You Can't Make This Shit Up.

You Can't Make This Shit Up.

...what exactly was this study trying to prove?

That women can sometimes reproduce and have marital relationships.

Don't overthink it. Sometimes journalists really are that dense.

I am starting to think that the media does not want white women to make white babies. They also seem to want women to become single moms, which means the left can indoctrinate the children and makes the woman dependent on the state. People tried to tell me this and I thought they were crazy. But if you look at the evidence, it's pretty convincing.

They are trying, poorly, to say that women's roles are still confined to mothers and wives. As if having a family is a bad thing

my brain, just what?

They'd rather push the role of sexually liberated hairy legged gender fluid womyn who do butt stuff and make sex stew in the cold moonlight.

That is about as crazy as this: Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat


That there's only one gender which can truly have children? I'm just guessing here.

Thanks. I wasn't hungry anyways.

Or that shows want to write interesting characters and more interesting characters may just have family motivations/difficulties/struggles. I'd like to see the study of male characters that are husbands/fathers.

There is a huge Government multi-million dollar study about to be released that proves men have penis's and women have vagina's and there is DNA evidence that the difference is genetic. A real eye-opener.


That was one of the first things that made me realize how fucked up things are getting.

I believe it. The media hates white families and without a strong father figure it will be easier to brainwash kids because single moms can't properly raise a boy. A boy needs a strong father figure or you end up like the black community. Highest dropout rate in high school and highest murder rate. Not to mention 70% of black households are single parent households. The left has already said they want white genocide and that white babies are white supremacists.

imagine combining brown gravy and clam chowder.

Did I just reboot and not know it?

...your comment hit me broadside. take your damn upvote. I'm going to go read a bible.

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Quote was unfinished. Should have read "...more likely to be mothers and wives than single career women (competing successfully for jobs against men with families relying on them for support)."

Goal is to stop women relying on men for support; to reduce the importance of men in marriages, society, and the workplace; to feminize men into more stay-at-home nurturing roles and above all suppress their competitive drive as "toxic masculinity", making it easier for women to take their jobs; to destabilize the family unit; and get women working longer and more important jobs, so they will have less inclination and time for rearing children. When the govt can officially take over as the custodian of all children, that reduces the likelihood of their growing up to feel they are entitled to distrust or question (or replace) the govt. And when men are no longer in charge of running businesses, the govt. can take those over. Weak men are less likely to stand up to govt. overreach, intrusion, and tyranny.

Nothing is by chance.


As much as I would like to blame Obama, I can't. This has been happening for decades... and beyond.

And we, as a society have sat back... and let it happen.

Hold the fucking PHONE!

You're telling me that... WOMEN... can be WIVEs? And... and... sit down for this: Women can be.. MOTHERS!?!?!?!

My God, my whole life my parents were lying to me about the birds and the bees.

Thank you, Jezebel, whoever you are, for clearing this up for me.

Now I can thank MY WIFE for being a WIFE and being a MOTHER to our 3 kids! Until now, I had no clue if it was her or ME having the kids.


If pussy had calories I'd be on the next episode of My 600lb life.

media does not want white women to make white babies. They also seem to want women to become single moms

These issues can be hard to talk about, because it's easy to come off as racist - but I don't think it has to do with race it has to do with culture. A specific culture happens to be more common among non-whites and I think that's why they don't want white babies, not because they actually don't want babies who are white. They don't want white/asian babies either, in fact nothing seems to make SJWs more mad than white men dating asian women and having nice families.

It absolutely makes sense that certain powerful people would want us to become more reliant on the government. I don't however think the majority of media and leadership in general actually want that, or rather are smart enough to realize that's what they are pushing for. I don't think they are thinking that far ahead, nor do I think they really understand the cause and effect relationships required to predict that outcome. Most, I think, don't realize how bad it can get.

When you look at extremist groups like Antifa the vast majority of them have very easy spoiled lives. They are mostly white kids in rich cities. For those people things can get a bit worse and still be okay, in their minds the values they are fighting for would be worth it even if it came at the cost of lower standard of living. Mostly because they don't realize just how low it could potentially go. The struggle for being called special pronouns is the hardest battle many of these people have ever known.

...because they eat too much?

Where's my check?


So is this the kind of thing people do with a gender studies degree? Seriously, I'm kind of morbidly curious.

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Study finds that blind characters on TV are still more likely to use canes and guide dogs.

Well, yes, one of the 73 genders can, but only if submitting to literal rape

I was trolling on that article yesterday lmao

Lol wtf is sex stew?.. do i even want to know

What else are they going to be? Whores?

I know it's hard to talk about. I would like to have civil discussions about it.

Single parents (not just mothers) do need help, but they also shouldn't be glorified. Having an intact family is beneficial to children and should be the norm when possible.

The media thinks they are helping. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Spend 1.5 mil on a shaming campaign and actually save billions

Vs. husbands and fathers????

Probably because male sexuality if much more visual than female sexuality. So if you're trying to attract a sexy man it's very important that you yourself are sexy.

If you're trying to attract a sexy woman then it is less important. It still matters so don't be fooled and think you can just be funny rich and fat and date supermodels.

So it's not about who you are attracted to but rather what the successful strategies are when trying to attract who you want to fuck.

They could've just thought that one out and saved 1.5 million!

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I know the answer, but it might shock you:

They eat too much.

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We're not still calling that santorum?

Study finds that male characters on TV are still more likely to be husbands and fathers.

Source? I watch tv too.

Also single mothers are more than likely going to be poor and not give the child a proper upbringing. Having a child out of wedlock is the number one precursor to becoming poor.

This seems representative of "teen moms" :

However, there is some evidence that the show discourages teens from getting knocked up. But the cast seems, racist.

Look up the /general/ threads on /pol/ on both fullchan and halfchan for better discusions

Feminists hate everyone and everything including themselves, which is why they're so bloody miserable and lonely

If I had ten billion dollars, well I'd BUILD THE WALL!

I gave a hearty chuckle to this.

This just in: of those people who are mothers and wives, 100% of them are women.

Doesn't feel like you can make liberals happy at all though. If they showed an 'average woman' they'd call her ""too pretty"" or ""too thin"" ""too busty"" ""unrealistically good at X Y and Z""

In other words, the cows writing that tripe will always find a reason to be offended by other woman solely for being different than them. It's vapid narcissism and it's really sad to watch women get that way.

And as a mother and wife, I can tell you how absolutely envious these types of women are of me. You can see it dripping from them, and it's sad.

that's because depicting the average single woman/proud slut - depressed, popping anti-anxiety pills, and downing bottles of wine while watching Gilmore Girls reruns, doesn't make for good TV