You came to the wrong neighborhood

You came to the wrong neighborhood

I seriously thought that said "Touch Kids"...

He didn't choose the smug life. The smug life chose him.

"Nobody messes with the Crane Brothers. Get him Niles!"

Why don't you have a seat?

His dad's a thug too

My dear sir, I do believe you have ambulated into the incorrect vicinity.

He came to kick ascots and chew bubblegum. And he's all outta bubblegum.

Takes your lunch money for two months. Buys Glee season 3 with it.

Careful guys.. those are stompin boat shoes

H-how did you do that?

Way to just copy the top comment from the last time this was posted.

Bad font choice.

All I imagine is a kid flailing around trying to punch and kick scarfs.

He'll privilege the fuck out of you!

A group of five of these little fuckers are going to be walking towards you in an alley way snaping there fingers in unison. You will have to beat them each individually in a step/tap dance competition before earning their respect and safe passage. An ascot will also be awarded to the best dressed.

Your chauffeur brought you to the wrong neighbourhood.

That argument isn't gonna hold up in court.

You came to the wrong gated comminuty

Are you crazy? That kid would fuck you up.

Anyone else agree that kid looks like Ellen?