Y u snitchin tho

Y u snitchin tho

To be real, password sharing probably brought in new customers as well. I used to use friends' netflix but ended up getting my own subscription because my friends always drop their subscription after a few months. Also, you can't say they are LOSING $400m because you have no clue if those people were interested in purchasing netflix anyways.

Same. Had I not stupidly deleted my cookies and cached stuff, I wouldn't have gotten kicked out of my ex friend's account. Hence I wouldn't gotten my own account lol

Customers share a thing they bought, oh no.

Deleting cache and cookies is so scary to me nowadays. All these sites with different requirements for passwords, I get lost. My college recently started this bullshit where you gotta change your password every few months to a password you haven't used before. Fuck all the way outta here with that.

Not to mention, Netflix lets people stream from up to 3 (?) Screens at a time. No one is watching 3 things at once, obviously it's multiple people using the same account.

Dude, of course people are password sharing. I've been password sharing since MW2 to get the DLC packs. Netflix was just the next big target.

I "did" then after graduation my advisor told me I didn't so I took summer school before work and that was a year ago 😑.

Am I salty? Fuuuuuck yeah. Did I pay to graduate like 4 times? Yeaaaaa boi. Do I have my diploma? No, it's been a year, 0 diploma 💀

Legit need a hug after how hard my university played me (and I played myself lol)

YUP mine too and even though I'm alumni, those fucks STILL haven't sent me my diploma so I need to use the system still. Pain in the ass tbh.

Make sure you actually graduated. Because I thought I graduated but I didn't.

Thanks, Greg!

Why don't you cancel the first one then, need to do some housekeeping on yo life

They even ask who's watching

Ugh I feel you. I thought I graduated and even applied to a Masters program. 3 days before I was set to fly across the world (I'm an international student) my new school emailed me like hey, how come the transcript you sent us doesn't have your degree on it? I was like oh that's weird, lemme ask my old school and check. Found out that not only had I not graduated, I was also missing one of those annoying general education requirement classes. I was absolutely flummoxed, because I did all my grad checks and walked across the stage. There were some miscommunications, ugh. Thank God my new school was understanding, they let me do my grad program as long as I made up the missing class online and finished graduating.

That stimulus pack yee boii

It's the same logic behind piracy. There really isn't any guarantee that a pirate would immediately turn into a customer if he wasn't able to pirate

I think if Netflix made a one house policy, I would drop it fast. It's already losing great shows cause of Fox pulling out. I pay for mine but I let my siblings use it back home and I probably watch Netflix like 4 hours a week, but I keep it cause my siblings

Stop buying milk at that price haha damn

Yeah I don't get it, Netflix knows multiple people use the same account, they design their plans for that, it's not like you can watch multiple things on the same user.

Head over to /sub/personalfinance bruh bruh, you should be fine off 70k unless you live somewhwre real expensive, and even then you could move somewhere cheap, like the hood.

Only $400 million?

Yeah what the fuck I live good in Boston on 40k. Got my own damn Netflix

Your masters school sounds absolutely lovely for understanding. I know the counselors are human but how do they not have a software that makes sure everyone has all the requirements done?

Although honestly, my parents would have murdered me had I not been able to walk the stage so... I can't be too salty haha.

Also congratulations on the masters degree!!!

I'll never understand why you people are so anti-hulu. I like being current with my shows. I have a handful of shows that I can watch on Hulu the day after the episode airs, as opposed to either not having those shows at all on Netflix, or having to wait a year to watch the season. I have both Hulu and Netflix, and it's still way cheaper than cable.

Theyre about to lose a whole lot of subscribers as well since Hulu starts to show HBO programs tomorrow, the beginning of GOT new season.

but who rlly uses hulu fam?

Probably cause ads

They can't eat exposure.

FR tho, I hate this "it's ok, because they wouldn't have gotten it anyway." And what happens when you don't spend money on something? You get nothing.

Why the fuck am I paying money to be advertised at? It's one reason why I pay for the streaming service in the first place. Hulu gets my $8/month, why do they need ad money too?

You're a good sibling.

AND piracy increases the amount of exposure and people talking about it. I can see why the person putting out the material would be upset, but it's not inherently bad as a whole.

Grats tho man! We out here gettin that education. Keep grindin.

I’ve opened a 2nd Netflix account because I’ve shared my password with so many people, half the time I get the too many people watching message.