You can see every sip taken from my pint

You can see every sip taken from my pint

This means your glass was very clean and the beer was a decent quality. If you take a few sips from dirty glass it won't do this. Also, if there isn't lacing, give it a sniff. Chances are it doesn't smell that clean either.

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What's a non beer bar

A bar in Saudi Arabia.

They serve three different types of lemonade instead! How wonderful that must be!

That's 15 sips too much

I went out to dinner once in Dubai, and ordered a cocktail. Turns out it was a very expensive glass of juice. Edit: Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that Dubai is dry, just that you can go to a restaurant, and they will give you a cocktail menu, but that doesn't mean it'll have alcohol in it. Hotels, restaurants attached to hotels, and a few rare others can serve alcohol. I was jet lagged and a little tired at the time.

That means that the establishment you purchased that pint takes proper care of their glassware. They use the correct procedures and chemicals to clean it and do it regularly as well. All beer glasses in every pub in the world should tell you exactly how many sips you've had 😊

Nursed the hell out of it

You should work at a retirement home because you nursed that beer to death.

I take a sip of my beer every few days to savour it and of course to show respect to the beer.

Shoulda put a nipple on it

I've never understood this mentality. I drink beer because I enjoy the taste, not because I have to stroke my ego with how fast I can down a beer.

It's called "lacing."

Man, that glass has great WiFi.

They serve alcohol in Dubai. You were just in the wrong restaurant.

Laced beer? That sounds dangerous.

I don't know why you got downvoted, thats actually what happens there...

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Dangerous beer? That sounds delicious!

Everyone is talking about quality beer and I'm over here thinking, this is a person with self control.

The thumbnail looks NSFW at first glance lol

I was thinking more like a sliced arm but yes I can see the resemblance

What is the correct procedure? Isn't just a sponge and dishwashing liquid?

Iraq was actually one of the most secular countries of the Middle East before Saddam's regime was toppled. There are a lot of things to criticize Saddam and Arab "socialist" regimes for, but they were at least anti-Islamist and sometimes had a few progressive policies. As was much of the Middle East until the 70s and 80s when proxy wars between the US and USSR caused regime changes and Saudi Arabia began to spread Wahhabism. If the democratically elected progressive president of Iran hadn't been overthrown at the behest of British and American oil companies for trying to nationalize his country's petroleum in the 50s, Iran could very well have become a modern and secular state. Instead a dictator was installed and the Islamists eventually took over... Now we have ISIS slaughtering Shias, Yezidis, and Christians on one side and Assad gassing kids and torturing pro-democracy activists on the other. And the Western backed rebels aren't much better. It's a fucking mess.

I use to just put the rack of glasses in the machine a press ON. Then again, I worked in a very rough pub so the cleanness of the glasses was not high up on the patrons minds...........about a third were they to do "business".

Never been to Saudi, but I spent some time in Kuwait. Had rum and cokes made with rum smuggled in (from Iraq of all places) inside of mouthwash bottles. Nothing like slightly minty cuba libres!

Yeah there was plenty of alchohol there even 17 years ago when I was last there.

Saudi and Kuwait were a lot dryer though!

My grandfather used to eat from a bowl of fermented fruit that my grandmother would keep for him under the kitchen sink. Then, my mom had to rat him out by telling my grandmother that was how alcohol is produced. Grandma threw it out and my grandpa didn't get to eat his fruit anymore. I think he still got his alcohol since my dad said he found a bottle of booze behind my grandpa's seat of his work truck and kept that secret until well after he passed. In the US but it's ridiculous to keep adults from enjoying their lives.

Not necessarily a good beer. Just one with a healthy head. I could just mash a shitload of oats and 2 row and get this.

I feel like everyone in this thread drinks PBR and only goes out to get trashed. Have y'all never heard of actually enjoying a drink and going out for a good time...not chugging every drink put in front of you?

If you take a few sips from dirty glass it won't do this

Yes and no. The number one killer of head retention and lacing is detergent, not a glass being "clean" or "dirty" (edit: at least in the way that most people think of clean and dirty anyway). Probably more accurate to say is the glass is very well rinsed (aka: "beer clean") leaving very little residual detergent in the glass.

Source: insufferable beer nerd.

Delicious sound? That beer dangerous!


Hey, I don't need fun to have alcohol!

Put your nipple on it

So many questions.

He had a beer one time with his brother while on vacation with the family. My dad (just a boy) said it was the most miserable trip after that. My grandmother was sure that the entire family was damned to burn in hell for eternity since my grandfather drank a beer with his brother out on his porch after a two day road trip. Alcohol prohibition took hold of some people even worse than the war on drugs.

Lol, it's like a nice old lady talking to you then suddenly making a sick burn.

Sure, but I usually like to get a good amount of beer in my mouth so I can really taste it.

This looks like about 16 distinct rings. A (US) pint is 16 oz/474ml. That means this guy was getting about 1 oz/30ml per sip. For comparison that is about 2/3 of a shot glass of beer per drink. I usually drink about 2-3x that much in a big gulp, or about 2-3 oz per drink. I might take a few smaller nips from a pint in between the big gulps, I would probably be somewhere in the 6-10 drinks per pint. Its not about drinking it fast its about getting enough beer to actually give you a good flavor profile


Yeah, it looks like a pocket pussy

I loled at the image of someone carefully drinking a beer then falling to their knees to praise the god of hops.

Genius bar.

Karaoke bar.

Xanax bar.

"Do you have any water or milk or juice or something?" "No, everything including the mixers were smuggled with mouthwash. We have water, but it is water mixed with mouthwash."

Prostitution was just one of many vices the pub was famous for. It was owned by an ex cop in a city well known for corrupt cops so it never got raided.


A coffee bar?

A baked potato bar?

“business”...? Sounds sexy.

Granola bar.

Looks to me like it is a 22 oz glass. Which would hen be closer to a shot glass of beer. Still on the light side per drink for me, but to each their own. That is a very clean glass. I knew instantly from looking at it. Family is in the dishwashing industry.

Edit: Apparently it says pint on the side. I'm an idiot. Apologies.

Budtender. What a time to be alive.

Go back to your hole DEA. Trump isn't in office yet.

From the side it's being drank from, yes. But not from the opposite side.

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You're getting a lot of sarcastic answers, but there are bars that actually don't actually sell liquor and instead focus on craft beer. They might have dozens of beers on tap.

A non beer bar is just a typical bar that has the usual complement of liquor and probably a half dozen or less beer taps.

Strangely, we kept all of our mouthwash in an old milk jug.

I used to drink every day of my life. It made me a terrible person. Between the hangovers and regret, I could never figure out why I kept at it. One day I quit. One day I said never again.

I wish weed wasn't looked down upon. I'd love to tell everyone in my family that drinks a lot to try smoking instead.

I think Freud would have a thing or two to say about this.....

Lacing is a product of the brewing process as well. Not all beer styles have the same head retention qualities. Base grains, yeast strain, yeast count upon pitching, fermentation temp, etc. Are all factors.

You're missing the point. Most people take bigger sips than this, beer or otherwise. It's not about savoring the drink, it's just a bit unusual to take a dozen hamster sized sips from a glass like that.

Not that this matters at all, OP can drink how they want.

you know the glass is clean when this happens

Mixing alcohol and cocaine can be dangerous. GLAD you are taking it in moderation.

They had literally all of the words to choose from, and that's what they went with?

I'd rather suck a nipple full of beer than a nipple full of milk

Where'd you get your nursing degree?

The residual foam on the glass. Considered a sign of a clean glass

It is a fucking mess. Perhaps it's an oversimplification, but I think sticking with the devil we knew (i.e. Saddam) might have been a good call. I've read that this was the rationale Bush Sr. had for not going after Saddam during Desert Storm as it might leave a vacuum or create the potential for the chaos we have seen since we invaded the second time. Hindsight is 20/20. I've also read that while secular, Saddam was good at playing the Islamist's in order to keep things in check. Most notably by adding "Allahu Akbar" to the flag in 1991 to get support of religious leaders, by having a koran written in his own blood etc. Maybe he did get more religious as time wore on, but you have to think that much of what he did was calculated and aimed at keeping things from falling apart at the seams (like they seem to have done after he was toppled.) I'm not in any way paying respect to the tyrant. Just noting that getting rid of him hasn't done the region any favors. Same with Gaddafi. He actually seemed to be coming around in his later years, yet the US saw fit to support the uprising which ended in his death, a temporarily ungoverned Libya, and what appears to be a failed state at this point.

Spot on about Iran. Petro-dollar motivated meddling in the 50s to get rid of Mossadegh paved the way for the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Cocktail bar. Wine bar.

How does this work? Wouldn't each new sip wash away the previous line?

Didn't think of that. Thanks man.

OK, Andy.

it is not as good.

what kept him from just buying beer, if you dont mind me asking?

Not time between sips, but size of sips.

To acheive this the glass must be cleaned thoroughly and all soap and sanitizer be rinsed completely from the glass. Sanitizer/soap residue = Bad

Me and my husband are home brewers it takes a lot of skill to make a beer that good. It saddens me that it took you so long to drink it.

American and European pints are different...and then there's a pint of Guinness.

No sour will leave lacing at all. It's pretty much a pointless remark to make about a beer tbh. It gives absolutely 0 insight to the beer other than what the idiot "bros" at BA seem to think are important - here's a bit of knowledge - ignore BA, it's nothing but tryhards who follow two assholes reviews.

If the speed someone drinks a pints at actually Has any effect on your feelings, that's kinda sad.


Nothing. I've drank a lot of different beers in my days, good and bad ones, and never have I noticed that this so called "lacing" was an indicator for quality, or in fact anything.

It depends on a lot of factors, if the beer sticks to the inside of the glass:

Was the glass rinsed with water before pooring beer into it? You should do that, for example with Weißbier. I do this with every beer. Are there residuals of the cleaning process left on the class (soap etc.)? What temperature has the glass? Is it ice cold or room temperature? What shape does the glass have? How cold is the beer? Is the chosen beer known for a sturdy head, or does it's head break down fast anyways? ...

And probably a lot more.

Here's the thing: Drink the damn beer. If it has a nice color, cool (some people like a light color, others deep golden hues [other beer types available])! If it has a head you enjoy, excellent (some people don't like head, other beers need a big head)! But it all boils down to the taste.

I had a bad ass budtender when I was there for a week. He was real nice and told me everything I needed to know. Chronic Therapy in Denver is awesome.

They sound like puritans.

If he had left this many lines in a pint of Guinness then he should have been killed on the spot. 7 lines MAX for a pint of Guinness.

What's lacing?

He should have ...... SUCCed

A very controlling wife.

Possibly they always shopped together too. e.g. - the wife can't shop alone, there's an unspoken rule that she should have a man protecting her. The husband can't shop alone - shopping is women's work, and the old fool would just get everything wrong as the wife would say.

Ever been to Colorado? ;)

Must have been a real low budget wedding, most have a cake.

I see the subreddit and I KNOW it's amazing, I just can't get in there!

Damn! It turned out to be 100% sexy!

I posted this pic a while back,

Beer doesn't taste very good once it gets warm. You don't have to chug a beer, but it isn't meant to sit there all night.