You don't mess with Putin

You don't mess with Putin

Putin: "You fought bravely today young man, I applaud you"

Pasha: " I may return to my homeland?"

Putin chuckles to himself and scruffs the boys hair.

Putin: "you are home"

Lol, what video game character creator was this ma...THAT'S A REAL MAN'S FACE WHAT IS GOING ON?

He made that face too much as a kid and it froze that way. He had to learn how to fight to survive all the bullying he got. He's basically the Japanese Mike Tyson.

Biceps are strong with this one.

He seems to be a real life Bond villain. How can you not find that fascinating? Judo black belt, worked for KGB. Has guys killed with radioactive plutonium. Refs Russian Sambo matches.nbif it is bad ass he does it.

Putin that bitch in place.

Putin is actually a Black Belt in Judo. The dude has throws for days.

Whenever Putin breaks an arm, he becomes physically younger.

He's as far above black belt as black belt is from beginner belt, essentially. It's good to know that there's at least one world leader than could probably beat the others in a one-on-one.

Biceps will always be with you.


He's actually a red & white belt (6th Dan).

I can only think of Petrov now.

Has guys killed with radioactive polonium.



As Kiev-born Ukrainian named Pasha I can confirm, you do not mess with Putin

I believe what wolfganto was essentially saying was that he's as far away from 1st Dan, as 1st Dan is away from a beginner.

Obviously. I mean Poland is basically right next door, no need to raid Pluto for your radioactive means-of-assassination.

They did a fantastic job casting him.

It's obvious that the second picture is older. Therefore one can only assume that he broke the kid's arm twice.

It's because he sucks the youthful marrow to sustain him.

He'll be Putin you in hospital

You have it all wrong... Putin is signing the back of the check

My friends, serve this man a biceps drink!

Black belt is 1st - 5th and are usually gained competitively (through fighting).

6th and 7th are red & white stripes.

8th and 9th are solid red.

10th is white. There are only half a dozen or so living 10th Dans.

Progression after 5th is honourary and is earned by being in committees, being a referee, coaching, recognition in other aspects. At least that is how it works in the UK (BJA). Other countries may do things slightly differently.

Man that dudes nose, a break like that had to hurt.

I wonder how Mike Tyson would sound if he were Japanese