You can Make a pedestrian path on the back side of train stations. People will use it.

You can Make a pedestrian path on the back side of train stations. People will use it.

Jesus christ, dude.

it's funny when a train runs right through them xD

Yep, they can actually use a path along the sides of the station to jaywalk across the tracks. It's pretty good.



There is nothing I love more than a pedestrian bridge swarming with Cims.

So you can make a double station by putting 2 back to back with a path between?

"nnnghh, so much traffic prevented"

As a Swiss, yes that seems weird and dangerous to me. But I guess that's mainly because our train network is very well developed and you have a lot of trains which could hit you.

No offense intended of course. Different countries different culture.

For some reason this made me laugh too much

Since you don't get the airport until later in the game, the train lines offer a much needed method of reducing road traffic to and from your city. Heavy traffic (cargo) in particular will clog your highway off-ramps in no time.

Serious question: With the availability of subways, buses, highways, and airports, are passenger train lines really necessary? Will they reduce a significant amount of traffic? So far I haven't run any passenger train lines and really have no traffic issues at 150k population.

I'm not hating, but this post is literally in the /sub/citiesskylines sub.

I totally read it in Cartman and Kyle's voices.

Is that... considered weird?

We do it all the time in Hungarian. Should the tracks be closed, we'll just climb over the fence in the middle. Even old folk with a limp. It looks kinda hilarious seeing them climb over the waist-high fence.

Subways are nice but you don't get to see them.. and see the passengers waiting for the train.. If you CHOSE train instead of subway it's a challenge to plan your city accordingly.

Only poowater can kill the immortal cims

I've heard so from German coworkers.

I think the best way to show the differences is that in Germany train delays will be displayed if they are 10 minutes or higher. In Switzerland 3 minute delays will be displayed. And people will moan and complain about such delays, it's really silly.

don't worry, they are not getting hurt, that's why it's funny

Footpaths have to be one of the most useful additions to this game that is hidden deep in the poopy UI. It's under parks and leisure for some god awful reason. The amount of traffic you can cut making sure their are foot bridges over highways or footpaths connecting districts is quite noticeable.

Cargo yes but passenger trains specifically aren't worth it.

The price point of metro is insignificant compared to the space a passenger train network takes up. Also, because tourism creates many trains with just a few passengers, it is never really worth connecting to the regional system. The outside connection will just clog your tracks with dozens of 10%% full trains. Tourism is effectively broken in that you will never make profit, and tourism buildings are just a big money sink.

At the moment there is no reason to use passenger trains save for aesthetics. Metro accomplishes the exact same thing but does a better job.

Note: The airport and passenger harbors also don't deliver cargo and are just big money sinks. Regular car traffic in and out of the city is insignificant as cargo will always be at least 10x more volume.

well i shall tag you "paranoid person who can't take a joke, avoid" :D

Was made illegal in the UK a long time ago. Well. Going round a gate crossing is anyway. Only a couple of years ago a young girl caught her foot in the tracks near where I live and... well 'Splat!'

Feel more sorry for the driver and her family than her though. She knew the risks, knew it was illegal and IIRC the toxicology results from the autopsy confirmed cocaine and heroine abuse.

Tracks are dangerous.

Yeah I'd like to know if people use them for more than aesthetics? It seems like subway is way more practical...

Cities: Skylines

Even though it's not a great excuse, he might've seen te post in /sub/all or something



It doesn't just work for train stations, it works for literally any building in the game.

the path is nice to provide them with additional ways to get for example to a bus depot or just in some direction, by adding an elevated walkway

Indeed. They should be just another roadtype.

And for some reason my phone wanted to spell roadtype as diarrhoea.. wtf.