxury” fund.

$100 a month was spent on food because I was lucky enough to have a single dorm room that had a kitchen.

$188 was my monthly spending. And I gotta say, most went to the university bar to hang out with friends.

Fuck this person.

IDK why someone is whining for expensive shit when they cant afford it. This is like a homeless person complaining about the lack of lobster diner with violin quartet in the back ground for their daily lunch

Watch the sass!

Surely not getting an English degree.

Might want to wait it out a little longer than 18 minutes.

Lentil as anything?

I have cancer. See you at church Sunday!



It's actually super cheap for even a bottom tier designer handbag, makes me wonder if it's legitimate or just really old.

The standards by which a store isn't allowed to sell something are fixed dates because you can't trust a minimum wage supermarket employee to use their best judgement when "eh, good enough" means less work for them. This also means some food that's past these dates is actually still perfectly good.

I don't give a fuxc. Your wife will be fired by end of the week.

You give me this for free or I will have you put in the cage where you belong. My husband says I can file fraud charges against you, you can't sell free for money.

You will be find 3500.

A system like that would make me so anxious and uncomfortable. How are customers supposed to know what a fair price is? I’d be scared of paying too little and getting my food spat in or paying too much out of guilt.

You're now a mod in /sub/frugal_jerk

That's the exact number I pat for my mortgage, taxes and PMI.

one day past the "best by" date does not = spoiled.

I think the word you mean is "Haggling"

No not really, we just speak english very badly

Hahaha didn't expect to see a /sub/iasip comment here. Good work, this made me laugh for ages.

University of Calgary. I was a 3 minute walk from class but for a bachelor suite dorm room with a kitchenette it was $1050 a month

Fair enough, but the comments further down suggest Singaporean

One two three

One two three

One two three

I student

Basically the speech equivalent to just wearing underpants.

A children's choir was sounding in my head cheering along lol!

Read that in Charlie's mum's voice.

Sociopaths... or just stupid but "college is the new high school so i need it for an unrelated job" people.


Yeah that's why

It is Singapore, they are not exactly known for their flawless English. Just think of it as a dialect. Most people can't understand New Yorkers either.

Copy that motherfucker

Sorry to hear lol.

Normally when people rip on grammar here, it's not that awful. A few fuck ups, but understandable. This one is just incomprehensible.

I misread OPs comment. I thought that was cost per semester not per month. My dorm is a little over $2000 per semester (14-15 weeks). And yes I go to a state college in Virginia that is one of the cheaper ones in the state for tuition and housing.

I'm sure there are suggestions as to how much to pay roughly. And I'm sure the environment is designed to avoid those scenarios

Idk about them, but my college's dorms are about the same price. It's because they make almost no money from the tuition.

But then, it was also founded on Jesuit principles that being poor (and at the time of its founding, being female) shouldn't be a barrier to education. They're huge on financial aid and throw something at literally every student.

God, as a hippie stoner type... I can't stand that level of asshole. I may be poor, but you bet your ass I won't pony up if I can't cover costs for the workers livelihoods.

Shit, peace and love means practicing that in every action you do, even though we make mistakes. Your story made me so angry, sorry

make sad only 8 get.

John had surgery Friday, and he is with the lord now.

I'm pretty sure that's the name of the restaurant they are referring to.

I used to be a vendor at flea markets in an area with a huge Russian/Isreali population. This was the norm. I could sell a $10 bill for $5 and they would offer $1 and laugh at me for thinking I could get more.

Jian Yang!!!

Where exactly is this? Not state college that's for sure.

A dorm means the user lives on college campus and they are historically a rip off. In fact, many colleges require students live in the dorm the first one or two years because they know they can make a killing. A dorm at the school I went to is less than 200 sqft and charges about 1,100/month per student. There are two in each dorm. So like $2200/month for less than 200 sqft.