YASUO has just been picked by G2 PerkZ!

YASUO has just been picked by G2 PerkZ!

So Perkz finally picks yasuo, in the last game he plays in competitive for the 2017 year. What a way to keep his promise ; playing yasuo in the last moment possible.


He fulfilled his promise. A bit late but he did it.

Better late than never!

He might get voted in on All Stars 2017!

Because kurwa.

He should be.

sOAZ Jankos Perkz Rekkles Mithy



♿️Yasuo coming through♿️

Maxlore over Jannkos please.

Jankos is more entertaining

I mean Cho'gath has a knock up also. Close enough xD

It must've been hard to stay positive and have fun after knowing you've just been knocked out despite playing very well. Huge props for that and for G2's performance, they came close and will have better luck next year!

You can easily tell this guy isn't a Yasuo main. He didn't feed.

1st blood king

If they lose, I hope people don't meme the G2-4.

I know they will, but PerkZ gave us something fun.

You do realise that All-Stars is based on popularity and not on skill right?

The EU sacrifice needed to summon Yasuo was a hefty one

Definitely. But why not Malphite for the ultimate Yasuo engage?

Perkz delivers!

Pierogi and kurwa power. Hes simply funnier person than Maxlore.

Reddit and opinions on a single player based on his team failing the season, name a more iconic duo.


Soaz was the best top laner in EU last split, showed a lot of stuff yesterday, way more than anyone else in EU, and is very popular (while no other EU tops besides maybe Vizi are really popular). There is no way he doesn't go, i don't even see who could get over him.

Thanks Perkz, at least this game will be fun.

Nah, we are going for 5 consecutive split champions.

G2 died for the Yasuo


They can't lose - at least in our hearts they've won.

Origen fans are Fnatic fans

You could say, that's his last breath of season 7:)

And won! Yasuo 100% win rate at worlds this year.

and he delivered beautifully. What a game!

They weren't terrible this worlds. They've won 1 of the 4 games versus two top 4 teams in power rankings this worlds. They also didn't get crushed in any of the losses.

If SSG beats RNG, SSG secures first seed. If RNG beats SSG, RNG secures first seed.

Well NA still has fans :)

Hearing Zven say (paraphrasing) "If you are going to be sad, be sad after, let's enjoy it now" that game, the feels man...


wildturtle sends his remarks. From being loved for his run at the perfect IMT split last year to the hate of the loss of TSM at IEM

Vizi over soaz and we gucci

The moment I saw PerkZ locking Yasuo, I knew someone will mine lots of karma. Reddit classic.

It's a popularity vote not a who's the better player vote. Jankos is more popular, he will get voted over Maxlore.


G2 didn't make it to knockout, so it's time to bring out the yasuo memes

Why dream? These picks are realistic.