I thought he was going to cut him down for a second there.

Only to stab him in the fockin' heart.

And now his watch has ended.

Then have Mel resurrect him.

Then have him raped by Wun-Wun.

Then have him raped by the wildlings.

Then have him raped by the Boltons.

Then have him raped by Wun-Wun again.

Then impale him with Longclaw and watch him bleed to death.

Then have Mel (without her necklace) suffocate him with her saggy breasts as he died.

Then have Mel resurrect him again.

Then do all of the above a second time while Bronn sings The Dornishman's Wife.

/uj Total props to Alliser Thorne actor, in an interview he said Jon Snow comes to "an understanding with Thorne," and I was sure mercy was coming at the end, especially when Jon came up to Olly.

But fuck Olly.

THAT is how you troll.


You should write erotic fanfic.

He kind of does actually come to an understanding with Thorne though, he just acknowledges that the consequences cannot be changed

It's funny that right when it happened we all came here. FUCK OLLY



I'm glad they showed his face for so long after he died. Perfect closure for me.

I endorse /sub/fuckramsay


Your watch has ended.

Should've ended long ago.

Fuck that guy with a rough sharpened stake wrapped in barbed wire.


No way. Olly was clearly still stabby.

Oh yeah

My nips are rock hard

But did you finish?

He never really was on the watch though, was he?

Cool, spoilers on /sub/all

They murdered the Lord Commander. Even if he personally forgives them that is a crime that cannot go unpunished

No! And that little shit even said "for the watch" when he killed Jon! What a fucking cunt...FUCK OLLY and his corpse!

Mod here. Checked the sub after the episode. Had at least 100 new posts

Send help the erection has lasted over 4 hours!