You don’t demand respect, you earn it.

You don’t demand respect, you earn it.

Preach! Can we open to BPT 3:16

Its actually really easy if you have no belief structure except what you're told to believe!

4:20 praise it

For fellow uncultured people like me, romans 13 starts with

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 

Or if your underlying belief system was just racism all along.

This reminds me of the state of the union when Republicans were saying the Democrats were being childish and disrespectful by not standing or applauding, while they did the exact same thing when Obama was in office

Which, before people go wild, boils down to "be a good citizen."

An important corollary is "the only laws you should break are those that go against God's law." (My words.) For instance if you live in a place where worshipping God is illegal, you should still worship God.

The disrespect of Michelle is particularly heinous (and now Melania, but that’s not the story we are telling here) because SHE DOESNT WORK FOR US. She’s a volunteer, for fucks sake! She isn’t the one who went and got elected, she is a support person who simply picks a (usually) non controversial issue, usually family or child oriented, and supports it for the length of her husband’s employment!

Those fucking animals couldn’t give her an ounce of respect. Shameful. I hope it’s the last thing they think on their deathbeds and it haunts them for all eternity.

Calling Michelle Obama a gorilla is going a bit farther than "disrespect".

Playing devils advocate here not everyone who demeaned Obama also supported Trump.

Then again disrespecting the president is a time honored fashion. Before Obama there was George Bush Jr. There are few things as American as disrespecting politicians.

I hate Trump because he's a racist, they hated Obama because they are racist.

Or when they cheered when he said "I have no more campaigns to run" and he had the greatest smackdown response

Bible study is now in session bois 😇🙏🏽

"I know...because I won both of them."

The racist people who hated the Obamas aren't going to feel any shame on their death beds.

And here I thought Obama was the ant Christ.....

What is this, a Christ for ants?

I think the point is that in many instances it’s the same people though. I personally know people that were beyond disrespectful to Obama but Trump can do no wrong.

They were not equivalent. People mostly called Bush dumb, some called him racist. I don't remember any effigies and if there were, they weren't supported by mainstream Dems. With Obama on the other hand, they had unprecedented levels of disrespect by mainstream Republican pundits and sitting congressmen. As well as several made up and/or racist scandals and conspiracy theories which were also embraced by the mainstream GOP. Not comparable in any way.

Edit: A few examples. Carl Paladino, New York co-chair of the Trump campaign, did indeed say that he'd like to see Mrs. Obama "return to being a male and let loose in the outb.... Also, the mayor of Airway Heights, Washington, referred to her as “gorilla face" and another mayor commented approvingly on a Facebook post calling Michelle an "ape in heels".. A candidate, who later won, for the Kentucky State House, made a couple of racist Facebook posts comparing the Obama's to monkeys.

Man I wouldn't have supported racism, but the libruls said racism is bad so now I HAVE to be racist,look wut the libs made me do!

He's quoting himself on this one!

I mean, he did win them all. Well-deserved smacking. Good job, dad.

He said, "I know because I won both of them."


Abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion.

When will you people realize that the only “Christian value” modern evangelicals care about is abortion? They will vote against abortion 100% no matter the candidate.

But you calling them racist is what made them racist!

BPT 3:16 Says!!!: "I just whipped your ass!!!".

Random bystander: Wooooorld Staaaaar!!!

"Look, if you compared the president to a tyrant because he lied our country into a war that killed a million people and cost 1.3 trillion dollars, it's hypocritical to complain when people called the president's wife a negress gorilla."

pray pray pass

There was the one jackass congressman who yelled "liar" too.

God Obama is such a fuckin G. Miss you baby 😪

There's a difference between disrespecting George W. Bush (calling him an idiot or whatever) and insisting that Obama is not even an American citizen.

As much as Dubya got razzed and made fun of, no one was saying he was literally the antichrist here to incite the apocalypse. No one was saying he was a fake American planted here by Muslims to subvert our democracy. The worst anyone ever said about Dubya was that he's an ignorant cokehead with no regard for our civil rights, or that he was behind 9/11 (which even most Democrats disavowed as a crazy conspiracy theory btw).

There's no need to draw false equivalencies here. Jon Stewart doing a silly voice is not even close to the same as saying the sitting President is not even an American citizen.

Except that, up until he decided to run for office, Trump was very publicly pro-choice. I'm amazed evangelicals believed him.

Playing devils advocate here, worship satan and sacrifice your soul.

Be specific bout who you're advocating for

Real talk, people were saying this after trump got elected. There were these lists (images for some reason) of how everything you told them they should stop doing and are now going to do more is your/liberals fault.

I swear, if liberals told you not to set babies on fire these people would probably do it and blame liberal policies. (This line is meant to be read as hyperbole)

i learned a long time ago that showing a religious person any verse from their book to validate a point your're trying make, even though you are right and in good spirits, is absolutely pointless cause they really don't care about what the book says if it proves them or their religion wrong. So i ask, what's the fucking point of being in a religion if you ain't gonna follow the rules?

They think there's a difference between 'good' coloreds and 'bad' coloreds. What's more, they think everyone else thinks this way too, because they see nothing wrong with it.

So when they get called racist, their immediate reaction is to say, "I'm not racist, I'm just realistic, and you're too sensitive/PC."

Very few racists actually think they are racist.

I legitimately burst out laughing at that point.

I am angry to agree with you. But they will die soon. They are old. New ideas and new generations are coming.

Barack and Michael


Oh, that guy that avoided duty in Vietnam by getting a law degree and then became a real estate attorney. A paragon of honesty, I'm sure he is...

Edit: There's nothing inherently wrong in dodging a war, but then playing the patriotic tough-guy veteran act when you never deployed and getting political advancements over people who actually had outstanding combat records doesn't pass the smell test.

Ha ha he's a little drunk.

Joe Wilson. He's unfortunately my regions representative. Muddaskunt

I had to write a paper on Romans 13 last semester, and it’s actually perfectly reasonable IF you read it in its original context/purpose (exegesis).

Paul wrote Romans to the members of the Mission in Rome to placate them from causing civil unrest that would jeopardize their own lives as Nero was getting pretty pissed at them. Since they weren’t likely to listen to him alone, he put in the clause of divine authority instituting worldly authority to say by practicing civil unrest, they were going against God.

Paul did this a) to actually decrease the chance of the destruction of the Church in Rome and martyrdom of all Christians in Rome and b) to get in Rome’s good favor such that he could continue to establish missions in Spain and Portugal.

Sorry for the block of text, but I thought I’d contribute some context.

Sadly we live in a racist society and I really don’t see that changing anytime soon

Apparently I can get more erect

"I question that the president was born in America" was a special level of stupid that deserves disrespect. If you want to pretend to be that dumb that's on you.

The Trump supporters I know (and loathe) aren't racist, they just hate ni**ers, at least that's how they explain it.

My dad texted me to complain about whoever it was that said it was a good thing that Mrs. Bush had died. Seemed like it was because he knows I'm liberal and expected me to be happy about her death as well. I told him I didn't agree with wishing ready on anyone and that whomever it was that said that didn't represent all liberals.

I also said something like "when people were sharing pictures of Obama photoshopped with a noose I didn't assume all republicans were like that." He came back with "well Obama deserved that, he apologized yp the world for America and we've done nothing wrong."

The fuck

sacrifice your soul

I have student loans. Been there, done that.

Fuck the GOP.

What was his response?

Edit: Thanks for responses!

After they clapped when he mentioned "I have no more campaigns to run" he responded:

"I know because I won both of them"

TIL Germany 1940 was “established by God”

.... thanks man :/

Leviticus* 20-10 is old covenant

With the coming of Christ, God established a new covenant of faith and love with mankind. Christians are not required to follow the Old Testament rules about crimes and punishments, warfare, slavery, diet, circumcision, sacrifices, feast days, Sabbath observance, tithing, ritual cleanness, etc. However, the moral and ethical teachings of Jesus and His apostles call for even greater self-discipline than those of the Old Testament.

For shame, by making this joke you just created a baby-arsonist.


George Bush wasn’t a game show host that bragged about sexually assaulting women.

my son

1st Chronic...cles Chapter 4, Verse 20

Take your pick. Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, game 6.

Barack earned my 2 votes for him. 45 only earned my disdain.

If your morality is "whatever I was told is evil is evil" then you really have no morality, you have either obedience or disobedience.

Hey, I just figured out why religious nuts are so heavy-handed about obedience. It's because without that, they have no way to understand the world.

To quote Bill Hicks:

"How do you know Iraq has these weapons?"

"We have the receipt"

And yay, it was good.

And here it is again.

Weapons of Mass Destruction is not exclusive to nukes. It includes biological, nuclear, chemical, radiological weapons.

The US government believed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, particularly chemical weapons, because 1) we aided him in obtaining them and 2) he used them in the Iraq-Iran war.

The question wasn't whether or not Saddam had chemical weapons, the question was whether or not those chemicals had become inert in the way they were stored. We knew for a fact that he had chemical weapons because he did... technically.

The problem with the Bush administration was not that they used WMDs to sell the war, per say. The problem was in how they used that information.

For one: it's no coincidence that when the admin was out on TV selling the war that they used the term WMDs instead of chemical weapons. WMDs are associated with nukes and so it sound scarier than just saying 'chemical weapons.' Nevermind that the chemical weapons Saddam had may have been inert. They did this to sow fear.

Second: Anytime they mentioned a potential Iraq invasion, they made sure to mention a few specific things: WMDs, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden and/or 9/11.

What you might not remember or know is that at no point did they explicitly say that Saddam was working with Bin Laden, or that Iraq was responsible for or had a hand in 9/11. But they made sure that when you thought of Iraq and Hussein, you also thought of 9/11 and scary terrorists and NUKES!

It was a very well considered strategy that intentionally caused the American people to confuse the topics and to associate them all with each other. Saddam, 9/11, Nukes. And all without any from the admin ever having to actually connect them. They just had to speak the terms in close proximity to another in order to create the illusion of association.

It was evil, it was devious, it was manipulative. But Saddam had WMDs because Saddam had chemical weapons, this is a matter of fact.

Yeah, there was normal vitriol toward W and outright hatred toward Obama. I get why people hate the president but Obama was still a class guy, I couldn’t hate him if I tried.

You can be drunk and right at the same time.

The Jews did kill Jesus...

Trump supporters are stupid as fuck.

They really only care about making sure they can control others

i definitely remember the Hitler Obama Osama posters.

There is one that says thou not break rule 10, BPT 1:10

No, you just don't realise 90% of the racist people you meet are racist. Only the loudest and most open are obvious.

Point two: you met a klansmen at a garage party, I'm not surprised racists aren't that obvious to you.

7/11 was a part time job

Now I wanna read a historical view to the bible.

Imagine someone doing a series about this à la House of Cards.

I was pretty young, but I don't remember people turning on Bush until the Iraq war went south and Katrina happened

In fact, you’ll find it’s a vocal minority saying some of the shit mentioned

Ah yeah, those "vocal minority" huge mainstream conservative news outlets and Trump himself.

I mean, doesn’t it make sense? If you thought babies were literally being murdered every time an abortion happened, wouldn’t you be against it too?

I’m having a hard time mentally pronouncing this. I just keep telling myself egg-fucking-zack-Lee. Feelsright

Almost as if it was kit-bashed by humans from different eras long after Jesus' death and its writings made from different authors.

"I'm a nationalist and a globalist." -Actual Donald Trump

No, but pretty much everyone that supports Trump demeaned Obama.

I know my family weren't Bush fans, but I think at first a lot of it had to do with his generally dopey demeanor. In retrospect I don't really hold that against him. I do hold the fact that Saddam and Al Qaida weren't related against him though. When you literally invade the wrong country, it's impossible to recover.

Everyone deserves a Christ!

Fuck racists and fuck Donald J. Trump.

Nothing inherently wrong with dodging Vietnam. That war was bullshit. Every war after that was tbh.

"You lie!"

Don't forget:

Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone?


What time

You don’t get to spend 8 years cursing George Bush, with a hitler mustache on burning effigies of a man the media and celebrities constantly insulted and belittled on a daily basis with seething hatred calling him a racist, then when Obama gets elected saying “you gotta respect the President”.

Is this why we have the story of John 8 where Jesus himself outright defies the law put forth in Leveticus 20:10?

Say it louder for the inbreds in the back!

I don't think you have to be uncultured to not be very familiar with Bible verses

-Michael Scott

“I don’t really have any convictions” -Dennis Reynolds

Tell them Pop

Wow the Bible sure is convenient sometimes....

In this passage, Jesus demonstrates that through Him, sinners are forgiven and granted life. He says in verse 12 that it is because of him and who he is that this can happen. It is through Him that her life is spared and in Christianity this is one of the moments where an old testament law is nullified. He does this again later when he says that no animal is unclean, and you can eat what you want because you should be more concerned with what you put out than what you take in.

Amen 😎