Especially if his lips always ashy and he's always wearing a black cap.

I feel like i'm being personally attacked.

I mean, you probably stealing WiFi right now

Hey now, put some respek on Ashy Larry’s name.

Shakes dice...Look here young blood.


He also beat bitches

Probably using our Netflix account too....It's not my Netflix account, but still.

I picture a dude with house shoes, a wave cap, $7 in crumpled $1 bills, and a black wife beater with mystery stains on it saying this.


False. This is why you shake them, so they don’t sit still and get sticky.

I've been addicted to skittles ever since my 3rd grade science project on probability. I kept eating all the red and purple skittles before me and my mom could count and sort them.

And smoke hella black & milds

This comment gave me flashbacks to my ex. Replace the black wife beater with a white one and add in some burn holes and that's pretty much him. I was dumb as hell when I was younger, even his momma said I could do better.

Only God can judge me

Even his MOMMA lmao

This guy steals

Then call me Yahweh ‘cause I’m judging that ass.

Plus they get sticky/mutli-colored hands.

It’s ok, I’m a 40 year old white woman and I always shake my skittles like dice 🌈 🎲

Wit his country ass


Motherfucker got my prime account.

I misread count and sort with count and snort, and was like “bro I got some news for you...”

This one hurt yo

Purple skittles are the second best.

He was only ‘post to put out da trash!

bitch you nasty

As a 23 year old black male I wish I could see BPT though your eyes. Im sure it would be an interesting change in perspective.

Of course our perspectives are different, but we all come here (mostly) for humor which isn’t so much dependent on race or age as it is on personality. I bet if we worked together we’d be great friends and you probably wouldn’t even know how old I am. I have a son 2 years younger than you and people think he’s my brother (or unfortunately, my boyfriend lol)

I never believed older people who said they didn’t feel old, but I’m here to tell you that I still feel about 22 years old. And I take care of myself so people usually think I’m 28-30. It’s pretty weird being 40 and it only recently occurred to me that I will be 41 in a few months, lol

Anyway BPT helps keep me young 😏 Don’t want to get too out of touch in my old age

So on point. Smell like curve or black n milds too.

And come together like butt cheeks

You have to be ready at all times. Niggas will come out of nowhere like “Shoot?”.

That’s gonna be a no for me dawg.

It’s all about the Wild Berry. When it comes to variant bags.

Clickety Clack!

Holy shit it really is. this is the first one I've seen in the wild that's actually double relevant

I’m white too?

Pretty sure it was a joke

You steal land and culture

Who shakes skittles, just eat them.

Skittles fucked up when they changed Lime to Green apple. Them shits are nasty now.

My dad always did this with candy. He also got busted shoplifting baseball cards when I was little.

I think you're forgetting that jesus literally said, "sour skittles are the best skittles"

Apparently I steal shit.

Keeps them from getting sticky, keep 'em moving.

Roll bones OG.